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CCI and SpotX ink deal to provide Japanese broadcasters with programmatic solutions
Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI) and SpotX have inked a deal which will see the adtech platform bring its programmatic solutions to television networks in Japan.
The  deal  will  see  country's  main  broadcasters  like  Nippon  Television  Network  Corporation_  TV  Asahi  Corporation_  Tokyo  Broadcasting  System_  Fuji  Television  Network  and  TXN  Network  adopt  SpotX's  solutions  for  video  ad  serving  and  programmatic  sales. 
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Comic Market to Use Smaller Venue for Record 4 Days for 2019 Events
Japan's largest dōjinshi event works around 2020 Olympic construction
japan  comiket  comic  market  tokyo  event 
3 days ago by cla
Software Developer Jobs in Japan
A curated list of software engineering jobs for English speakers in Japan.
Japan  Tokyo  software  engineering  programming  jobs  list  officialwebsite 
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Haco Stadium
“Cosplay paradise” photo studio
tokyo  japantrip 
8 days ago by fritter
A friendly photography blog from Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan. It's the online
home of photographer and blogger Dave Powell.
blog  camera  photo  tokyo 
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