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Short Convexity – Jill Carlson – Medium
Here’s the problem: right now, token projects — despite their talk of antifragility (another word for convexity) — are all short convexity in their overall business models.

Remember: the whole idea is that they will use the vast sums of their own token to fund the project over the long term. Even as their tokens go up in value, they will inevitably have to sell some on the market to actually deploy that capital. They will be less and less exposed as the market moves in their favor.

And what about if things don’t quite go as planned? Projects may find that the most prudent thing to do in a downturn is to sit on their tokens rather than try to sell them into an illiquid and unfavorable market. They may even find themselves supporting the market for their token, buying some back from the open market. They will maintain or gain exposure as the market moves against them.
convexity  cryptocurrency  tokens 
28 days ago by johndodds
Cryptonetworks and why tokens are fundamental | Nick Grossman
“Cryptonetworks” can help us build a more competitive, innovative, secure and decentralized Internet.  “Tokens” (also known as cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets) are integral to the operation of cryptonetworks.  As we design new laws and regulations in this emerging space, we should keep these concepts in mind, beyond the financial aspects that are today’s primary focus.
crypto  networks  tokens 
5 weeks ago by jackveiga
Using Design Tokens with the Lightning Design System
Design Tokens are the basic atoms of the Lightning Design System. Learn what they are, how they help us maintain and scale our design language across multiple platforms and devices, best practices, and how to use them to apply branding customization.
fridayfrontend  css  video  tokens  designsystem 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
How do I add personalization tokens to a template or snippet in HubSpot Sales?
When composing a sales email template or a snippet, it's important to add components that are personalized based on the recipient. In templates and snippets, you can add tokens that correspond to your recipient's contact or company properties.
hubspot  email  missionfed  tokens  snippets 
6 weeks ago by josephaleo
How do I create default values for my email or smart content personalization tokens?
Personalizing your content allows you to enhance your engagement with your known contacts. However, some of your contacts may not have a value for the personalization token property you've inserted into your content. You can set default values that will appear in the place of the personalization token if contacts don't have a value for that proper.
hubspot  email  missionfed  tokens 
6 weeks ago by josephaleo

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