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A Discourse on Token Valuation - Economics - Ethereum Research
Hopefully, I won’t get chewed out for talking about theoretical valuation methodology.
These concepts seem to be poorly understood and consequently code design decisions (for plasma/Dapps and around UX) are being made w…
4 days ago by twleung
Nobel Prize Winner Joins Blockchain Startup To Fix Smart Contracts
This Nobel Prize-winning economist is joining blockchain startup Prysm Group, with the goal of helping fix smart contracts.
tokens  newalchemy 
8 days ago by twleung
How to manage your Design Tokens with Style Dictionary
Recently I have come across a tool, called Style Dictionary, developed by Danny Banks at Amazon, that allows you to manage design tokens (or “style properties”) for a design system. I’ve used it to replace the existing tool that we used to process the design tokens for our Cosmos design system. I’ve found the task very interesting, and I’ve decided to document it, so that other people may benefit from what I’ve learned during the process.
designsystem  tokens  patternlibrary  styleguide 
10 days ago by spaceninja
Asset Tokenisation — A Primer – Blog
Nice matrix on Fungible vs Non Fungible and Tangible vs Intangible assets.
Fungible  Tokens  Non-Fungible  Assets  Tokenisation 
29 days ago by danielle.szetho
Code is law! And the law has some conveninet gaps!
crypto  ICOs  tokens  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by andriak
Naming variables requires empathy
"One of the reasons why naming variables is difficult is it requires a great deal of empathy. You're not naming things for the machine -- the machine doesn't care -- you're naming things to help your collaborators and future self" - @aprilwensel
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7 weeks ago by spaceninja

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