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Privacy Pass - “The Math”
This is a guest post by Alex Davidson, a PhD student in Cryptography at Royal Holloway, University of London, who is part of the team that developed Privacy Pass. Alex worked at Cloudflare for the summer on deploying Privacy Pass on the Cloudflare network. via Pocket
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5 days ago by ChristopherA
「区块链」“每个token都是一座小型城市”——Vitalik Buterin读《激进市场》



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16 days ago by plidezus
Token Curated Registries: Features and Tradeoffs - Multicoin Capital
Token Curated Registries (TCRs) are an idea that gained a fair amount of traction within the cryptocurrency community throughout late 2017 and early 2018. via Pocket
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19 days ago by ChristopherA
Come creare un token su Ethereum in 20 minuti | Dario PIRONI
ho usato questo tutorial per creare il nostro primo token VVDO :-)
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4 weeks ago by cmenzani
How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes
Since the recent NPM, RubyGems, and Gentoo incidents, I’ve become increasingly interested, and concerned, with the potential for package managers to be used in supply chain attacks to distribute…
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7 weeks ago by floehopper

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