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Security Focus: Analysing 'Account is sensitive and cannot be delegated' for Privileged Accounts – PoSh Chap
Apparently this setting helped to stop a NotPetya analog (NCC group's EternalGlue neutered red team worm using techniques from EternalBlue and mimikatz and bloodhound) from running rampant and capturing the domain admin account via token impersonation. There may be drawbacks however...
windows  active  directory  AD  security  domain  admin  token  delegation  NotPetya  EternalBlue  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
11 days ago by asteroza
State of the Standards: A Technical Review of Current Digital Securities Standards
In recent months, businesses have begun to invest heavily in the development of solutions that apply blockchain technology to the issuance of securities and the automation of regulatory compliance. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  contracts  ethereum  security  token 
17 days ago by ChristopherA
Protectimus Slim NFC - Programmable Hardware OTP Token
Replace your mobile authenticator with secure hardware OTP token! Easily programmed via NFC. Designed to use with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, Wordpress, etc.
otp  hardware  auth  token  2fa  card  security  consumer  want  mobile  nfc  android 
20 days ago by orlin

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