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Paseto is everything you love about JOSE (JWT, JWE, JWS) without any of the many design deficits that plague the JOSE standards.
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9 days ago by VoxPelli
The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework: Bearer Token Usage
OAuth provides a method for clients to access a protected resource on behalf of a resource owner. In the general case, before a client can access a protected resource, it must first obtain an authorization grant from the resource owner and then exchange the authorization grant for an access token. The access token represents the grant's scope, duration, and other attributes granted by the authorization grant. The client accesses the protected resource by presenting the access token to the resource server. In some cases, a client can directly present its own credentials to an authorization server to obtain an access token without having to first obtain an authorization grant from a resource owner. The access token provides an abstraction, replacing different authorization constructs (e.g., username and password, assertion) for a single token understood by the resource server. This abstraction enables issuing access tokens valid for a short time period, as well as removing the resource server's need to understand a wide range of authentication schemes.
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10 days ago by danesparza
What is the OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token exactly? - Stack Overflow
A security token with the property that any party in possession of the token (a "bearer") can use the token in any way that any other party in possession of it can. To me this definition is vague and I can't find any specification.
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10 days ago by danesparza
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19 days ago by randyhilarski
alexedwards/scs: Session management for Go 1.7+
SCS is a fast and lightweight HTTP session manager for Go. It features:

Built-in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, encrypted cookie and in-memory storage engines. Custom storage engines are also supported.
Supports OWASP good-practices, including absolute and idle session timeouts and easy regeneration of session tokens.
Fast and very memory-efficient performance.
Type-safe and sensible API for managing session data. Safe for concurrent use.
Automatic saving of session data.</blo...
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26 days ago by llimllib

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