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Pizza in Its Purest Form: The Story of Lucali : videos
I live in NYC and have been to Lucali, and it's absolutely fantastic. While the pizza is great (easily the most delicious and fresh basil I've ever had), there is better pizza in NYC (e.g. Di Fara, Rubirosa, Emily). However, their five-cheese calzone is one of the greatest things I've ever eaten in my life. It's just indescribably amazing, and as you eat it your first thought will be when you can return to Lucali to eat the calzone again.

I've seen a bunch of videos and interviews featuring Mark Iacono, and he seems like a down-to-earth, friendly guy.


[–]Hfy_addict 4 points 6 hours ago 
Dude. The calzone.

I'll order pick-up for parties and everyone always leaves talking about the calzone. Douse it in the amazing sauce... hnnngggg


[–]NewYorkBourne 1 point 5 hours ago 
Also try Luigi’s in South Slope. Great slice!!!


[–]RedAero [score hidden] 20 minutes ago 
there is better pizza in NYC (e.g. Di Fara

I fucking knew it. Nothing beats DiFara.

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