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What Do Our Budding Young Socialists Actually Want?
Does it matter knowing so much into the future?
2 days ago by scritic
📱 2 min 30 non-continuous extract
re-)discipline in [redacted], 2018
Written and directed by Fette Sans
35 min, HDV, sound

Composer: Andreas Reihse
Live editor: Pfadfinderei
Editor: Fette Sans
Producer: Frank Hauschildt
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10 days ago by paulgreer
What we read this week (13 July 2018) – BMJ Digital
BMJ have a great blog on scholarly communications, worth following.
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28 days ago by IanMulvany
The Blog Garden
In some ways this would be a return to what I did a few years ago with my Gospel of the Trees site, which arose because what I wanted to say about trees just couldn’t be made to fit into a book, in part because it refused to become a linear narrative or argument and in part because it was so image-dependent and book publishers don’t like the cost of that. But the advantage of a tag over a standalone site is that each post can have other tags as well, which lead down other paths of reflection and information, in a Zettelkasten sort of way.
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4 weeks ago by paulgreer

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