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Read Carmilla Online - Free
Meeting first in their dreams, Laura and Carmilla are bound together in the original female vampire romance. What can Laura make of an ancestral portrait that resembles her mysterious new friend or the strange dreams she experiences as she is drawn ever closer to this beauty of the night?
ebooks  lesbian  vampire  erotica  toberead 
6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Winter's Herald - Chapter 1 - leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Steve, if there's a time when you don't have to worry about anything, it's now. I’m a Herald-Trainee, Winter's a Companion. You're exhausted. Just…trust us. We'll get you home safely."

For a long moment, a moment in which Bucky felt gifted with sudden insight into who Steve was, he thought it could go either way. Then Steve smiled, this one warm and bright and just for Bucky, and it raced through him, lodging inside him like a miniature sun. "Guess I'd be a bit ungrateful to say no."

Some Heralds change the world. Some Heralds save it. Some Herald's names are woven through the very fabric of Valdemar. But most don't, and most aren't. Most Heralds simply do their duty, their Companions by their sides, their stories recorded in dusty Crown records not Bardic ballads.

Steve and Bucky figured they were most Heralds—no ballads required, thanks—and they were mostly right. What they didn't account for was that no Herald was ordinary—and with the two of them bound so tightly together, extraordinary was sure to follow.

[Absolutely no knowledge of the Valdemar series required for this fic]
Fandom:Avengers  Character:SteveRogers  Character:Bucky  Length:100k+  ToBeRead 
12 weeks ago by welfycat
Macbeth Chapter 1: Act One, Scene One, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
‘Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day.’ Voldemort’s second rise to power and a part in Shakespeare’s infamous Scottish Play make this fitting for Hermione – especially when she discovers a darker side to Draco Malfoy. PreHBP
Fandom:HP  Length:100k+  Character:HermioneGranger  ToBeRead 
12 weeks ago by welfycat
All For One - Chapter 1 - ironychan - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
While tracking down a weapons-smuggling operation in Florida, Steve Rogers stumbles across a dead body - HIS dead body. When he, Sam, and Natasha investigate, they discover a conspiracy bigger and more bizarre than anything HYDRA has thrown at them yet.
Fandom:Avengers  Length:100k+  Character:SteveRogers  ToBeRead 
june 2019 by welfycat
The Garak/Bashir Mysteries - LaDemonessa - Garak/Bashir - Fandom, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Four novellas/novels and two drabbles in the word of the G/B Mysteries that begins in canon and ends somewhere quite unexpected.
Fandom:StarTrek(DS9)  Character:Garak  CharacterJulianBashir  Length:300k+  ToBeRead 
june 2019 by welfycat
Deep in the Heart of Me - Chapter 1 - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Veteran single dad Steve runs a tattoo shop. For his 40th birthday, Pepper arranges for Tony to get that tattoo he always wanted, and he winds up with the mother of all crushes instead. Jumping out of airplanes is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely. Steve struggles with the idea of actually letting someone into his life. Tony is left trying to keep his heart from being broken while Steve figures things out.
Fandom:Avengers  Type:AU  ToBeRead  Pairing:Steve/Tony 
may 2019 by welfycat
Barsetshire Series by Angela Thirkell
Barsetshire Series- set in a fictional English county. Very high society.
books  english  toberead 
april 2019 by timberwolfoz
11 Must-Read Spiritual Books That Will Change You Forever - Conscious Reminder
Even though it is difficult to narrow down all the spiritual literature that has been written over the years into just 11 books, here is an attempt to give you a head start if you don’t know where to begin.
In no particular order here are 11 spiritual books that will positively affect your life.
toberead  spirituality 
march 2019 by timberwolfoz
Just a Baker Street Muse
Stephen Rogers:  Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #2
marvel  recs  toberead 
november 2018 by timberwolfoz
How To Audit Canonicals | Screaming Frog
This tutorial walks you through how you can use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider to audit rel="canonical" elements & HTTP Headers to identify common errors.
november 2018 by daledavies_me
Web Performance 101: JS, CSS, HTTP, images & fonts | PerfPerfPerf
Learn how (and why) to make your app faster by optimizing JS, CSS, images/fonts and other things
october 2018 by daledavies_me
The 10 Commandments of Effective Managing - WideAngle
Follow these simple rules to become a more effective manager. Yes, it is that simple.
october 2018 by daledavies_me

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