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Lunch Grinding
There is a distinct technique used by capitalists to bypass the legal and contractual rights of workers which to my knowledge has no name currently - so I’m giving it one - Lunch Grinding.

Lunch Grinding is a manipulative erosion of worker rights both in and out of the workplace. It bypasses legal and contractual standards through informal social pressures which the bosses cannot be held directly accountable for.

It begins by asking a few employees to skip lunch in order to finish a project. Workers who are already insecure about their position due to economic anxiety will see this as an opportunity to prove they are a good employee.
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february 2019 by mjd
Moving cloud data out of the cloud
where the UDG can't see it. Replacements for Gmail (locally-hosted IMAP), Dropbox (BotToreent Sync) etc.
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september 2013 by mjd
Staying Sane in Winter
At least half of the items on this page got me really excited to do them, and at least half looked really easy, the sort of thing I could pull off on the spur of the moment.
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november 2012 by mjd
Publications of Jan Rutten since 1995
A lot of stuff about coalgebras and coinduction, including some intro-level material that does not even assume category theory.
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january 2012 by mjd
Roland Fryer's research papers
Distinctively black names, penalties for "acting White", etc.
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may 2008 by mjd
Subprime ‘crisis’: FAQs (revised & updated)
Ex-Federal Reserve Bank of New York expert explains subprime mortgage borrowing, Fed "injection" of money into banking system, overnight reserves borrowing, interbank transfers, etc.
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august 2007 by mjd
John Baez on topos theory
This is where you got the recommendation for the Goldblatt book you liked so much
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august 2006 by mjd
Wireless router firmware download
WRT54GS V4.0 wireless router most recent firmware download from Linksys web site
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june 2006 by mjd
Why You Should Blog
Steve Yegge's article that persuaded me to start a blog.
Revisit this when thinking about abandoning your blog, see if it still makes sense.
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may 2006 by mjd

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