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Alex Bellos sent me his new book Puzzle Ninja: Pit Your Wits Against The Japanese Puzzle Masters. What has he done to me? I opened the book and couldn’t close it until I solved all the puzzles.

This is a fantastic book. There are many varieties of puzzles, including some types that I’ve never seen before. Also, the beautifully designed puzzles are great. Often puzzles of the same type target different solving ideas or have varied cool themes.
puzzles  mathematical-recreations  to-get  to-read  to-write-about 
23 days ago by Vaguery
LiV Pi
Air quality sensor board for Raspberry Pis, with a good quality self-calibrating NDIR CO2 sensor
co2  air  quality  monitoring  metrics  health  home  raspberry-pi  hardware  to-get 
october 2018 by jm
Protective Hand | Thorazos
great T-shirt -- adding to the shopping list for the next Threadless trip
threadless  to-get  tee-shirts  thorazos 
october 2018 by jm
Oats Studios
Pre-order the Oats Studio Bluray
store  film  to-get 
june 2018 by mechazoidal
dagwieers/wiipresent: Use your Wiimote to control your Linux (eg. give presentation)
WiiPresent is a small program that enables you to use a Nintendo Wiimote for giving presentations using Open Office, xpdf, evince or Acrobat Reader. It was designed as an off-the-shelf tool with no need to customize it.
to-get  presentations 
june 2018 by richtbreak
Shutgun — Shutgun
For shutting off triggered fire sprinklers. Also the best name ever.
gear  to-get  tools 
april 2018 by mechazoidal
Fisher 500-B Re-Cap Kit – Hayseed Hamfest LLC
with CAN CAPACITOR - $147.95
The standard set includes two discrete Nichicon® radial caps to replace the bias filter cap; the optional kit uses an insulated can-cap as the bias filter cap.
sudio  Fisher  500B  re-cap  kit  vendors  to-get 
january 2018 by richtbreak
TU-7px Tone Encoder for the Kenwood TR-751A - $64.00 : Piexx Company, Computers & Electronics
TU-7px Tone Encoder for the Kenwood TR-751A = $64.00
"The PIEXX TU-7PX is an exact functional and physical replacement for the original TU-7. Installation is simple, remove the top and bottom covers, open the front panel, install the TU-7PX in the upper left corner of the control unit with the supplied screw, and plug the TU-7PX cable into J7. "
ham  radio  vendors  tone-encoders  TR-751A  to-get 
december 2017 by richtbreak
yosefk/heapprof: A 250 LOC heap profiler - easy to hack/port, works out of the box with dynamically linked Linux binaries
A 250 LOC heap profiler - easy to hack/port, works out of the box with dynamically linked Linux binaries
coding  heap-prifilers  source  to-get  gdb  python 
december 2017 by richtbreak

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