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America Is Horny for Wholesome | GQ
We stan Peter Kavinsky

“Wholesome” isn’t about tame lyrics, clean jokes, or an untarnished image. Wholesome is about remembering to bring a bottle of Malbec over to your girlfriend’s mom’s house because it’s her favorite. Wholesome is not the saccharine cheesiness of playing your date an Ed Sheeran song, it’s picking up her favorite food when you’re at the grocery store (or going across town to the Korean grocery store to get Laura Jean her favorite drink for the long bus ride. Swoon.) It’s not loud, performative gestures—it’s steady affection. It’s about asking someone out on a date and taking care of all the planning instead of just seeing what happens on Friday night and hoping your crush is free. Wholesome isn’t just taking care of tasks, though; it’s a perfect cocktail of confidence and vulnerability.

And women certainly don’t have the energy to teach a sensitive brooding 90s leading man to care about people other than himself. We’re asking for you to be done maturing by the time you get to us now. We’re asking you to put in an effort with our friends just as often as you put in effort to make us come.
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