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In the Loop | Jonathan Meades.
The gulf between the arts and art
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yesterday by pnjman
Does curl have a --no-check-certificate option like wget? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: I am trying to make a curl request to one of our local development servers running a dev site with a self-signed SSL cert. I am using curl from the command line. [...]
A: [...] -k, --insecure (SSL) This option explicitly allows curl to perform "insecure" SSL connections and transfers. [...]
2013  stackexchange  forumthread  ssl  tls  security  cli  unix  tool  tips  example 
2 days ago by ezequiel
support enabling TLSv1.2 on Android 4.1-4.4. · Issue #2372 · square/okhttp
okhttp - An HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.
android  tls  ssl 
2 days ago by janole
enricofoltran/hello-auth-grpc: two grpc microservices with mutual TLS and token authentication in Go
hello-auth-grpc - two grpc microservices with mutual TLS and token authentication in Go
grpc  auth  tls  example  examples  jwt 
5 days ago by pinterb
GitHub - enricofoltran/hello-auth-grpc: two grpc microservices with mutual TLS and token authentication in Go
hello-auth-grpc - two grpc microservices with mutual TLS and token authentication in Go
grpc  golang  tls  auth 
5 days ago by geetarista
Caddy - The HTTP/2 Web Server with Automatic HTTPS
Caddy is the HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS.
web  software  ssl  tls  security 
5 days ago by cudgel
shred/acme4j: Java client for ACME (Let's Encrypt)
This is a Java client for the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol.
oct17  work  java  tls  ssl 
7 days ago by payne
Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME)
RFC (draft) proposal for the protocol behind Letsencrypt.
ssl  tls  letsencrypt  rfc  documentation  protocol  acme  x509  cert 
7 days ago by Tknvbe
tls - Is publishing CRLs over HTTP a potential vulnerability? - Information Security Stack Exchange
"Using HTTPS to serve CRL is just wasted resources; it may even prevent CRL download from working since some implementations (e.g. Windows) refuse to follow HTTPS URL when validating certificates (be it for CRL, OCSP, or extra intermediate CA download), because that would mean SSL, then another certificate to validate, and possibly an endless loop."
tls  pki  ca  work  sysadmin  best-practices  cryptography 
8 days ago by kr4d

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