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mholt/certmagic: Automatic HTTPS for any Go program: fully-managed TLS certificate issuance and renewal
Automatic HTTPS for any Go program: fully-managed TLS certificate issuance and renewal - mholt/certmagic
golang  tls  certificates 
yesterday by geetarista
Automagical HTTPS with Docker and Go
It all starts with the acme/autocert package.
docker  golang  https  tls 
2 days ago by lidel
A solution for resisting SSL interception without breaking compatibility or requiring cooperation with third parties is needed. The SSL/TLS protocol allows not only servers to authenticate themselves using certificates, but clients as well. Client certificates are widely popular in some government agencies and countries, such as Estonia [27], but are not used by websites catering to the general (US) public. Interestingly, client certificates allow us to sidestep the interception problem.
tls  security 
2 days ago by jhealy
Zscaler Intermediate Certificate - Stack Overflow
Zscaler apparently allows SSL inspection to be controlled per-domain
tls  security 
3 days ago by jhealy
HTTPS in the real world | Robert Heaton
a good read about how HTTPS/TLS works from an operational point of view
encryption  https  tls  primer 
6 days ago by lidel
SSL/TLS inspection (MITM proxy) : networking
Chrome does not perform pin validation when the certificate chain chains up to a private trust anchor. A key result of this policy is that private trust anchors can be used to proxy (or MITM) connections, even to pinned sites. “Data loss prevention” appliances, firewalls, content filters, and malware can use this feature to defeat the protections of key pinning.

We deem this acceptable because the proxy or MITM can only be effective if the client machine has already been configured to trust the proxy’s issuing certificate — that is, the client is already under the control of the person who controls the proxy (e.g. the enterprise’s IT administrator). If the client does not trust the private trust anchor, the proxy’s attempt to mediate the connection will fail as it should.
chrome  cybersecurity  tls  mitm  ssl  network  monitoring 
7 days ago by bwiese

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