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Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Trust in existing Symantec-issued Certificates - Google Groups
Google has effectively lost trust in Symantec, proposes to distrust all their certs over the coming months.
chrome  ssl  symantec  security  certificates  tls 
10 hours ago by jacobian
"Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs."
browser  http  ssl  security  testing  tls  networking 
14 hours ago by sometimesfood
Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs.
security  ssl  tls  configuration  openspace:2017-03-22 
18 hours ago by Dreamseer
SSL Checker | Symantec CryptoReport
Check SSL Certificate installation and scan for vulnerabilities like DROWN, FREAK, Logjam, POODLE and Heartbleed.
ssl  tls  certificate  tools  security  diagnostic 
yesterday by dewe
🔒 Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs.
ssl  tls  browser  security  testing  nginx 
3 days ago by wjy
CertSimple | An nginx config for 2017
An nginx config for 2017
With HTTP/2 in every browser, load balancing with automatic failover, IPv6, a sorry page, separate blog server, HTML5 SSE and A+ HTTPS.
configuration  tls  ipv6  nginx  proxy 
3 days ago by olive
Bad SSL testing
Great for manual browser testing, could also be used for endpoint testing
ssl  tls  security 
3 days ago by diroussel

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