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Color Of Change | Civil Rights Group Applauds FCC, Calls New Rules Major Civil Rights Victory
RT : For Black folks and POC, the classification is one of the biggest civil rights wins of our time
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may 2017 by Be_Optimistic
Ajit Pai accidentally supports utility rules and open-access networks | Ars Technica
Yesterday, we contacted the FCC's press office to ask if Pai believes the line-sharing requirements from the Clinton era helped create the large amount of ISP competition that Americans enjoyed in those years. And since Pai believes 1990s-era regulation was a smashing success, we asked if the FCC will consider a return to line-sharing requirements. We haven't gotten a response yet
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may 2017 by yorksranter
Hey, Remember How Net Neutrality Was Supposed To Destroy The Internet? | Techdirt
Before and after the FCC imposed new net neutrality rules, you'll recall there was no limit of hand-wringing from major ISPs and net neutrality opponents about how these "draconian regulations from a bygone era" would utterly decimate the Internet. We were told investment would freeze, innovation would dry up like dehydrated jerky, and in no time at all net neutrality would have us all collectively crying over our busted, congested, tubes.
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