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Ashley Bischoff on Twitter: "The closest that I’ve been able to find is this post https://t.co/0GLchjVFkm, which makes some good points: • Sentence case is less ambiguous for devs to implement. • Sentence case matches how we write in texts and email
(This is your tweet where you talk about some advantages to sentence case—)
• Sentence case is less ambiguous for devs to implement.
• Sentence case matches how we write in texts and emails.
• Sentence case removes ambiguity around proper nouns.
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17 days ago by handcoding
Top 3 Title Insurance FAQs For Homebuyers
To help understand how an owner’s title insurance policy actually works, here are answers to the most common questions people usually have when it comes to title insurance.
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18 days ago by Adventure_Web
Google vs Facebook vs Microsoft - Compare career levels across companies with Levels.fyi
Google: L3 / SWE II. L4 / SWE III. L5 / Senior SWE. L6 / Staff SWE. L7 / Senior Staff SWE. L8 / Principal Engineer. L9 / Distinguished Engineer. L10 / Google Fellow. Facebook: E3. E4. E5. E6. E7. E8. E9. Microsoft: SDE / 59. 60. SDE II / 61. 62. Senior SDE / 63. 64. Principal SDE / 65. 66. 67. Partner / 68. 69. 70 / Distinguished Engineer. 80 / Technical Fellow.
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18 days ago by atran
Is Title Insurance Really Worth It?
Title insurance is one of the fees that your lender will request you purchase once you close on your home. In fact, home buyers often wonder whether title insurance is actually worth the cost associated with it. Here are some important things to know about title insurance.
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23 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Great Divide | CSS-Tricks
The divide is between people who self-identify as a (or have the job title of) front-end developer, yet have divergent skill sets.
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4 weeks ago by mirthe

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