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Thematic Cartography Guide
A short, friendly guide to basic principles of thematic mapping.

In this short guide we share some insights and tips for making thematic maps. Our goal is to cover the important concepts in cartography and flag the important decision points in the map-making process. As with many activities in life, there isn’t always a single best answer in cartography, and in those cases we’ve tried to outline some of the pros and cons to different solutions.
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10 hours ago by liqweed
AquaOx Filters - Best Whole House Water Filtration System
The AquaOx whole house water filter is the best whole house water purification system on the market today. It uses a 6 stage filtration process with more media than the competition to give you great tasting, healthy water from every faucet in your home.
water  filter  filtration  system  tips 
12 hours ago by gildenventures
A Developer’s Guide to Better Accessibility
"In your day-to-day work, you can improve the accessibility of your output by learning and following the Five Rules of ARIA. Following these rules will get you pretty far in your goal of building an accessible web application, but you also need to test your work."
fridayfrontend  accessibility  tips  guidelines  rules  aria 
12 hours ago by spaceninja
How to Choose the Right Business Name
branding  tips  from twitter
16 hours ago by
Understanding Nginx Server and Location Block Selection Algorithms | DigitalOcean
Nginx is one of the most popular web servers in the world. It can successfully handle high loads with many concurrent client connections, and can easily function as a web server, a mail server, or a reverse proxy server.
dev  tips  software 
20 hours ago by sashabe

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