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Four Seafood Cooking Tips
Seafood in Maryland is a part of the lifestyle. Educate yourself on how to properly cook seafood.
cooking  tips  Maryland  seafood 
23 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Obama's Former Speechwriter Offers 5 Tips for Oscar Winners (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter
Waste no words You have only about 200 words to say something memorable. Don't waste any on how you never thought you'd win, or didn't prepare a speech, or don't have enough time. And, I know this is hard, but limit your list of acknowledgements. Instead of reciting a checklist of names, spend a few words on one person who helped make it possible for you to stand on that stage. Thank the rest later with a heartfelt note — or money.
the-hollywood-reporter  jon-favreau  barack-obama  speech-writing  tips 
23 hours ago by yolandaenoch
3 Great Tips For Throwing Your Own Pool Party
A pool party is a great way for people of all ages to celebrate and enjoy the hot summer weather. Throw the coolest party of the summer with this guide!
pool-party  party  summer  tips 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
How to Pause & Resume an App or Process in Mac OS X
Need to quickly free up some processing power? You can do that easily by temporarily pausing and then later resuming any active process or application in Mac OS X. Technically, this is actually ‘stopping’ and ‘continuing’ a process, but a stop is not to be confused with the more aggressive killing or force quitting applications and thus the terminology of pausing or halting is often easier to differentiate the two.
tips  mac  osx  process 
yesterday by aviflax
silentbicycle comments on: Tagged unions (a.k.a variants) in C | Lobsters
"why don’t they just use an enum for the type tag and use the union, rather than casting? I use tagged unions quite a lot in C, especially combined with C99 designated initializer syntax, and it doesn’t require any macros or casts." (code example is provided)
comment  lobsters  tips  programming  c  types 
yesterday by mechazoidal
SOLVED - How to Control bhyve I/O Sync?
Has anyone figured out the default I/O sync behavior for a bhyve VM created in FreeNAS 11? I'm having a problem where the VM (Windows 10 in this case)...
freenas  freebsd  bhyve  virtualization  network  driver  threads  tips  software  windows 
yesterday by emory

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