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How to Write a Git Commit Message
In this post, I am addressing just the most basic element of keeping a healthy commit history: how to write an individual commit message.
git  scm  programming  howto  tips 
1 hour ago by ssorc
Logging in React Native – Brains & Beards
A couple days ago I was working at a client’s office, pair-programming alongside the coolest dog I’ve ever met, and I got asked a simple question: what’s the proper way to log in React Native? That’s…
reactnative  tips  logging 
2 hours ago by vitriolix
GNU Screen splitting
I’ve never been an avid user of [GNU Screen][1] despite a number of people giving it rave reviews. I never needed to resume remote sessions and the window ma...
gnu.screen  tips  techniques  helpful 
2 hours ago by po
Fully automated installation/configuration of JIRA
I'm using Ansible to create a fully automated instance of JIRA. The main use-case is that it will allow us to test changes, upgrades, etc. on a test
ansible  jira  tips  discussion  advice 
4 hours ago by po
PostgreSQL cheat sheet for MySQL users · GitHub
PostgreSQL cheat sheet for MySQL users. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
postgresql  mysql  orientation  tips  sysadmin  dba  cheat.sheets 
4 hours ago by po
A Complete Guide to Google Analytics
This guide is an overview of Google Analytics, the most robust free analytics platform available, and how SEO pros and marketers can use it to their advantage.
guide  tips  analytics  google  Google-Analytics 
12 hours ago by kOoLiNuS

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