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Mastering Google Search Operators in 67 Easy Steps - Moz
Google offers a variety of advanced search operators – special commands that take you above and beyond regular text searches. Learning search operators is a bit like learning chess, though. It's easy to memorize how each piece moves, but that's about 1% of your path toward mastery. I know that the pointy-hat guy in chess moves diagonally, but that doesn't mean I'm about to take on Kasparov or Deep Blue.

Instead of just listing all of the operators and telling you what they do, I'd like to try something different. This post is a journey in 67 parts, split into five functional stories:
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yesterday by rmohns
The Best Way To Determine Whether You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Fence
Deciding on whether or not you need to fix or replace your fence is easier than you think.
fence  tips  repair  fences  replace 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
React is Slow, React is Fast: Optimizing React Apps in Practice
This npm package patches React to emit console warnings whenever a component rerenders with identical props.
react  performance  tips 
yesterday by trek
vimscript - How to save and restore the result of the command 'set'? - Vi and Vim Stack Exchange
Q: [...] In a vimscript I'd like to save all these options which have been modified by the user, modify them and later restore them to the value set by the user. [...]
vi  vim  scripting  example  tips  forumthread  stackexchange  2016 
yesterday by ezequiel
Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers
There’s a certain kind of old-school, backend web developer who, a long time ago, mastered things like Perl or Python or PHP or Java Server Pages, maybe even Rails or Django. This person worked with…
javascript  npm  node  tips  webdev 
2 days ago by davemac

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