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Four Things Procrastinators Need to Learn
1) Confidence comes after you start, not before.
2) Your dilemmas seem tangled together only until you solve one of them.
3) Finishing is everything; “working on” is useless or worse.
4) Doing feels dangerous and stalling feels safe, but the opposite is true.
Procrastination  SelfImprovement  Tips 
3 hours ago by charlesgres
NoteDup- 印象笔记百宝箱
12 hours ago by yoci642
Disable networking for specific users - Ask Ubuntu
A: You can do that with iptables.
So to prevent the group Security from accessing the Internet the command would look something like this: [...]
firewall  security  linux  ubuntu  debian  mint  example  forumthread  stackexchange  2012  tips  sysadmin  networking 
12 hours ago by ezequiel
How to present UIAlertController when not in a view controller?
'At WWDC, I stopped in at one of the labs and asked an Apple Engineer this same question: "What was the best practice for displaying a UIAlertController?" And he said they had been getting this question a lot and we joked that they should have had a session on it. He said that internally Apple is creating a UIWindow with a transparent UIViewController and then presenting the UIAlertController on it.'

i wouldn't use the sample code as-is, personally, but bookmarking for an example anyway
iosdev  uiviewcontroller  uialertcontroller  ui  howto  tips 
18 hours ago by bunnyhero
Best Practices With CSS Grid Layout
Rachel Andrew explains best practices for CSS Grid, with an eye to accessibility.
accessibility  cssgrid  bestpractices  webdev  tips 
19 hours ago by angusm
Scroll to the future — Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
Tips for handling scrolling in web pages, including CSS attributes for smooth scrolling.
scrolling  css  webdev  tips 
19 hours ago by angusm

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