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Gigaom | Multiple user profiles come to Chrome OS; here’s how to use them
It looks simple to switch between users, either by tapping profile photos or by using keyboard combo shortcuts of (ctrl + alt + .) or (ctrl + alt + ,) to cycle through accounts. Beaufort notes that Chrome OS windows can move between profiles as well.
chromebook  tip 
2 days ago by stateless
Automatically managing personal and work git configurations
There was a time when I found myself constantly switching between my personal and work computers, and it was really annoying. After some time …
git  configuration  tip 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
4 lessons for software developers from 1970s mainframe programming | HPE™
Current programmers should adopt several attitudes that early mainframe developers considered an essential part of their skillets.
mainframe  programmer  lesson  tip  optimiation 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
Mac OS X Spotlight Search and Qumulo – Qumulo Care
enable spotlight on shares, special note for Sierra
osx  network  tip 
6 days ago by tannertech
Ten Things I Wish I’d Known About bash – zwischenzugs
Intro Recently I wanted to deepen my understanding of bash by researching as much of it as possible. Because I felt bash is an often-used (and under-understood) technology, I ended up writing a book on it. You don't have to look hard on the internet to find plenty of useful one-liners in bash, or scripts. And…
bash  tip  trick 
10 days ago by gilberto5757
10 keys to quick game development | Opensource.com
What I learned from game jams about engines, coding, and rapid development.
gamedev  tip  rapid  quick  indie  suggestion 
11 days ago by gilberto5757

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