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Who Is Sean Rad? The Story of Tinder's Founder Before
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5 weeks ago by mandigital
Dating startup raises VC as Facebook enters the relationship biz | PitchBook
App-based dating service Coffee Meets Bagel has raised roughly $7 million in Series B funding, per an SEC filing. The funding values the San Francisco-based startup at about $82 million, according to a PitchBook estimate. " --- So are they worth $89M post-value?

"French startup Happn has raised about $66 million from Raine Ventures, DN Capital and more. Hinge, which many accused Facebook of copying to build out its new dating feature, has pulled in roughly $26 million and was most recently valued at an estimated $75.5 million. Clover has about $11 million in VC backing and The League has raised about $3 million."


"The business of romantic relationships has proven to be a lucrative one. Match Group, which owns a portfolio of dating services including Tinder, beat analyst estimates with revenue of about $379 million in 4Q 2017, per Reuters. Tinder's success contributed to the better-than-expected figure. The app, which is valued at an estimated $3 billion, added 1.5 million paid subscribers in 2017 and now has some 3 million paying users, also per Reuters."
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6 weeks ago by skinnymuch
We Sent a Preemptive V-Pic Before Dudes Could Send Dick Pics. Here's What Happened. - Thrillist
I'm single. I live in LA. I'm on dating apps. And unsurprisingly, I get more unsolicited dick pics than you could ever imagine. Out of no...
dating  sexting  tinder 
7 weeks ago by pmigdal
Impersonators who are paid to flirt on dating apps | Hacker News
"no matter how bad you make the user experience for men, they will use the app endlessly if real women are there. Online dating business models are exclusively based around enticing men with sex, and giving women the power to choose precisely who they want."
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7 weeks ago by pmigdal
Tinder begins testing its first video feature, Tinder Loops | TechCrunch
As you may have guessed by the name – “Loops” – the feature isn’t focused on traditional video, but rather on a shorter, almost GIF-like looping video format that’s been popularized by apps like Instagram’s Boomerang and, before that, Twitter’s Vine. In Tinder’s case, Loops will be just two seconds long, and can be added to users’ profiles alongside their photos.
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10 weeks ago by dancall

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