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HBO documentary 'Swiped' argues that Silicon Valley must fix the dating mess it created • Marie Claire
Cady Drell:
<p>when it comes to asking big questions about modern dating, this is not [Nancy Jo] Sales’s first rodeo. Her 2015 Vanity Fair article—“<a href="https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/08/tinder-hook-up-culture-end-of-dating">Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse</a>’”—went viral, and not always because people agreed with her. (Tinder famously sent out a 30-tweet response in which the app seemed to protest a bit too much about signaling the end of dating.)

But Sales, with whom I spoke a few days before the documentary premiered, says now that her thesis got lost in the furor. “Throughout this controversy, what struck me the most is that what people really seemed to want to talk about was the effect [dating apps have] on women,” she says. “And that was really the central issue for me, how this was leading to a lot of sexual harassment.”

Sales's first outing as a director explores primarily heterosexual dating (though there is a part about Grindr and the pros and cons of dating apps when you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community), exploring a laundry list of its characteristics and ills. It moves from interviews with young people at parties about their swiping habits to how specific relationships formed via app dating to how dating app culture negatively impacts monogamy. But while I initially feared Swiped would be a referendum on sex in general disguised as a “just asking questions” documentary on dating apps, its most lasting message was sort of about corporate responsibility. As in: Do the corporations who get us onto dating apps have a responsibility to make them safe and conducive to healthy relationships? Sales argues that they do.</p>
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5 days ago by charlesarthur
Model Tinder-Scams Men for Date Competition in Union Square
The summer of scam has a new hero, and her name is Natasha Aponte. What did Ms. Aponte do to warrant this title? She used Tinder to con dozens of men into believing they were meeting her for a one-on-one date in Union Square. When the men arrived, they discovered that instead of a date … they’d be competing against each other to win it.
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4 weeks ago by aeng
Model Tinder-scams men for date competition in Union Square • NY Mag
Madison Malone Kircher:
<p>When Misha arrived in Union Square, he found a small crowd gathered around the stage. [Natasha] Aponte had told him to meet her at the front. “I guess [the crowd] was mostly male, but that didn’t immediately register to me,” Misha told Select All. “As I was watching the DJ play booming techno on a Sunday I did think it was odd that that many people were staying around and paying attention so attentively instead of just stopping and walking on.”

David, another man who showed up for a date, said he realized something was up when “the guy next to me went ‘Are you trying to meet up with a girl named Natasha?’” Eventually, “everyone started realizing what was going on.” “I got there and a DJ was playing and I found out that hundreds of other guys were also waiting for Natasha,” Spencer said. “I walked away when I found out it was a scam.” He heard people booing as he left Union Square.

Aponte eventually took the stage with a microphone to reveal her con. “She walked on, stated and explained the situation, and validated her actions by saying, ‘Won’t this be a great first-date story!’” Misha described it on Twitter as “a hunger games speech about what it’s gonna take to date her.”</p>

Only a pity that she couldn't arrange them to fight to the death. No doubt someone will figure that out sooner or later.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Female product manager explaining her job to her date at this morning. Painful.

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12 weeks ago by jerrythepunkrat
Who Is Sean Rad? The Story of Tinder's Founder Before
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