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Totally stumbled into this on accident but I had no idea this line would work so well. Feel free to try it out in your own ventures
1. Great Tinder opener. Goes to show that messaging is VERY important.
2. Notice all the comments. Everyone is like, "PUH! It's 'cuz your good looks. This could NEVER work for me!"

How many of these guys gave up before they even started? So fucking toxic.
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5 weeks ago by snapsocialguru
The Dickonomics of Tinder
My Tinder match decisions had grown more rapid and decisive. Handsome but no bio and all shirtless gym selfies? Dick is abundant and low value. Lists only an Instagram as a bio? Dick is abundant and low value. Quotes Jack Kerouac’s “The only ones for me are the mad ones…” Dick is abundant and low value. Went to Burning Man…twice? Dick is abundant and low value. Member of an improv troop? Dick is abundant and low value.
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6 weeks ago by spaceninja
Automate the boring stuff with python - tinder
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7 weeks ago by rukku
What do you get when you file a for the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint database?

More or less…
FOIA  Tinder  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by kitoconnell
Trouver le bon taureau
Tinder for Bulls - French app
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11 weeks ago by dancall
When Lady Chatterley joined Tinder - BBC News
Lady Chatterley's presence on Tinder has come courtesy of Libby Heaney, who has created a profile for the character and programmed a bot to chat with real men, using only lines from the book.
She also created profiles for Clifford and Mellors.
After around 800 conversations with real romance-seekers, the exchanges are part of an artwork called Lady Chatterley's Tinderbot, which will be exhibited for the first time in the UK at the Lowry arts centre in Salford from Saturday.
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12 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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