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Time Zone Converter and World Clock
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Calculate exact time anywhere in the 🌎 world across time zones online. Use the 🎛 world clock to see the current time around the world. With Time Zone Converter you can calculate conference call time with remote client, team or oversea friends. Use it for meeting and webinar time planning. For game coordination. And it is perfect for travel planning of course!
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18 days ago by e2b
Time Zones in Pytz & Django
This looks thorough and well-designed.

From a google search for "django display utc offset."

I really enjoyed the style of the typography, illustrations, and code samples in this article. I wish I had things this pretty I could point to instead of my long line of abandoned "Solution Log" blogs over the years.

This article itself quickly goes over my head. Can I just get along with life without understanding this intimately and just use Django's timezone features as best I understand them?
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october 2019 by trey

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