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How to back up files from Mac to Synology NAS with Time Machine | Synology Inc.
This article will guide you through the process of backing up data from your Mac OS X computer to a Synology DiskStation using Apple's Time Machine, a backup utility included in Mac OS X 10.5 and later.
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15 hours ago by ferdinandfuchs
Finder maxing CPU during Time Machine backup | Official Apple Support Communities
(There wasn’t much in the way of answers to this, but at least this might be a starting point?)
“Recently the Finder on my MBP has been maxing out the CPU (93-94%) during Time Machine backups. This did not used to happen. Nothing has changed on my machine, save for the standard system Software Updates.
“Anybody have an idea what could be going on here?”
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8 days ago by handcoding
Mojave may make Macs molasses – The Eclectic Light Company
Upgrading to Mojave brings major changes to many Macs. For an iMac with a large Fusion Drive full of files, these changes often require follow-up processes such as a deep event scan. When your Mac first starts up after upgrading to Mojave, don’t expect it to immediately carry on exactly as before.

Give it at least 12 hours, perhaps as long as 24, with periods spent free of user-imposed tasks. If it’s still as slow as molasses after that, then you may need to look harder to find out what is wrong.
MacOS  Mojave  sysadmin  timemachine 
25 days ago by euler
How Time Machine makes backups – The Eclectic Light Company
Last week, once I had upgraded my iMac with its large Fusion Drive to APFS in Mojave, I stumbled across the major change which had apparently taken place in Time Machine backups in High Sierra. As I have been unable to find any clear account as to what has changed, this article compares making a backup from an HFS+ disk in Sierra, with the same event from an APFS disk in Mojave.
timemachine  MacOS  Mojave 
25 days ago by euler
Checking Time Machine in Mojave (and High Sierra) using T2M2 1.4 – The Eclectic Light Company
My solution is a free tool, The Time Machine Mechanic, or T2M2, which I built to analyse Time Machine entries automatically in Sierra’s logs. Click on its Check Time Machine button, and it gives a traffic light indicator, hopefully green, as to how your backups are running, and provides some useful detail about the whole backup system.
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26 days ago by euler
Checking Time Machine in Mojave (and High Sierra) using T2M2 1.4 – The Eclectic Light Company
Before Sierra brought the new unified log, it was easy to check for problems using Console. But from Sierra on, that has become increasingly complex
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6 weeks ago by ferdinandfuchs

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