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The Dawn Wall: El Capitan’s Most Unwelcoming Route - The New York Times
Interesting use of a 3d map that moves around as you scroll to show the timeline of a hill hike.
ddj  WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  Reference  visualization  timeline  3d  scroll  maps  Animation 
8 days ago by rasagy
Diary of a Food Tracker - The New York Times
Great example of using scroll to gradually move across a timeline on a line graph.
health  Design  visualization  Inspiration  Reference  ddj  scroll  p-narratives  Awesome  Animation  timeline 
8 days ago by rasagy
Opinion | Going Nowhere Fast on Climate, Year After Year - The New York Times
Three decades after a top climate scientist warned Congress of the dangers of global warming, greenhouse gas emissions keep rising and so do global temperatures.
timeline  nytimes  climate  history  change 
15 days ago by betajames

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