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Video: Cities Across The Globe
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CITY #3721 from Lam Ho Tak on Vimeo.

You can board a plane and fly to any city on this planet. No matter where you go, you'll find familiarity amid the unfamiliarity. Paved and braided highway systems weave through cities and carry pairs of headlights through the dark night, one after another. Pedestrians congregate on street corners and wait for the opportunity to cross and then do so together as a herd. The buildings get taller; the cars get smaller; the chaos appears to increase, but within it there is a machine that is moving through its commands and that machine knows no barriers. In this video made by Lam Ho Tak, a student at the University of Hong Kong, that machine is documented at work in cities across the globe. Already the winner of several awards, this video is an entertaining short mix and matching color tones, subdued lighting, motion, and other elements of city life that act as a common denominator for cities everywhere.
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july 2012 by sfarrar
Brian Barneclo's Quest to Paint a 600ft Long Mural in SOMA
Brian Barneclo, whose retro-artwork can be found at NOPA, Foods Co., the SF Bay Guardian building, driving around the Mission, and was formerly hanging in Fabric8 when I discovered how rad Fabric8's bathtub was, is currently raising funds to paint a 600x40' wall on 7th and Townsend, greeting Caltrains riders as they arrive in SF.  Apparently it costs HELLA MONEY to paint a mural that big ($70,000!), and "the man" requires him to carry insurance and permits and other such 1st world distractions, so he going over to Kickstarter to finally begin raising money for paint.
The mural is about interconnectedness or some other 1970's ideology, but, hot damn, it certainly looks rad:

Currently a miniature, 30' version of the mural is up at the Brief Space Gallery in the Metreon.  Or, if traveling down to Powell is too much for you, you can watch a time-lapse of him painting here:

Project homepage.
(via Fecal Face)
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Stop-Motion Short of the Day: Your Recommended Daily Intake of...
Stop-Motion Short of the Day: Your Recommended Daily Intake of epic Super Mario post-it stop-motion shorts has now been fulfilled thanks to good people with lots of extra time.

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june 2010 by knilob
Homemade 16TB NAS dwarfs the competition with insane build quality (video)
From the man that brought you the OS Xbox Pro and the Cinematograph HD comes... a cockpit canopy filled with hard drives? Not quite. Meet the Black Dwarf, a custom network-attached-storage device from the mind of video editor Will Urbina, packing 16TB of RAID 5 magnetic media and a 1.66GHz Atom N270 CPU into a completely hand-built Lexan, aluminum and steel enclosure. Urbina says the Dwarf writes at 88MB per second and reads at a fantastic 266MB per second, making the shuttlecraft-shaped 12.7TB array nearly as speedy as an SSD but with massive capacity and some redundancy to boot. As usual, the DIY guru shot a professional time-lapse video of his entire build process, and this one's not to be missed -- it showcases some pretty spiffy camerawork as well as the man's welding skills. See sparks fly after the break.Continue reading Homemade 16TB NAS dwarfs the competition with insane build quality (video)
Homemade 16TB NAS dwarfs the competition with insane build quality (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 07 May 2010 04:59:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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