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Amazing web app for creating patterns/tilings
12 days ago by pfctdayelise
Escher-like Spiral Tilings – Isohedral
The artist M.C. Escher drew many lovely tilings, which he called regular divisions of the plane. He worked hard to ensure that his tilings were of lifelike animal forms such as birds and fish.
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september 2019 by phillias
The Tactile libraries – Isohedral
The new Tactile library is slick, fast, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s been quite fun to play with so far, developing small demo programs that draw tilings, like the random tiling generator in the banner at the top of this page.

The library comes in two flavours: there’s a portable C++ version simply called Tactile, which should easily compile into any application. There’s also a Javascript version called TactileJS, which should make it easy to incorporate live tilings into web-based applications. The two links above will take you to Github repositories for the two libraries. They’re both offered under the permissive 3-clause BSD license, so feel free to use them however you like!
september 2019 by pfctdayelise
time tilings [stuk] on Vimeo
time tilings [stuk] Four site-specific interventions. Artefact festival, STUK Kunstencentrum. Leuven, BE. 2013 'Architecture is judged by eyes that see, by the head that turns, and the legs that walk. Architecture is not a synchronic phenomenon but a successive one, made up of pictures adding themselves one to the other, following each other in time and space, like music.' Le Corbusier. Modulor I. www.pablovalbuena.com
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august 2013 by yun
Tiling Database

* Provide a comprehensive collection of high quality images of geometric tiling patterns;
* Provide a means of locating images by means of their geometric properties;
* Provide an authoritative source for such patterns.
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august 2012 by liesen
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Несколько примеров повторяющихся орнаментов.
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june 2012 by slavam
Edmund Harriss
Research InterestsAperiodic Tilings and Discrete Geometry, especially relating to substitution rules.The links between the combinatorics and geometry of substitution rules and their number theoretic properties. For more see the Tilings Enclyclopedia which I manage with Dirk Frettlöh.Using images to build intuition and understanding of mathematics and to communicate its beauty. For more see my art work below.Ergodic OptimisationArt Work
I also have a gallery of other images.
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september 2011 by n_m
Taprats Software « Composite Bodies
Taprats is a great little java applet that explores Islamic tiling patterns. It can export to EPS format so it is easy to bring vector data into Rhino, Illustrator, or other programs.
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july 2010 by domesticat

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