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I really liked , up until the point when I was faced with ordering new ones. Especially after taking one apart…
Tile  from twitter_favs
23 days ago by todbot
Tile Is the Worst Tech Stocking Stuffer
I lose things. Lots and lots of things—my keys (in the couch), my jackets (inside taxis). Once I left my MacBook behind in a Subway restaurant during the Occupy Wall Street protests. I was lucky; the next morning I found it sitting there untouched underneath a chair as the staff served breakfast. I’ll admit it: When it comes to keeping track of my stuff, I could use some help. But dearest friends, family, and coworkers, whatever you’re thinking, do not buy me a Tile.
lifehacker  tile  trackers 
5 weeks ago by kger
Hands on Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker
might be worth buying & experimenting with on keys
IT  gadget  tile 
7 weeks ago by annieb

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