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Business Science -- r for finance
learn how to use highcharter, tidyverse and tidyquant
business  science  data  tidyverse  tidyquant  finance 
8 days ago by bikesandbooks
If you are teaching to complete beginners, would you start with wrangling/ then tidying/ or…
tidyr  dplyr  tidyverse  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by mulkey
dplyr Tutorial – Suzan Baert
Four part tutorial on dplyr and data wrangling.
29 days ago by vivalosburros
Data Wrangling Part 1: Basic to Advanced Ways to Select Columns
I went through the entire dplyr documentation for a talk last week about pipes, which resulted in a few “aha!” moments. I discovered and re-discovered a few useful functions, which I wanted to collect in a few blog posts so I can share them with others.
29 days ago by vivalosburros
Import a Directory of CSV Files at Once Using {purrr} and {readr}
This post demonstrates how you can use two packages from the tidyverse – purrr and readr – to read a list of CSV files into a single data frame in R. We’ll also use a newer package called fs for file system operations.
tidyverse  purrr 
29 days ago by vivalosburros
CRAN - Package fakeR
R package to simulate datasets from various distributions
textbook  data  simulation  tidyverse 
4 weeks ago by jerid.francom
Simulating study data
R package to simulate datasets with various distributions
textbook  data  simulation  datasets  tidyverse 
4 weeks ago by jerid.francom

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