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URI Parsing with Javascript
URI Parsing with Javascript. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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10 days ago by skinnymuch
Attach an iPad to Your MacBook as a Second Display with Mountie - TidBITS
“The Mountie has poor documentation, and frustratingly, Ten One Design doesn’t provide any written materials on its Web site. Speaking as someone who could burn down a house while constructing an IKEA table, it took me an hour to get right. In the photo below, the colored clips attach to the back of the iPad and MacBook screens. My first time, I put them in front and thought I was supposed to put up with covering up the corner of my screen. The narrower other side, the actual front of the Mountie, covers the bezel but not the monitor. Someone with better mechanical skills would figure it out more quickly—also someone with better observational skills, as I was only later informed that there’s a demonstration video on the Web site I could have watched.”
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5 weeks ago by handcoding
Locast Gives You No Frills Broadcast TV at No Cost - TidBITS
“Now an organization named Locast is providing a similar service, thanks to a legal loophole: Aereo lost its lawsuit because it resold broadcast transmissions. Locast gives them away for free. So far, broadcasters haven’t shown interest in shutting Locast down.

“In short, Locast provides live television broadcasts that you can watch in a Web browser, or through an app for iOS or Android. It’s a nonprofit organization, and there’s no cost to sign up for an account or use the service. Instead, you can make a voluntary donation—the organization’s Web form defaults to suggesting $5 a month, but there’s no obligation to pay anything. This separation of revenue from services is the secret sauce protecting Locast from lawyers.”
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5 weeks ago by handcoding
Implement Redux as Vanilla JS in a Single React Component
I’m currently working on a project where I’m patching a few React components piecemeal into an existing ASP.NET build. Because I’m limited in how much I can change in the overall project…
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12 weeks ago by skinnymuch
javascript - Async/Await inside Array#map() - Stack Overflow
const promises = myArray.map(async (myValue) => {
return {
id: "my_id",
myValue: await service.getByValue(myValue)
return Promise.all(promises);
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november 2018 by skinnymuch

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