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Advice and Insights on Implementing Dynamic Pricing in Theatre
Dynamic pricing is the practice of adjusting ticket prices to better reflect their true value as the complexion of a given performance changes (e.g., changing inventory levels, increased/decreased demand, proximity to the performance, etc.). Most in the live event space have always employed some form of this — moving tickets from one price zone to another, increasing prices when inventory is low, reducing prices when demand is low and so forth. However, as technology has matured, so too has this practice. Market value can now be determined in a much more scientific fashion. Prices can be based on demand factors we never would have seen or considered. I've been referring to this brand of dynamic pricing as "true dynamic pricing," given its ability to reflect in near real time a ticket's true value.
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8 weeks ago by stacker
Best Customer Case Management: The 2018 CRM Service Leaders
With customer case management becoming more important than ever, competition in this category is increasingly tight. A recent Harvard Business Review study showed that when companies respond to consumers’ reviews online, even if they’re negative, their reputation improves. via Pocket
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pretix – Reinventing ticket sales for conferences, festivals, exhibitions, ...
pretix helps you to sell tickets for your event in an easy way. It supports multi-lingual events and provides a wide range of features
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Online Ticketing Lösung, unter anderem für CCC
11 weeks ago by ahus1
In this article for Railway-News, Dave Ashton, CEO of – a service for in the and…
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