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Sichere Messenger | Signal-Telegram-Threema-Wire-WhatsApp?
SMS war gestern. Sind Signal, Telegram, Threema und Wire sichere Messenger? Welches sind die besten Alternativen zu WhatsApp?
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9 days ago by blumenberg
How to Encrypt Your Texts, Calls, Emails, and Data | WIRED
Want to keep outsiders from listening in on your chats, phone calls, and more? Encrypt them. All of them.
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january 2019 by mifepba
Dezentral dezentral dezentral! Federiert, ve… | Forum - heise online
Es bleiben 2 Alternativen:

Federierte Systeme:
- XMPP, E-Mail
- Diaspora, GNUsocial

Verteilte Systeme:
- Torchat, ricochet
- Tox

Eventuell noch Hub-Systeme, wenn das von vornherein klar ist:
- Teamspeak
- mumble
- ...
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january 2017 by snearch
o3ma/o3: Open-source implementation of the Threema protocol in Go.
o3 - Open-source implementation of the Threema protocol in Go.
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january 2017 by geetarista

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