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IBM Builds 'SOC on Wheels' to Drive Cybersecurity ...
Chris Crummey, executive director of IBM X-Force Command, said one of the key lessons learned among companies who test their response skills is they need to be more proactive in threat hunting while investigating an incident. "Customers want to put out fires, but in reality, you have to figure out if the fires are related," he explained. Another common weakness is neglecting to look for places where security problems commonly begin.
"The most mature customers, they go hunting for their blind spots," Crummey added
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20 days ago by bwiese
The Rise of Adversary Emulation – NVISO Labs
Bloodhound + GoFetch
Empire + DeathStar
Red Team Automation (RTA)
Atomic Red Team (ART)
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20 days ago by bwiese
Using Certificate Transparency as an Attack / Defense Tool - SANS Internet Storm Center
Anyway, the Cert Transparency program has Certifficate Authorities keeping a transparent log of EV certificates since Jan 1, 2015, and logs for DV and OV certificates as of May 2, 2018 (more here: ).  This means that there are central, queriable repo's for all SSL certificates.  As soon as I hear "central database" and "API", I tend to ask "how can I use that for other purposes" - for instance, how I use that in Penetration Tests? gets us a nice list of certs

Entrust interface at is a bit easier to navigate, but doesn't have that easy ability to translate a browser based query to a curl or other script based approach.

Where else can you find a decent interface to a certificate transparency feed? So far, I've been using:

This gives you pretty much everything, including the ability to download the certificates themselves, export to excel or csv.

Of course there's a Google interface to search certificates. And of course it's extremely complete - if there's info to find, it'll be easy to find in this one!
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6 weeks ago by bwiese
Hunting for Suspicious Processes with OSSEC - SANS Internet Storm Center
OSSEC is a free security monitoring tool/log management platform which has many features related to detecting malicious activity on a live system like the rootkit detection or syscheck modules. Here is an example of rules that can be deployed to track malicious processes running on a host (it can be seen as an extension of the existing rootkit detection features).
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6 weeks ago by bwiese
"Windows logging Cheat Sheet", "Splunk Logging Cheat Sheet"
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8 weeks ago by snkhan
ThreatStream Matches As Notable Events in Splunk? Here's How...
The search looks like this:

| `ts_tstats_all` | `ts_lookup_details` | `ts_get_time_offset(_time, ts_date_last)` | where ts_confidence >= 80 AND Age < 31 AND (like(ts_itype, "apt%") OR like(ts_itype, "c2%") OR like(ts_itype, "mal%")) | eval orig_sourcetype=sourcetype
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9 weeks ago by bwiese
Building Integrations for Splunk Enterprise Security | Splunk
Splunk ES - includes prepackaged dashboards, correlations, and incident response workflows to help security teams analyze and respond to their network, endpoint, access, malware, vulnerability, and identity information.

Use Frameworks: Notable Events, Asset & Identity, Threat Intelligence, Risk, Adaptive Response
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9 weeks ago by bwiese
Attack inception: Compromised supply chain within a supply chain poses new risks – Microsoft Secure
Unknown attackers compromised the shared infrastructure in place between the vendor of a PDF editor application and one of its software vendor partners, making the app’s legitimate installer the unsuspecting carrier of a malicious payload. The attack seemed like just another example of how cybercriminals can sneak in malware using everyday normal processes.

The plot twist: The app vendor’s systems were unaffected. The compromise was traceable instead to a second software vendor that hosted additional packages used by the app during installation. This turned out be an interesting and unique case of an attack involving “the supply chain of the supply chain”.

In early 2017, we discovered operation WilySupply, an attack that compromised a text editor’s software updater to install a backdoor on targeted organizations in the financial and IT sectors. Several weeks later, another supply chain attack made headlines by initiating a global ransomware outbreak. We confirmed speculations that the update process for a tax accounting software popular in Ukraine was the initial infection vector for the Petya ransomware. Later that same year, a backdoored version of CCleaner, a popular freeware tool, was delivered from a compromised infrastructure. Then, in early 2018, we uncovered and stopped a Dofoil outbreak that poisoned a popular signed peer-to-peer application to distribute a coin miner.
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11 weeks ago by bwiese

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