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RT : Hypothèse légèrement flippante sur le fonctionnement interne de Trump...
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2 days ago by bperrier
Exactly this. Fascism has a long past in America - and its history has lessons for democracy today. 1/N
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5 days ago by Matthew.A.Carson
A reminder what unarmed water protectors faced at Standing Rock for protecting the water for all of us.
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5 days ago by cobralibre
Phil Sandifer on Twitter: "Shall I do a thread that starts with Godel's theorem and ends with why firing that Google guy was OK? That's a question that answers itself."
"Pretty much in any system you'll be able to generate statements that break the system."

e.g.: "This statement is false." for English.

Google Manifesto frames itself in free speech and diversity while actively undercutting both.
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8 days ago by KuraFire
Over 11.44 lakh PAN cards deactivated: Here's how to check if yours is valid | Gadgets Now
RT : Another magic by the Government!! 11.44 lakh PAN cards deactivated.. Don't be panic.. Read this 👇
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10 days ago by jace

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