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birdhunt 2k20 - bysine - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Thor is still standing there, beaming expectantly at Sam. “What say you, Son of Wil?” he booms, like he's Aragorn recruiting that ghost army from the Return of the King, except that Thor is just trying to recruit one dude who can maybe talk to birds. (Again: nobody is supposed to know this.) Also Thor’s wearing a baby blue North Face puffer jacket and a woolly reindeer-covered hat that Sam is fifty percent sure was knitted by Vision, so the resemblance to Aragorn is really only a passing one.

“You want me to do what where again?”

“I wish for you to join me,” says Thor, with patient magnanimity. “Huginn and Muninn have been missing since the destruction of Asgard. Now that my people have secured a home here on Earth, I wish to find them.”

(The other summary for this fic is: "oh, SAM")
gen  fandom:mcu  thor  sam-wilson 
5 days ago by prettyasadiagram
the ghost and good queen val - Wildehack (Tyleet) - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“What,” she says, her heart racing, “was that.”

“What was what?” Korg asks, frowning up at her. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Valkyrie squints suspiciously at the ship.

“Oh my god,” Korg says. “You did! You saw a ghost!”
6 days ago by niniblack
Here with me - Ailendolin - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok.

The first night after Loki comes back he sinks into an exhausted sleep. On the second night the nightmares start.
Avengers  fanfic  ao3  author:Ailendolin  gen  h/c  Loki  Thor  flashbacks 
8 days ago by cptnsuz
Do You Remember the Time? - Buffy (BuffyScribbles) - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve has amnesia, and only recognizes Loki. Time for Loki to fix what he broke two weeks ago, when Steve left him.
Avengers  fanfic  ao3  author:Buffy/BuffyScribbles  slash  nsfw  amnesia  Loki/Steve  Thor  Bucky_Barnes  flashbacks 
12 days ago by cptnsuz
Tubthumping - Trelkez, sisabet - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Who is the warrior immortalized in this song?" Thor demands to know. "The one who gets knocked down repeatedly, yet cannot be kept down? We must hear of his resilience again!" -- Semaphore by DevilDoll
songvid  thor  3.5hearts  gen 
18 days ago by bobrhyn
tales of gore - thorduna - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-Ragnarok and SPOILERY.


Getting on the Grandmaster's good side required doing things Loki would have preferred not to. It has also left him with something to remember it by, and Thor is the only one who can help.
Avengers  fanfic  ao3  author:thorduna  slash  Thor  Loki  nsfw 
20 days ago by cptnsuz
Six Feet Under, Together - schroedingersfox - Iron Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Loki obligingly sat upright, and the light from the reactor spread across the small room once more. Tony could now easily see the precarious ceiling above them, formed from steel beams and broken concrete.

“I didn’t mean for the shock wave to be that large,” Tony said carefully. “Which means only half of this is my fault.”
fic  marvel  ironman  thor  pairing:loki/tony  [1-5k 
21 days ago by shadowkeeper
The Blink of an Eye - Chapter 1 - arimabat - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

When Heimdall lies dying on the Statesman among the remains of his people, he decides to use his powers for a different purpose in a desperate attempt to change Asgard's fate: he sends a message to his past self warning of Loki's deception.
fic  Avengers  Thor  character:Thor  character:Loki  character:Heimdall  character:Frigga  character:JaneFoster  character:DarcyLewis  character:MariaHill  character:OC  WIP  gen 
26 days ago by kuiskata
Bleeding Out - TheAdventures_of_Me - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Things happen, and as is the nature of the universe, there's nothing anyone can really do to stop them, god or human. The point of all these things are really just seeing how people deal with them, and what that sort of dealing changes. It's Tony and Loki against the world, with possibly a few more allies than they originally thought they'd have.

Sequel to "This is Gospel". You should probably read that first. It's great, I promise *half-assed self promotion*

Part 2 of the The Light that comes with Dark series
fic  marvel  ironman  thor  pairing:loki/tony  [100k+ 
4 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
To Slip Away - Chapter 1 - MagicalGirlHell - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Half of everything is gone.

Loki is not gone. He is hiding -- somewhere.

The answer is in those words. In that last puzzle that Loki has left him. If he can only figure it out, at the end of that road, Thor will find his brother. His brother, his people, his purpose, his world, his whole world.

He knows it. With everything that's left of his heart, he knows.

Half of everything is gone. The Avengers have lost so much, and now they're losing Thor.
Avengers  thor 
4 weeks ago by niniblack
Loki Odinson's Break-Up Playlist - theorytale - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Loki broke up with someone he wasn't dating, and one time someone broke up with him first.
fic  thor  marvel  pairing:gen  pairing:loki/tony  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Here at the end of the world by Eienvine
Sif is on a mission on the far side of the galaxy when she responds to a distress call that leaves her reeling. Something terrible has happened to Asgard, and the only person who can give her answers is the traitor prince currently half-dead in the back of her ship.
complete  ao3  marvel  avengers  thor 
5 weeks ago by connie
Life In Reverse - Lise - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Home is where you make it. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. (Mostly because supervillains are so plebian.)
fic  au  thor  loki  marvel.movieverse  long.fic 
6 weeks ago by cyprinella
Life In Reverse by Lise
Home is where you make it. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. (Mostly because supervillains are so plebian.)
complete  ao3  marvel  avengers  thor 
6 weeks ago by connie

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