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Is Indianapolis Cool Enough for Amazon? It Just Might Be - The New York Times
In the frenzy of coverage and speculation that accompanied Amazon’s initial announcement of a North America-wide competition for the new headquarters, I couldn’t find anyone who cited Indianapolis as a likely finalist.
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Utilities are on a countdown to reinvention - EY
The energy industry has long known that radical transformation is coming. Revenues have been under pressure from the rise in renewables; in 2016, clean energy accounted for almost two-thirds of net new power capacity around the world.
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R&D Employment: Innovation and Growth - Chumura
Studies show a positive relationship between innovation and growth. Companies with a higher degree of R&D orientation[1] grow faster than other firms. Further, [2] also experience faster economic growth.
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Here’s what happens when inclusion is factored into Amazon’s list of 20 HQ2 city finalists - Brookings
Bezos has an opportunity to provide a vision for an America that citizens and residents desperately need in this moment of political unrest, racial division, and global discord.
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The Tax Incentives Keeping the LED Lights On - BDO
Developers, landlords or contractors that have an appetite to reduce their tax liabilities—perhaps they just built a new building or received a major influx of capital—are at the perfect juncture to consider their energy incentive options and leverage accelerated depreciation.
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This City Once Made Much of What Canada Bought. But No More - The New York Times
For most of Canada’s history, Peterborough manufactured much of what Canada bought or used, including chain saws, outboard motors, boats, refrigerators, alarm clocks, locks, oatmeal and electrical motors and generators. The city was so closely associated with an 80-acre General Electric complex in its heart that it became known “the Electric City.”
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Whoever Takes Credit, Apple’s Moves Will Boost U.S. Economy - Chief Executive
Apple’s decision to pay a huge repatriation tax, to pay employees a $2,500 stock bonus, and to invest $350 billion in capital spending in the United States in the next five years should be a clear win for the company, its employees and for the American economy. Not as certain is who might get credit for any victories.
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Kia Motors : Hyundai Motor Group pledges 45,000 hires, $22 billion investment over five years - 4-Traders
A man walks past a gate of the Hyundai Motor Co plant in Beijing
South Korea's Hyundai Motor Group pledged to hire about 45,000 people over the next five years amid an emphasis on jobs by the government, but analysts doubted if the conglomerate would meet the goal as it was eyeing cost cuts to counter sluggish sales.
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Amazon HQ2 cities: Here are some of the biggest snubs - CNNMoney
Those are just a few of the big names that didn't make the final list of 20 cities Amazon (AMZN) is considering for its second headquarters. With 238 proposals submitted, there were bound to be lots of also-rans. But a few notable cities and proposals got snubbed.
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The new economics of jobs is bad news for working-class Americans—and maybe for Trump - Brookings
The growing role of a college degree in landing a job is well documented. Now, new household employment data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that Americans with college degrees can account for all of the net new jobs created over the last decade.
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Amazon Chooses 20 Finalists for Second Headquarters - The New York Times
Amazon said on Thursday that it had whittled the list of possible homes for its second headquarters to 20, including centers of technology like Boston and some surprise locations like Columbus, Ohio.
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Apple says it will build a new corporate campus, invest $350B in U.S. economy - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Apple is gearing up to build another corporate campus in a yet-to-be-announced American city and increase its workforce across the U.S. by 20,000 new employees over the next five years, the iPhone maker said Wednesday.
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Deloitte urban mobility index for cities - Deloitte Insights
​What does smart urban mobility look like, city-by-city? How are global cities faring so far? Learn the steps that cities can take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades.
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Samsung marks opening of its 1st U.S. appliance plant in South Carolina amid threat of tariffs -
South Carolina and Samsung officials on Friday celebrated the first washing machines made at the company's first U.S. appliance manufacturing plant, even as the Trump administration eyes new tariffs on the South Korean manufacturer that Gov. Henry McMaster calls bad for the state and the country.
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