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Will Hyper-Digitization Drive The Next Industrial Revolution? - EconoMonitor
Regardless of your industry or even business size, your work ahead will be influenced by digital technology. Digital will change not only how we conduct business but also how we educate, govern and provide healthcare.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
The Factories Of The Past Are Turning Into Data Centers Of The Future - GE Reports
Data centers are taking over the factories where workers once processed checks, baked bread and printed Bibles. What will the rise of the information-based economy mean for American cities?
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Beyond Millennials: Meet the New Group Inspiring Workplace Innovation - ideas + buildings
As the biggest generation in the U.S. workforce, much has been made of how to design workplaces that attract, inspire, and enhance the productivity of Millennials. But there may be a better demographic filter.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
2017’s Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals - WalletHub
To identify the best markets for STEM professionals, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 largest metro areas across 17 key metrics.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
In a first, Massachusetts claws back EDIP job creation tax incentive from Warren Buffett-owned firm - Boston Business Journal
In an unprecedented move, the Baker administration is forcing a jewelry maker owned by billionaire Warren Buffett to pay back a $400,000 tax break given through its Economic Development Incentive Program because the company failed to add enough jobs at its facility in Attleboro.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
3D printing and business capabilities - Deloitte University Press
As additive manufacturing (AM) becomes prevalent, organizations looking for more AM value opportunities must go beyond installing machinery to developing enabling capabilities such as talent, quality assurance, and organization redesign. Companies that have found such value share their stories.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Tech Talkin’ Govs, Part II: CO, GA, SC, VA, WA, WY focus on tech needs, education, more - SSTI
More governors delivered their state of the state addresses and this week we bring you TBED news from governors around the country. Areas of focus include tech infrastructure needs, diversifying economies, cybersecurity and education. While some governors are giving their inaugural addresses, Gov. Nikki Haley used her time to bid farewell. Following are excerpts from the past week’s addresses.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
What's driving our fastest changing cities? - JLL Real Views
Many of Asia’s rapidly evolving cities showcase the ability to absorb technological change into their DNA and are fast becoming a magnet for growing populations, businesses, and foreign direct investment. Technology is also spurring growth in developed markets. Secondary U.S. cities that demonstrated the same level of support for technology also ranked highly in the CMI including Austin, Seattle and Raleigh-Durham. U.S. technology capital, Silicon Valley remained near the top of the list.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Electric Car Startup Comes Out of Hiding to Buy Old Mitsubishi Factory - Seeker
Rivian Automotive's purchase of a shuttered car plant in Illinois could indicate the early days of a second American auto revolution.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Wolf Administration Approves $15 Million to Support 263 Early-Stage, Technology-Oriented Businesses and Entrepreneurs - PA Department of Community & Economic Development
Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin today announced the approval of $15 million in tax credits to support 263 early-stage companies through the Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) Program.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Big science receives $328-million boost from Ottawa - The Globe and Mail
Some of Canada’s largest and most unique science labs and initiatives will share a $328-million top-up, federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announced on Monday.

The funding, awarded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation, is intended to help keep the lights on at 17 key national facilities that cover a broad range of research disciplines.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Evaluating the Economic Impact of Additional Government Infrastructure Spending - Tax Foundation
Using the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Economic Model, we evaluate the economic impact of a $500 billion investment in infrastructure over the next ten years along with five funding mechanisms: borrowing; cutting government consumption spending; raising excise taxes; raising the top tax rate on individual income; and raising the corporate income tax.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
How to Stop Short Termism in Business - The Atlantic
U.S. companies are hyper-focused on quarterly earnings. What can be done to push them to invest more in the years and decades ahead?
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Risks and opportunities in 2017 - PwC Industrial Insights
Unlike tax and regulatory reform where the broader business community feels change, trade policy could result in a greater debate between potential winners and losers.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Pentagon told to boost manufacturing engineering education - Science - AAAS
The legislation creates a grants program for which companies, nonprofit organizations, and academic-industry consortia would be eligible as well as universities. It contains a broad description of what counts as an education program including classroom and lab activities, internships, faculty development, and recruitment, and a host of interactions with the private sector and national laboratories. Those activities may include training current and former members of the armed forces and their dependents. It also says the winning applicants should be dispersed across the country “to the maximum extent practicable.”
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
US Macro Forecast - January 2017 - Cushman & Wakefield
The outlook for the U.S. economy over the next few years remains positive. Although headwinds have come, gone, and come again, the major force driving growth—the consumer—is still gaining momentum. Of course, we are ushering in a new era of fiscal and monetary policy and that will continue to generate uncertainty.
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january 2017 by areadevelopment
Clemson biopharma researchers first to receive federal funding - Palmetto Business Daily
A $70 million grant to researchers at Clemson University is expected to foster economic development and keep the U.S. biopharmaceutical industry at the forefront.

Announced last week, the grant from the Commerce Department brings the Clemson-based National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) on board with 11 other entities in the Manufacturing USA network.
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Bio research and manufacturing institute to be based in Manchester - New Hampshire Business Review
U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH, and Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, and Governor Maggie Hassan, D-NH, announced that the Department of Defense will award $80 million over five years to establish a bio research and manufacturing institute in the Manchester Millyard.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
Don't make "Big Data" a "Big Miss" - Cushman & Wakefield Blog
One of my mentors, another executive at Cushman & Wakefield, says that an organization is often like a large brain using about 10% of its capacity. Harnessing the power of the rest should be the goal of any analytics program. So much of the information you really need for effective decision-making lies in the heads of thousands of professionals in dozens of different offices (or homes … or coffee shops … or cars) all over the globe.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment

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