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Why Salt Lake City is Suddenly Brimming with Startups and Innovation - Free Enterprise
It’s thanks to the Olympics that the city upgraded its airport and created a light rail system. On the surface, these may seem like minor improvements, but making it easy for business travelers to get to the city and travel within it has helped boost business growth.
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How the U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Compares to the Rest of the World - Tax Foundation
Most countries tax some form of corporate income. However, the rates differ around the world, ranging from 0% in Bermuda to 55% in United Arab Emirates. The rest of the world, of course, falls somewhere in between. The GDP-weighted worldwide average is just under 30 percent. With most countries falling under the average, the United States faces strong competition for business investment.
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10Minutes on the new US lease standard - CFOdirect - PwC
Leases are a way to use property or equipment and pay over time. Today, operating leases are off-balance sheet, but the new guidance reflects operating leases with terms greater than one year on the balance sheet with both an asset (the right to use the leased item) and liability (the obligation to make lease payments), similar to capital leases today.
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Companies Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back to US - IndustryWeek
From Jan, 2010 until July 2016 the Reshoring Initiative estimates that 265,000 jobs have come back to the United States from abroad.
The Reshoring Initiative’s 2015 Reshoring Report found that the reasons companies gave for coming back to the U.S. included:  
Government incentives * Ecosystems/localization * Proximity to customers * Skilled workforce
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Solutions Speak - Our analysis of the creative economy in US Metros - Garner Economics
Arts and Design sectors are gaining importance in regional economies
In this brief we examine recent employment growth and concentration data in 381 U.S. metropolitan areas related to the four key sectors that comprise much of the country's creative economy.
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Governmental incentives to combat long-term unemployment - Deloitte Tax
Taking a closer look at the trends and highlights various federal and state programs that provide tax-related benefits to companies that act to hire people within the long-term unemployment population.
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Is the Transportation & Logistics sector going digital too slowly? -Industrial Insights - pwc
A digital transformation is now underway in the transportation and logistics (T&L) sector. However, T&L companies are not moving as fast as others in related industries. In our interviews with 186 senior executives in 26 countries, only 28% say they’ve reached an advanced level of digitization.
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Auto, Aerospace Industries Warm Up to 3D Printing - IndustryWeek
Stratasys, Siemens and others big names are beginning to push 3D printing well into the center of manufacturing from around the edges, and while the tech hasn’t always lived up to the hype, it could still shake up the factory floor.
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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: A Ranking of State Economies - GOVERNING
Few of the best- and worst-performing states were in the same position just three years ago.
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Apple set to create 1,000 jobs with Cork plan go-ahead -
Apple has received planning permission for an expansion at its European HQ in Cork that is to deliver 1,000 jobs.
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As Energy Use Rises, Corporations Turn to Their Own Green Utility Sources - The New York Times
Like other big companies before it, including Walmart and Google, Apple recently received a federal designation for its energy subsidiary that allows it to become a wholesale seller of electricity from coast to coast. In effect, Apple is creating its own green utility company, although the main customer is itself.
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The Talent Attraction Scorecard - Emsi
That’s the question we set out to answer with the Talent Attraction Scorecard. Our index uses five metrics to rank how every county has done drawing new residents, growing their skilled and overall workforces, and grabbing a greater share of skilled workers than other regions.

As a complement to this analysis, we separately ranked counties based on how they are attracting young talent by looking at the growth in college enrollment and millennial population per capita.

Lastly, we used cost-of-living-adjusted earnings to help explain why talent is (or is not) moving to these counties.
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Midwest States Launch Public-Private R&D Centers in Key Manufacturing Industries - SSTI
Over the last few weeks, Indiana and Michigan have announced the launch of manufacturing-focused innovation centers to help transform manufacturing sectors that are long-standing drivers of economic prosperity in their respective state into 21st century global hubs for manufacturing innovation
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Security Concerns Take a Back Seat as More US Manufacturers Look to Mexico -
Experts who help foreign companies build factories in Mexico report a recent surge in interest by U.S. and international firms, with executives voicing less concern about Mexico’s crime and security problems.
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2016 Q2 CFO Signals: Less concern about capital markets; more concern about oil and politics - Deloitte
CFOs’ assessments of the North American economy are only slightly better this quarter. But equity markets and consumer confidence have improved substantially, and this seems to have fueled a reversal in several of last quarter’s downward trends.
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Could a Lack of Skilled Labor Slow the Reshoring Wave for U.S. Manufacturers? - BDO Manufacturing Output Newsletter
U.S. manufacturing is on the rebound, having added more than 730,000 jobs since the end of 2010. And industry analysts expect the sector to create at least another 700,000 jobs by the end of the decade, according to the Manufacturing Institute.
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