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Lenovo unveils first ThinkPad for healthcare market - TechRepublic
The ThinkPad T490 Healthcare Edition is the first of the 2019 ThinkPad series to be announced, and shows off features potentially present in other ThinkPads this year.
7 days ago by tonys
We are reviewing the affordable & compact Lenovo ThinkPad L390 - News
The year 2019 brings us a new generation of business laptops. One of the first specimens of this new wave has made it to our testing-labs: The Lenovo ThinkPad L390, an affordable ThinkPad laptop for companies and students.
11 days ago by tonys
Why I use old hardware | Drew DeVault’s Blog
Recently I was making sure my main laptop is ready for travel1, which mostly just entails syncing up the latest version of my music collection. This laptop is a Thinkpad X200, which turns 11 years old in July and is my main workstation away from home (though I bring a second monitor and an external keyboard for long trips). This laptop is a great piece of hardware. 100% of the hardware is supported by the upstream Linux kernel, including the usual offenders like WiFi and Bluetooth. N...
linux  thinkpad 
21 days ago by tonys
ThinkPad Roadmap: Chinese leak reveals Lenovo's release plans for 2019, including new ThinkPad X390 & T495s - News
Lenovo's lineup of ThinkPad laptops has not been updated at CES as in the last years. Thanks to a leak coming from China, we now know Lenovo's plans for 2019. The ThinkPad roadmap 2019 includes informations on when which models are to be released and which models will merely receive CPU updates.
23 days ago by tonys

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