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inlovewithnight: Cryptophase
REC: Mikey remembers Gerard's voice first, before anything else. Another beautiful and thoughtprovoking look at the Way brothers and their relationship. Lovely writing and imagery. (2015-04-12)
QUOTE: "I'm scared."
"It's gonna be great. You're gonna be great."
"And if I'm not?"
"You will be." Gerard slides his hand up to rest on Mikey's chest, just above his heart. "You're here, and you're gonna be great, and the kids are gonna be so excited. You can do this."
"I'm not doing it for the kids."
Gerard's hand thumps lightly against Mikey's chest, tap tap tap, like he's petting Mikey's heart through flesh and bone.
Mikey turns his head and stares at Gerard until his brother meets his eyes. "I'm not doing this for the kids."
"You're doing it for yourself." Gerard nods. "I know."
Mikey sighs and looks up at the ceiling, then closes his eyes again. Yes. He's doing it for himself.
But he's doing it because Gerard asked him to. (1,570 words)
author:inlovewithnight  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  activity:performing  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  things:memories  relationship:brothers  geography:Asia:Japan  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Gerard.and.the.Hormones  band:Electric.Century  pov:Mikey  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-04  recced:2015-04 
april 2015 by turlough
akamine_chan: Don't Try
REC: Gerard struggles while Mikey is in rehab. A lovely look at the Way brothers and their complicated relationship with life and with each other. Wonderfully hopeful ending. (2015-04-12)
QUOTE: And because she knew him so well, she took in his unwashed hair and rumpled clothes, the slouch of his shoulders and used her words to *cut* through the haze of guilt he'd wrapped around himself. "How much longer are you planning on hiding in here?" She gestured to his desk. "It's not like you're getting anything done."
He felt raw, like every nerve was exposed. "Just leave me alone!"
She narrowed her eyes at him. "You did *not* just yell at me," and her tone had him on the defensive, because he had just yelled, and that wasn't how they did things.
He took a deep breath, trying to be reasonable. "I just need some time to -"
"To what, Gerard? Brood? Blame yourself?"
"I should have -"
"Gerard." She reached out and touched his face. "He's family. We all should have. But we didn't. So now we pick up the pieces, fit them back together, and wait for them to heal."
He wanted to argue that it wasn't that simple, but he didn't have the energy. (1,700 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  activity:performing  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  relationship:brothers  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:Asia:Japan  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Gerard.and.the.Hormones  band:Electric.Century  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-03  recced:2015-04  things:memories  pov:Gerard 
april 2015 by turlough
prophetic: Used
REC: Gerard remembers. I love everything that's not said but is there anyway. Drabbles are wonderful. (2015-01-18)
QUOTE: Gerard remembered... some of it. The two of them collapsed limp on the couch together. Himself giggling nervously - I'm so fucked up right now - and Bert breathing into his hair - Shhh, I know. The feeling, ticklish against his ear, first of Bert's hot breath, then his lips. (100 words)
author:prophetic  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:form:drabble  things:memories  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Bert/Gerard(past)  pov:Gerard  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-01  recced:2015-01 
january 2015 by turlough
inlovewithnight: Brother If You Have a Chance To Pick Me Up
REC: Gerard looked so good in his Bowie drag, Mikey kind of didn't know what to do with himself. A beautiful glimpse of the Way brothers post-band. inlovewithnight is so good at writing the Ways and their complicated relationship. (2014-11-16)
QUOTE: "Oh shit." Gerard was off and running and Mikey zoned out, letting his brother's voice wash around him while his eyes wandered up and down the lines of Gerard's body, the lines of the suit wrapped around it, the lines and angles and punctuation made by his movements and gestures. The shoes made him glide like he was dancing. The presence of... something; the collar on the shirt? The tie? The jacket lapels? Something about it made him present knees and elbows with every step and wave of his arm.
With Gerard, the package always affected the contents. Mikey could flash back through them one by one: the aggression of Party Poison, the exaggerated carefulness of the Patient, the falling-star recklessness of the nameless Revenge caricatures. Between and behind them, the guy who was his brother, the one his skin and his heart recognized as 'part-of-us' even when he closed his eyes.
Some things never changed.
Gerard produced his wallet with a flourish. "It's on me."
"What am I going to owe you for that?"
Gerard smirked and handed his credit card over with a snap of his wrist. "An hour of hard labor."
Mikey smiled and it didn't even ache. Some things changed when no one was looking. (1,900 words)
author:inlovewithnight  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:PWP  activity:photography  things:memories  relationship:brothers  relationship:Waycest  smut:blowjob  time:post-band  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Mikey  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-09  recced:2014-11 
november 2014 by turlough
akamine_chan: Won't Stop Breathing
REC: If they could just have stayed in Battery City one more year. A heartbreaking and lovely glimpse of the Way brothers. (2014-11-16)
QUOTE: "Hey."
Kobra startles out of his reverie, looking at Poison's reflection in the mirror. "Hey."
Poison sets a bottle of pills on the edge of the sink, stark white BLI/ind label, HRT (MALE) written in bold black letters. "Thanks." Kobra opens the bottle and dry swallows a pastel pill. Poison's still watching him in the mirror, face uncharacteristically serious. "What?"
Poison shakes his head, red hair obscuring one eye. "Nothing."
Kobra waits; he knows Poison has something to say.
Poison's shoulders droop, and he sighs, like he knows that Kobra is going to wait him out. Poison is stubborn, but he has *nothing* on Kobra.
"Just." He won't meet Kobra's eyes in the mirror, so Kobra turns around to look at him. (849 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:dystopia  concept:rebellion  concept:transgender  relationship:brothers  things:memories  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Kobra.Kid  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-11  recced:2014-11  universe:Danger.Days 
november 2014 by turlough
rubytuesday5681: You Can Trust Me
REC: They only made out once. It shouldn't be a big deal but Frank can't get Gerard out of is mind. A nice sequel to 'Mikey Way's Annoying Older Brother'. Frank feels very believable as a young teenager. (2014-08-17)
QUOTE: The thing is, he just can't get it out of his mind - the whole making out with Gerard thing. At first he was willing to give himself a break because that was a totally hot and heavy make out session, more intense than anything he's ever done before. In fact, if Ray hadn't called when he did and interrupted them, Frank has no idea how far it might have gone. He can't be certain, but it totally felt like Gerard was about to move his hand from Frank's back to his ass just before the phone rang.
Fucking Ray. Totally not his fault, but still.
So yeah, perfectly reasonable that Frank basically rubbed his dick raw jerking off to thoughts of Gerard for a few days after that. Frank is fourteen and horny and apparently a stud because he hooked up with a *college* dude.
But it was *Gerard*. And ever since the "incident" (as Frank has taken to calling it in his mind) Gerard's been acting totally normal - like nothing even happened. And that's fine. It's totally fine because Gerard was drunk and maybe doesn't even remember and he's way too old for Frank anyway and Frank doesn't even *like* Gerard. In fact, he actively *dislikes* Gerard because he doesn't shower and his hair is always greasy and once he starts talking about something political he never shuts up.
And Frank was doing just fine not thinking about Gerard tonight. He was. He had fun playing board games with the kids and made up a bedtime story for them about farts. It was hilarious. But then after they went to sleep he was bored and started flipping through TV channels and of course there was some stupid romcom on with people making out all over the place and now Frank's sitting here like a total lunatic touching his lips and trying to remember why it was so cool to feel Gerard's teeth with his tongue. (3,570 words)
author:rubytuesday5681  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  beings:teenagers  relationship:UST  things:memories  location:Way.basement  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2014.Pod_Together  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-08  recced:2014-08 
august 2014 by turlough
Alda-Rana: Comfort Food
REC: This is a lovely portrait of Sarah Jane sometime after her travels with the Doctor. She looks so cozy curled up in her chair, eating jelly babies and fondly remembering her adventures. A sweetly nostalgic work that isn't in any way sad. (2014-05-03)
INFO: Coloured art of Sarah Jane.
(also at )
artist:alda-rana  fandom:Doctor.Who  companion:Sarah.Jane.Smith  things:memories  !meta:rec:art  posted:2014-03  recced:2014-05 
june 2014 by turlough
cold_clarity: The Endearing Kind of Awkward
REC: Pete makes good on all the twitter-flirting he and Gerard's been doing. A lovely little story with a really nice Pete characterisation. He and Gerard really are endearingly awkward together. (2014-02-02)
QUOTE: They meet at Gerard's car, after Pete has rinsed off and changed. The nighttime settles over them, cool and clear, and Pete is pretty sure he's never done anything so high school since he was actually in high school. Gerard looks strange in the pallor of the streetlamps, his eyes suddenly overlarge in a very delicate face.
He's smoking a cigarette, and, at Pete's approach, he exhales and smiles, and the smoke thins to nothing between them, ephemeral.
"Nice car," Pete remarks.
Gerard drops the cigarette to the ground, stamping it out with his heel. "Thanks. I... really like cars."
"Just - I wouldn't have called that."
That slanted smile again. "Yeah, I contain multitudes or whatever."
Pete laughs. "Well. I'm ready if you are."
Gerard jangles his keys. "Hop in."
They drive with the windows mostly down, the city scrolling past the highway in a neon rush. Pete tucks his hands under his thighs so that he doesn't fidget and he wonders how it is that Gerard can drive without music to fill the silence. His throat feels tight. (2,060 words)
author:cold_clarity  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  activity:performing  things:Twitter  things:comics  things:memories  relationship:poly  time:post-band  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Gerard/Pete(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Pete  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-12  recced:2014-02 
february 2014 by turlough
rubytuesday5681: Enjoy the Silence
REC: This summer is different. Frank contemplates Gerard during Warped 2005. This is quite lovely. Very interesting to see Gerard through Frank's eyes. It really highlights the differences betwen them. (2014-02-02)
QUOTE: This summer is better.
Gerard says his soul doesn't stink like the rotted pit of hell anymore. Frank thinks Gerard himself doesn't stink like that anymore either. Frank doesn't miss the sweatboozedirtfilthvomit eau de Gerard from last summer at all. It makes him a bit easier to take.
Sometimes Gerard is harder to take, though - like right now.
Right now Gerard just wants to be left alone. That's what he said when Frank and Ray invited him to play Zelda. It's the perfect game to pass the time on a long day of driving. Gerard doesn't want to watch a movie, either. He's just sitting under a blanket on the corner of the couch looking out the window. He isn't even sketching. Somehow Frank has a harder time with it when Gerard's fingers aren't busy making art or writing notes or even smoking... something. It's when he just sits and stares that Frank gets nervous. He worries. He knows the worrying pisses Gerard off, but Frank does it anyway. He can't help it. He isn't able to stop himself from asking, "What are you thinking about?"
Gerard just shakes his head and leaves the couch. (1,050 words)
author:rubytuesday5681  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  concept:sobriety  things:memories  relationship:friendship  setting:on.tour  tour:2005.Warped  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-01  recced:2014-02 
february 2014 by turlough
x_dark_siren_x: The Danger is I'm Dangerous (Might Just Tear You Apart)
REC: Sometimes, Grace just wanted to dance. A wonderful glimpse of the future. So sharp and vivid and completely heartbreaking. (2013-11-10)
QUOTE: Sometimes she wanted to tip her head back, lift up her arms and let the neon slide over the colour dripping down her skin (Killjoy bright and just as deadly). She wanted to let it all fade, let the beat work its way into her blood, her head, for the pounding crush of people and bright lights wash away the white she still saw behind her eyes.
Ten years, and the sharp ache had only ever dulled. Left her empty and grasping even as memories faded. Left her vicious, desperate.
(Grace still saw them, the slump of red against white walls and inked hands barring the doors. (429 words)
(also at )
author:x_dark_siren_x  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  universe:Killjoys.verse  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:rebellion  concept:char.death(past)  things:memories  setting:bar/club  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Grace  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-10  recced:2013-11  universe:Danger.Days 
november 2013 by turlough
snarkydame: Interval
REC: The King and his Hunt continues to haunt the world. Gerard keeps looking for his brother and Ray. Frank waits in the rain. A marvelous glimpse of what's going on in the world after the end of her fantastic urban fantasy, 'Drums and Monsters'. It's wonderfully atmospheric and full of tantalising glimpses of places and things I want to hear more of. I can't wait until the real sequeal is finished! (2013-10-27)
QUOTE: They left tracks here, as they did in very few places - the massive, burning hooves of the Hunters' horses left prints lined in fire that guttered and darkened and cooled, and the paws of the hounds...
The hounds. They were wolves once. They had names. When they were here, he could almost remember his own.
He whined, and his companion nipped at his jaw. He ducked his head and leaned into the other's broad chest. Something deep within him, something that never entirely went away (not even when they were running through myth and dreams) said *pack*. Said *family*. It murmured so even under the all-consuming pull of the King's Hunt, and here, in this place that made them almost real, it was loud enough for him to notice the missing note in the chord.
He whined again, taking another step. Only the hound at his side (he never left his side) ever strayed so far from the Hunters. Where was the third? His *brother*. Where was his brother? Almost, almost, he could remember his name - could feel it forming, just at the edge of a thought.
The horns rang out, and he shook from the force of them. The sound was overwhelming - he could feel his edges fraying back into smoke, thought and memory already gone. The Hunt was moving. (1,860 words)
(also at )
author:snarkydame  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:urban.fantasy  beings:vampires  beings:werewolves  beings:faeries  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:family  concept:magic  concept:pack  concept:quest  concept:supernatural  things:memories  relationship:established  relationship:brothers  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Mikey  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-10  recced:2013-10 
october 2013 by turlough
pikasafire: Coping Strategies
REC: Gerard does his best to help Spencer cope. A really sweet little story. Awkward and tentative and very hopeful. (2013-09-29)
QUOTE: Gerard grabs his phone, taps out a quick reply. 'Sure its ok. How r u doing?' He debates for a moment before adding a smiley and pressing send. He turns back to his drawing, adding a layer of spikes, doesn't look up when Mikey puts a fresh cup of coffee in front of him. "I would have said it was okay for Spencer to call me, even without the coffee." He feels compelled to point out. "I'm not that much of a dick."
"I know." Mikey says. "What the hell are you drawing? Is that supposed to be Spyke from Evolution? Because that's not what his hair looks like."
As they bicker quietly over coffee. Gerard can't help but wonder what it would've been like if he hadn't gotten clean. Gerard's notoriously bad with his phone and he feels a little guilty when he checks it after Mikey leaves and there's a message from Spencer, sent three hours ago 'thanks' it says, 'not doing so great'.

'It gets better' Gerard types. He cringes as it sends 'that's not supposed to sound as lame as it does' He feels awkward like this, like he's doing it wrong. It's strangely easier to be an icon of hope for thousands rather than just one. 'I don't know how useful I'll be but I'll try'.
Gerard's half expecting something else, but his phone remains silent. (2,010 words)
author:pikasafire  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  things:memories  relationship:friendship  time:post-band  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  challenge:2013.No.Tags  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-09  recced:2013-09 
october 2013 by turlough
ohnoktcsk: And Me Here On the Ground
REC: Frank's worked hard to build a life for himself in the city and he's content with what he has: a job as a bike courier, friends who love to give him shit, and a crush on a professor of art history at the local university. But he's also got a secret - one he's been running from for a long time. This is a fabulous story! A wonderful mix of urban and high fantasy, with fairy tales and domestic fluff added in, and it works and it's glorious. The worldbuilding is fantastic. The mix of the magical and strange with the ordinary and humdrum, and the glimpses we get of both ancient and recent history are totally fascinating. I love the way Frank is written. His growing love of Gerard, his friendship with Dewees and his instant connection with Ray, his wariness of Grant and the old magic, and whatever it is he's trying not to remember - it all make him feel very real and also very likeable. And the climax and conclusion to the story was absolutely fantastic. It was so exciting and intense I read it all in one huge gulp and could literally not look away from the screen. This is definitely my favourite story so far of this wave. (2013-09-22) Best of 2013 - Most Interesting Fantasy AU & Best Frank Characterisation: This is a wonderful mix of urban and high fantasy, with fairy tales and domestic fluff added in. You wouldn't think it could possibly work but it does and it's glorious. It has fantastic worldbuilding, the mix of the magical and strange with the ordinary and humdrum, and the glimpses we get of both ancient and recent history are totally fascinating. Not only is this a fabulous story, it also has an absolutely first class Frank characterisation. His growing love of Gerard, his friendship with Dewees and his instant connection with Ray, his wariness of Grant and the old magic, and whatever it is he's trying not to remember - it all makes him feel very real, very human, and also very likeable. Finally it's also a story that has a truely great ending. The climax and conclusion was so exciting and intense I could literally not look away from the screen when I first read it. I had to read it all in one huge gulp and it's been a long time since I did that. (2014-02-16)
QUOTE: The address on the pickup slip leads him down a winding mess of side streets. It turns out to belong to a shop with dusty windows, tucked into the ground level of an old, faded sandstone building. The sign hanging above the door says, in spidery writing, 'Curiosities'.
A bell tinkles when Frank pushes open the door. The shop looks like it's seen better days; half the shelves are empty, and what's left isn't anything to write home about, all scuffed furniture, tarnished brass, and musty books. The light that filters in through the murky front window is dancing with dust motes.
It's definitely not flashy enough to be the kind of place a wizard would run, so that's something. And hey, no giant spiders yet. Frank's cautiously optimistic.
"Hello?" he calls.
A man steps out from a doorway behind the counter. He's tall and much more well-dressed than Frank would have expected, given the state of the shop he apparently runs, but okay. He gives Frank a calculating look. "Are you from the courier service?"
"That's me." Frank flashes his courier's badge, then reaches into his bag. "I've got a receipt for you to sign, and I'll need to you fill out a delivery slip."
"Of course," the man agrees, placidly. He's got an accent - a Northerner, maybe. "I'll go and fetch the package."
The package, when the man reappears from the back room and sets it on the counter, turns out to be a smallish rectangle wrapped in plain brown paper. In the 'contents' section of the delivery slip, the man writes, 'a naturalist's observations re: the healing properties of mermaid song; rare'.
When Frank picks up the package to tuck it away in his bag, he sees that there's a hand-drawn symbol on the underside. It's simple, but something about it draws Frank's eye. He wonders if it's the curiosity shop's logo, or maybe some sort of guild sign.
Frank's not getting paid to ask questions, though, so he just gives a mental shrug and indicates where the man needs to sign on the delivery slip. His signature is an illegible flourish.
"The shop may be a bit difficult to find," the man warns him, once the paperwork and the payment is all squared away. "And when you do find it, you'll need to knock three times on the left side of the front door. There shouldn't be any problems after that."
"Okay," Frank says, looking over the paperwork for the address and already plotting a route in his head. It's a little weird, but it's not the weirdest delivery instruction he's ever had to follow. It's not even the weirdest delivery instruction he's had to follow this month.
"Also," the man adds, snapping his fingers like he's just remembered, "you'd best avoid taking the parcel near the water. Just in case."
That's weirder, but whatever. Frank can deal.
Frank politely bids the man a good day and heads back out to the street. There's a crow sitting on the handlebars of his bike and giving him a shrewd look. "Fuck off, birdbrain," Frank tells it, shooing it with his hands.
The crow flies away. (32,150 words)
author:ohnoktcsk  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:drinking  activity:rescue  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:dragons  beings:birds  beings:dryads  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:magic  concept:music  things:memories  occupation:courier  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:frottage  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-09  recced:2013-09  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
september 2013 by turlough
akamine_chan: Shadow of a Damaged Heart
REC: Gerard and Helena knew that the Dark was dangerous but it was still a shock when they got the mayday from Mikey and Bunny Marie. This is really great space AU. The worldbuilding is wonderful and so skillfully done. I love the characterisation of Gerard and his complicated relationships with Mikey and with Helena. And the way his growing attachment to Frank is written. (2013-09-08) This is such a great space AU. The worldbuilding is wonderful and so skillfully done. I love the careful attention to detail and how unobtrusively and effortlessly the writer weaves together the different elements into a coherent whole. I also have great love for the characterisation of Gerard, his complicated relationships with Mikey and with Helena, and his growing attachment to Frank. (2013-11-21)
QUOTE: He listened to the mayday twice before Mikey's words started to sink in through the numbness.
"Gee, I'm hoping when you get this, Bunny Marie will be powered down and I'll be in stasis. We hit something, I don't -" The signal faded out, and then back in with a burst of static. "-bably got too close to a patch of dark matter, took out the engines. Gonna deploy the emergency ion ramscoop -" There was a loud explosion in the background, the sound of metal tearing. "Fuck," Mikey said. "There went the aux magsail."
Mikey's voice was calm, almost bored, but Gerard knew that meant that he was trying not to panic. There was a screeching whine, interference of some sort, cutting across what Mikey was saying. "-rie can hold things together, you and Helena just need to come and find us."
There was a long pause, and if Gerard concentrated, he could hear faint beeping in the background as Bunny Marie struggled to minimize the damage. Gerard knew every system alarm a ship could make, and by the sounds of it Bunny Marie was leaking fuel and heat into cold space. She was fighting fruitlessly to dampen the vicious spin they'd picked up from the collision as well.
It was bad.
"Gonna divert power to boost our location and trajectory signal. Come and find us, big brother." Mikey swallowed audibly, and Gerard was distantly glad that Bunny Marie hadn't had the power for a vid signal. Hearing the fear in Mikey's voice was bad enough. Seeing it on Mikey's face would have killed him.
Another crackle of static, then "- love you, Gee."
The transmission ended with a hiss of white noise, and Gerard realized he was breathing fast, almost panting, teeth clenched against the scream that was trapped in his throat. *Mikey Mikey Mikey -.*
Helena's presence brushed against him, confused and scared, and Gerard consciously relaxed his hands, ignoring the little bloody half-moons dug into his palms. He didn't have time for hysteria, every moment that passed decreased the chances of finding Mikey and Bunny Marie. They had to start *now*. (16,460 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:rescue  activity:plane/vehicle.crash  beings:animals.dogs  concept:ordinary.lives!  concept:artificial.intelligence  concept:quest  things:Gerard'  things:memories  occupation:particle.hunter  occupation:mechanic  relationship:brothers  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  setting:spaceship/spacestation  setting:alien.planet  band:My.Chemical.Romance  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:medium.10k-20k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-09  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
jezrana: Lead Me Home
REC: The one where Grant finds an unconscious Gerard on the edge of his country estate. When Gerard wakes up he's completely lost his memories. Their search for his identity draws them closer to each other and when they make contact with Gerard's family, including his father's ward, Frank Iero, things become even more complicated. A very sweet story. I really liked the way the slow development of their relationship was written. And as usual with jezrana's stories, the writing is lovely. (2013-09-01)
QUOTE: Grant rings, and after a few moments Sarah appears in the doorway. "Please bring a tray up for our guest," Grant instructs. "Tea and toast, and perhaps some porridge?" He glances at Gerard, who nods. "And something for me, assuming you don't mind me joining you, Gerard."
Gerard smiles again. He has a lovely smile, and Grant wants to see it as often as possible. "Not at all."
When the trays come, Gerard sets into his with a good appetite, and Grant waits for him to pursue conversation or not, as he chooses. After a few minutes Gerard slows down, takes a sip of tea, and speaks.
"You've been so kind to me I feel as though we're friends already, and then I remember how little I know about you," he says. "I may not be able to help not knowing anything about myself, but at least I can learn more about you - would you tell me about yourself?"
"I don't make for a very fascinating subject, I'm afraid," Grant tells him. "I inherited this estate from my father. I have a sister, who lives with her husband a short distance away, but I live alone."
"And what do you do when you're not bringing strangers in from the moors and nursing them back to health?" Gerard asks.
"I look after the estate. I write - mostly idle musings, some poetry. I visit my sister or friends when I fear I'm becoming too much of a hermit and travel when I need a change of scenery." Grant gives a self-deprecating smile. "As I said, not terribly fascinating."
Gerard finishes off the last of his toast, wipes his mouth, and gives Grant a speculative look. "If we were characters in a novel, you'd have some terrible secret that I'd be bound to discover now," he says, a teasing note in his voice.
"Given the way you appeared out of nowhere under quite dramatic circumstances, I'm not so certain we're not characters in a novel," Grant replies. "But I've no terrible secrets to be discovered."
Gerard looks down with a faint, crooked smile. "Well, I suppose I provide all the drama we need." He looks back up, eyes searching Grant's face. "You really have no idea where I came from? There's nothing I said or did that gave any clue?"
Grant shakes his head. "Only things that seem far too general to be useful. I know by your accent that you're English. The clothes you were wearing were of good quality, and from our conversation so far you seem well-educated. We checked your clothing for things that might help identify you - a watch, a handkerchief, anything, but there was nothing."
Gerard sighs. "'Nothing' seems to be the theme here." He sits back in his chair, leaning his head against the cushion. "I lay awake for hours last night trying to remember something, anything."
"Give yourself time," Grant advises him.
"It seems I can't do anything else, can I?" Gerard replies, a sharp note in his voice, and then he sighs again. "I'm sorry."
Grant looks at him calmly. "You don't have to apologize to me, Gerard. If you need to be angry, be angry."
"I don't want to be angry," Gerard says tiredly. "To tell the truth, I'm struggling not to be terrified. Knowing that something bad happened to me, and still not being able to recall what - I just keep turning it over and over in my mind. And you've been so kind, but you're still a stranger, more or less, and right now I'm completely dependent on your kindness. It's... unsettling."
Grant leans across the distance between them, laying his hand gently on Gerard's forearm. "I made you a promise before," he says softly. "I'll make it again now. As long as you're a guest in my house, I will do everything in my power to make sure you're safe from harm. That includes giving you my hospitality for as long as you need it. You're right that we're still strangers, but I hope I can show myself to be worthy of your trust."
Gerard looks at Grant solemnly while he speaks, then drops his gaze with a faint smile. "I hope so as well," he says softly. "I should very much like for there to be something I can trust."
Grant smiles at him, pressing Gerard's arm gently before drawing back. Gerard lets out a sigh, tilting his head back again.
"I'm sorry, it's been very good talking with you," he says, "but I am a bit tired." (33,660 words)
author:jezrana  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  activity:kidnapping  activity:rescue  beings:aristocrats  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  condition:amnesia  condition:injury  things:memories  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:mansion/palace  geography:UK:Scotland  period:19th.century  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Grant.Morrison  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
ellen_fremedon: The Scourge of Trion
REC: This is a fabulous story. It's well-written and well-plotted and the way the elements from both the new and the old show is mixed in worked perfectly for me despite not being a fan of New Who at all. Turlough has always been my favourite of the Doctor's companions and I absolutely love the way he's written here. He's exactly like I can imagine him being after ten years back on Trion. I also really love this Sarah Jane. And the Brigadier! It's such a long and glorious and all-round satisfying story. (2011-03-05)
QUOTE: The day the freighter returned to Great Trion, on its first Terra run since that world's sudden vanishment and equally sudden reappearance, Turlough made a point of closing the office on the bell of evening. It didn't do to let one's employer think one couldn't handle matters in her absence without late nights and such fuss; and if he tracked the ship's berthing from his flat's comms - if he took home a sheaf of work, specs for the Trion asteroid docks and timelines for rebuilding the Terran factories - no one needed to be any the wiser.
Nor did anyone need to know how late he stayed up to get through it all, when every mention of the Terran catastrophe set up a refrain in his head: Daleks. Daleks. Daleks. He barely slept, and what sleep he had was full of old dreams he had tried hard to forget.
But he came in early next morning all the same, though not early enough to beat Despina in. She was pacing her usual circuit, from open glass door to narrow balcony to terminal screen and back, dictating to the computer in full view of the bustling court below and the windows of the Ministerium on its other side.
He returned all his files to their places, made tea for them both, and perched on her empty desk to drink his. "So, what did you bring me from Earth?"
She peered down her slender nose at him. "If you'd stopped in your office before your tea break, you'd know."
"Aside from the crate of magazines. And the two hard drives. You know, they make them more than twice that size now; you could bring me the fashion blogs and the money blogs on one."
"And fill the space with another pound of cargo? I hope you haven't talked tea prices up that high - it won't pay, not in the long term." She sipped her own for punctuation, her face a perfect blank.
"Oh, but it will - in my improved performance and loyalty." He got a hint of a smile out of that.
"No doubt." Despina skimmed a hand into a pocket that couldn't have held even a tea bag without ruining the line of the suit - and it still amazed him the things he noticed now, reading fashion mags for a living - and produced a chit for a cargo lockup. "Go down to the landing docks and see to the offloading; your bonus is clearly labeled." She looked from his cup hand to his saucer hand and laid the chit down on her desk. "But do finish your tea first." He did, and she watched him drink it, arching blond eyebrows. "You could ask for something else next quarter, you know. Surely tea wasn't all you developed a taste for on Earth."
"Oh - the Times crossword. You know, it's very hard to plan for the British market when you bring me so little British media."
"My plans are on a grander scale than that," she chided. "Are none of your tastes? No grand designs?"
He swirled the sodden leaves in his cup. "I was living there as a schoolboy, you know."
"Mmm. In my experience, schoolboy habits are the hardest to break."
Turlough dropped the cargo chit into his own pocket, making sure Despina noticed that he'd followed her advice and got himself a new suit. "And your generous salary lets me satisfy the rest of my schoolboy tastes on my own, thank you." (94,280 words)
author:ellen_fremedon  fandom:Doctor.Who  fandom:Torchwood  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:killing/murder  activity:rescue  beings:tractators  companion:Vislor.Turlough  companion:Sarah.Jane.Smith  companion:Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart  doctor:5th  doctor:10th!  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:businessman  occupation:politician  relationship:friendship  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:frottage  setting:spaceship/spacestation  setting:alien.planet  setting:office  things:Tardis  things:memories  geography:UK  geography:Europe:France  pairing:Tenth.Doctor/Vislor.Turlough(primary)  pairing:Fifth.Doctor/Vislor.Turlough(past)  pov:Vislor.Turlough  pov:Sarah.Jane.Smith  pov:Jack.Harkness  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  recced:2009-10  recced:2011-03  master:Simm  geography:myth.Gallifrey  geography:myth.Trion 
august 2013 by turlough
chimneythunder: The Science of Sleep
REC: Frank's life is pretty ordinary until he suddenly starts dreaming about a strange future California where there's rayguns, grey corporations, and colourful terrorists. The more he dreams about this world the more it seems to affect his present day however and the less certain he becomes that it really is only a dream. An interesting and wellwritten Killjoys story with quite an original take on time travel. I really liked the way Frank's future and current life were woven together. It is a bit too long though and would probably have benefited from some tightening up. (2013-08-18)
QUOTE: As he drives home, Frank can't help but ponder the weird little dream he had. Frank's normally not one for dreaming; generally, he doesn't remember his dreams when he wakes up, so he's enjoying having one to analyse to entertain himself on the drive home.
Ominous, scary, bald guy... Frank's sure if he googles it, there'll be some psycho-analytical explanation for what it means (like he's lonely or worried about money or something like that) but he doesn't want to do that. That'd be too easy and it'd suck the fun right out of the whole thing.
He tries to think if he's seen the guy before, or even anyone vaguely like him but draws a blank. He remembers reading somewhere that dreams are just your brain processing what you've seen during the day, but Frank's not sure if he even knows anyone scary and possibly sick. It could have been the alien leader from his book except Frank already had an image in his head of what that dude looked like and it certainly wasn't the guy from his dream.
He pulls up to a red light, thinking some more. He can't shake the image from his head. He feels like he's seen the guy before, like it's someone significant. Does he even know the guy's name?
"Course," he says out loud, without meaning to.
Woah, what the fuck? Why's he answering himself?! And does he even know this guy's name? Of course he does. He just... doesn't.
Frank's incredibly confused and excited at the same time, and probably enjoying this far too much to be considered normal - it's like his subconscious has set his conscious a riddle that he knows he can solve. He'll just have to be incredibly creative about it.
A loud honking behind him brings him out of his thoughts. He jumps and floors it away from the lights.
He can't help it. He knows he's being silly and looking far too much into an admittedly pitiful dream but he doesn't care. There's a weird element of fun to this. After years of slaving away in tech support at a computer, he thought his creativity and imagination had completely dried up. He's almost looking forward to going to bed because he can't wait to see what images his brain is going to conjure up next. Maybe it'll be more to do with the creepy pale guy.
Yeah, that makes sense, he thinks. Of course it is. Course.
Wait, what the fuck does that mean? (94,540 words)
(also at )
author:chimneythunder  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:detoxing  activity:gun.fights  activity:killing/murder  activity:rescue  activity:sabotage  beings:draculoids  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:apocalypse  concept:brainwashing  concept:char.death.minor  concept:dystopia  concept:medication  concept:rebellion  condition:injury  condition:amnesia  things:graffitti  things:memories  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:exterminator  occupation:office.worker  occupation:rebel  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  setting:office  setting:café/diner/restaurant  setting:desert  geography:myth:Battery.City  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:The.Used  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2012.BBB  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2012-07  recced:2013-08 
august 2013 by turlough
Aria: No Second Coming
REC: The one where they remember and Will corrects mistakes. This is an absolutely wonderful story. I love the way they're all written as adults and the way the writer uses myth and legend to weave a story that feels like an organic continuation of the books. And the atmosphere and mood is just perfect. It's the story I've unconsciously been waiting for ever since I first read the books almost thirty years ago. (2013-07-10)
QUOTE: Will did not say 'How are you'; Will did not ask foolish questions. Bran said "Hello" and Will said, "Barney Drew left me to look after his dog for the week. Lovely fellow, spaniel by the name of Ector. Did you find the puppies good homes?"
"Every last one," Bran said, smiling into the phone. "Where's Barney, then?"
"Went to Cornwall with Jane," Will said. "Her students are off for the week. Easter hols."
"Poor Jenny," said Bran. "Doomed to school forever."
"Poor Bran," Will said gently. "Doomed to Clwyd forever."
"That's my own choice -" Bran started in indignation. "Now none of your tricks, English. I like it here. If you've gone worrying I'm becoming a hermit, visit me." He heard Will's beginning protest, and added, swift as thought, "I can't leave my animals any more than you can leave yours. You want me to have company, convince Barney to come out here and paint Cader Idris. That should be just as authentic as those Cornish villages. More. Tell him Wales is the real thing, boyo, if he wants good illustrations for those Arthurian books he should come visit."
He stopped, feeling winded, not physically but in his soul. With only Rowlands and the other taciturn tenant shepherds for company, or the Evanses now and again if they ran into him with a message, he sometimes forgot how many unspoken words he kept bottled up. Bran Davies the cork, Will Stanton the corkscrew.
"I'll tell him," Will said, laughing. "Word for word." And in his easy way he was speaking again, of the sheepdog he'd treated the week before, of his growing fondness for cats, of his brother Max's instant and somewhat alarming friendly rivalry with Barney upon their introduction, of Simon's upcoming wedding. There was nowhere in all the harmless talk that Will's voice so much as hinted Bran should leave Clwyd and come to London, but all the same Bran was left with the powerful feeling that Will Stanton was worried for him, and missed him dearly.
"If Simon ever actually announces his wedding day," Bran said, with a little difficulty, "I'll give my dogs to Rowlands for the week and come for it. If I'm invited, mind."
Through hundreds of miles he could feel Will relaxing. "June, Elaine said. You'll have your invitation." (16,870 words)
author:aria  fandom:Dark.Is.Rising  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:category:het  beings:animals.dogs  concept:magic  things:memories  things:dreams  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:marriage  geography:UK:Wales  geography:UK:England  pairing:Bran.Davies/Will.Stanton(primary)  pairing:Simon.Drew/OFC(primary)  pov:Will.Stanton  pov:Bran.Davies  pov:Jane.Drew  pov:Barney.Drew  pov:Simon.Drew  challenge:2010.Yuletide  +length:medium.10k-20k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2010-12  recced:2013-07  time:future  fic:source:book 
august 2013 by turlough
shusu: The River Sanzu Overflows
REC: A futurefic where Will and Bran have become young men and so have the Troopers. Will Stanton is on vacation in Japan when he is once again drawn into the world of magic and power, struggling for his very existence against an unknown foe with the help of old and new friends. The atmosphere and writing of this story is strongly reminiscent of the Dark Is Rising books. It has the same lyrical and thoughtful atmosphere and the countryside and its myths and legends has the same importance to the plot. This strong connection between particular places, myths and legends, and the plotline is also one of the major components of YST and in this story Shusu manages to merge these two very different canons into a cohesive whole. One where Eastern and Western magic and myth meet and enrich each other. It's an absolutely wonderful story and has been a favourite of mine for years. (2013-06-20)
QUOTE: The cherry blossoms flickered down like raindrops in the sun. Will Stanton moved through the park, watching the families and couples conversing under the strange shower. The atmosphere was peaceful despite the continuous throb of traffic and the occasional blast of music.
Will had become a traveler of many years, mostly on his eldest brother Stephen’s encouragement. Once or twice annually he took a week’s holiday to another place in the world. Sometimes the only notice his family received was a postcard from an exotic destination, at times arriving when Will had already settled back into his stuffy office. Partly it was to break the routine. Partly it was to sate the ache of loneliness in his heart.
The youngest and the last. Had they really all gone away? He had come to know so few in the Circle, scattered throughout the world as they were. This was when the Dark was rising. Then the Dark was driven back, and they had all departed, all but Will himself. A futile hope, but it drove him. It was the human part which sometimes recoiled from the wisdom he was privy to.
He sighed. Everywhere in Kyoto there were whispers of Old Magic, yet no one met his eye and knew him. It filled him with a longing so fierce that he wondered why he continued to chase the feeling.
Will came to a stop. A gnarled stone dragon peered at him fiercely. A stream of people separated it from its twin on the other side of the stairs. These two had stood parallel like this for hundreds of years, guardians of the temple beyond, facing the same way but never meeting. Will felt a pang. He remembered a postcard sitting on his desk. 'The sky’s not the same elsewhere, bachgen. Perhaps on a lark, someday. The hills have grown on me, isn’t that funny?'
Slowly he climbed the stone steps. A girl in long robes cleaned the stone lanterns as the sparse crowd moved in and out of the main building and the small temple shops. Glistening with rainwater, flared eaves sheltered wooden murals of fantastic beasts. Trees both ornamental and wild drew the eye skyward, enclosing the square. The air was thick with incense, soft hand claps, and murmured prayers like waves on a calm sea. He stopped before a tree laden with paper prayer strips. They were like the cherry blossoms, ready to fall.
Suddenly he was jostled from behind. Startled, he almost lost his balance on the slick stones, but a strong hand caught his arm and righted him. "Suman-" began the boy. No, he was a man, only a little younger than Will. He had the deepest blue hair he’d ever seen. The unruly mop managed to stand out in a crowd with some dyed blonds and reds and greens. "Ah. Sorry?" He tried in English.
Will shook his head. "No, it’s all right." They were both looking hard at each other, he realized. His heart rose: he sensed something beyond the affable expression and worn denim jacket. Yet it wasn’t quite right. This wasn’t what he was looking for. Of course not, how could it be?
The other blinked first. He held out a strip of paper. "Here. Do you have a wish?"
"To find someone," Will blurted, then wondered why he’d said it. The Old One in him continued to stir, inexplicably. (c. 35,000 words)
author:shusu  fandom:Dark.Is.Rising  fandom:Yoroiden.Samurai.Troopers  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:crossover  fic:source:book  fic:source:anime  activity:sightseeing  activity:rescue  beings:ghosts  concept:esp:telepathy  concept:magic  concept:quest  concept:supernatural  things:dreams  things:memories  things:mirrors  setting:on.vacation  geography:Asia:Japan  pairing:Bran.Davies/Will.Stanton(primary)  pov:Will.Stanton  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2004  recced:2013-06  time:future  pairing:Hashiba.Touma/Anubis(secondary)  trooper:Hashiba.Touma  trooper:Sanada.Ryo  trooper:Date.Seiji  masho:Anubis  trooper:Muori.Shin  trooper:Xiu.Lei.Huang 
august 2013 by turlough
twistedchick: The Recreation of the Warrior
REC: This story starts during the early second season of Andromeda but goes off on its own AU tangent considerably before 'Ouroboros'. I hadn't read this story in years when I discovered that it had been uploaded to AO3. It used to be one of my favourite stories in the fandom and re-reading it I was really pleased by how well it had stood the test of time. Particularly since it's written in first person POV - something I've become incredibly wary of over the years. I love the way twistedchick fleshes out the Nietzschian culture and how she makes the characters come alive. I particularly like the way Tyr is written. His inner voice is so fitting to his character, formal and reserved but with lots of passion underneath. And the evolution of his and Harper's relationship feels really right. I also much prefer the way this story develops the plotline of the show and lets the war end. It might be a little OTT sentimental but it's much preferable to the horrible travesty the show had become by season three and four. (2013-06-19)
QUOTE: Harper has been brooding again. He has taken to working late at night in his shop, tinkering, talking to himself. I have stood outside the door, listening, and he has not even noticed my presence.
No, not talking to himself, but to the Magog larvae within him.
He is braver than he knows.
Were I still to be infected with Magog, however dormant, I would find the simplest and easiest method of death available to me and arrange to have myself placed back within a Magog hive, so that I could take them out at the same time. I do not believe in acquiescing to death; I will not go gentle into that night. I have always fought it whenever it approached, and I am still here.
It is not in the nature of a Nietzschian to allow defeat.
It appears, also, not to be in the nature of this particular Earthling to give up, not now.
It was the small hours, or it would be if we were planetside. While others on board slept, he was still tinkering, still thinking, still talking.
He's named the creatures.
Rev Bem would say that he has given them shelter. Were it up to me, I would put Rev Bem through the same ordeal that Harper endures, to relieve him of the annoying habit of always supplying the unanswerable comment, regardless of the situation.
"You can quit lurking out there, Tyr."
I pushed off from the wall and walked quietly into the room. "You noticed."
"I noticed when the exercise equipment stopped making my ceiling creak." He pointed at a spot in the corner of the large room; I calculated distance and realize that I had indeed been lifting weights directly over that area.
"If it annoys you that much -"
"Nah, don't bother. I like to think that you might come crashing through if I need the help."
I cast a glance at the ceiling. "I'm flattered, but I must reluctantly admit that my crashing through six-centimeter corrugated metal flooring supports is unlikely."
Harper snorted. "Right. Aren't you supposed to be the Superman side of 'Man and Superman'?" I raised an eyebrow, and he saluted me with the hand holding the screwdriver. "All these sarcastic literary comments from me, all this time, and only now you think I read the right books?" (83,500 words)
author:twistedchick  fandom:Andromeda  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:cooking  activity:killing/murder  activity:sabotage  activity:salvage  activity:diplomacy  beings:aliens!  concept:politics  concept:violence  concept:war  concept:polyamory  condition:illness  condition:injury  occupation:engineer  occupation:hacker/programmer  occupation:inventor  occupation:mechanic  occupation:military  occupation:pirate  occupation:rebel  occupation:politician  things:memories  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  setting:alien.planet  setting:spaceship/spacestation  pairing:Tyr.Anasazi/Seamus.Harper(primary)  pairing:Tyr/OFC(secondary)  pov:Tyr.Anasazi  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2002  recced:2013-06 
august 2013 by turlough

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geography:uk:scotland  geography:uk:wales  geography:us  geography:us:california  geography:us:chicago  geography:us:los.angeles  geography:us:new.jersey  geography:us:new.york  geography:us:san.fransisco  geography:us:vermont  geography:us:washington.dc  holiday:christmas  holiday:halloween  location:paramour.mansion  location:way.basement  masho:anubis  master:simm  occupation:academic  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:baker/cook  occupation:businessman  occupation:courier  occupation:criminal/mobster  occupation:dj  occupation:engineer  occupation:exterminator  occupation:farm.hand/stable.hand  occupation:hacker/programmer  occupation:inventor  occupation:manager  occupation:mechanic  occupation:military  occupation:musician  occupation:office.worker  occupation:particle.hunter  occupation:personal.assistant  occupation:philantropist  occupation:pilot  occupation:pirate  occupation:police/detective  occupation:politician  occupation:priest/monk  occupation:rebel  occupation:ruler  occupation:smuggler  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:supernatural.investigator  occupation:teacher  occupation:trader  occupation:valet  occupation:vigilante  occupation:wizard/witch  occupation:writer  pairing:bert/gerard(past)  pairing:bob/brian(secondary)  pairing:bob/gerard(primary)  pairing:bob/mikey(past)  pairing:bob/mikey(primary)  pairing:bob/mikey(secondary)  pairing:bob/oc(past)  pairing:bran.davies/will.stanton(primary)  pairing:brendon/mikey(secondary)  pairing:brendon/spencer(secondary)  pairing:brian/gerard(primary)  pairing:brian/gerard(secondary)  pairing:dr.death.defying/show.pony(primary)  pairing:dr.death.defying/show.pony(secondary)  pairing:frank/gerard/gerard(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard/grant.morrison(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard/mike.p(secondary)  pairing:frank/gerard/mikey(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard(secondary)  pairing:frank/grant.morrison(primary)  pairing:frank/jamia(secondary)  pairing:frank/mikey(primary)  pairing:frank/oc(past)  pairing:fun.ghoul/mikey(primary)  pairing:gerard/gerard(primary)  pairing:gerard/grant.morrison(past)  pairing:gerard/grant.morrison(primary)  pairing:gerard/korse(past)  pairing:gerard/korse(primary)  pairing:gerard/korse(secondary)  pairing:gerard/lindsey(past)  pairing:gerard/lindsey(primary)  pairing:gerard/lindsey(secondary)  pairing:gerard/mikey(primary)  pairing:gerard/mikey(secondary)  pairing:gerard/oc(past)  pairing:gerard/party.poison(primary)  pairing:gerard/patrick(past)  pairing:gerard/patrick(primary)  pairing:gerard/pete(primary)  pairing:gerard/ray(primary)  pairing:gsf:my.chemical.romance(primary)  pairing:hashiba.touma/anubis(secondary)  pairing:lindsey/jamia(secondary)  pairing:mikey/alicia(past)  pairing:mikey/alicia(secondary)  pairing:mikey/oc(past)  pairing:mikey/pete(past)  pairing:mikey/pete(primary)  pairing:mikey/pete(secondary)  pairing:mikey/ray(primary)  pairing:mikey/ray(secondary)  pairing:mikey/ryan(secondary)  pairing:patrick/pete/ashlee(secondary)  pairing:patrick/pete(primary)  pairing:ray/christa(secondary)  pairing:ray/james.d(primary)  pairing:ray/ofc(secondary)  pairing:simon.drew/ofc(primary)  pairing:tyr/ofc(secondary)  pairing:tyr.anasazi/seamus.harper(primary)  period:1790s  period:1850s  period:18th.century  period:1920s  period:1930s  period:19th.century  period:20th.century  posted:2002  posted:2004  posted:2008-06  posted:2009-10  posted:2010-01  posted:2010-02  posted:2010-04  posted:2010-05  posted:2010-06  posted:2010-07  posted:2010-08  posted:2010-09  posted:2010-10  posted:2010-11  posted:2010-12  posted:2010  posted:2011-01  posted:2011-02  posted:2011-03  posted:2011-05  posted:2011-06  posted:2011-07  posted:2011-08  posted:2011-09  posted:2011-11  posted:2011-12  posted:2012-02  posted:2012-03  posted:2012-04  posted:2012-05  posted:2012-06  posted:2012-07  posted:2012-08  posted:2013-01  posted:2013-05  posted:2013-06  posted:2013-08  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recced:2012-06  recced:2012-07  recced:2012-08  recced:2013-01  recced:2013-02  recced:2013-05  recced:2013-06  recced:2013-07  recced:2013-08  recced:2013-09  recced:2013-10  recced:2013-11  recced:2014-02  recced:2014-05  recced:2014-08  recced:2014-11  recced:2015-01  recced:2015-04  relationship:breakup  relationship:brothers  relationship:d/s  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:marriage  relationship:poly  relationship:ust  relationship:waycest  setting:alien.planet  setting:b&b/hotel  setting:bar/club  setting:beach/lake/ocean  setting:café/diner/restaurant  setting:circus/carneval/amusement.park  setting:clinic/hospital  setting:desert  setting:forest/jungle  setting:mansion/palace  setting:office  setting:on.break  setting:on.tour  setting:on.vacation  setting:prison  setting:road.trip  setting:shop  setting:spaceship/spacestation  smut:biting  smut:blowjob  smut:bondage  smut:breathplay  smut:exhibitionism  smut:finger.fucking  smut:frottage  smut:fucking  smut:gangbang  smut:groupsex  smut:hairpulling  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  smut:narcissism  smut:rimming  smut:threesome  smut:voyeurism  things:comics  things:dreams  things:gerard'  things:gerard'  things:graffitti  things:makeup  things:mirrors  things:tardis  things:twitter  things:wings  time:early.days  time:future  time:post-band  time:pre-band  time:the.hiatus  tour:2005.taste.of.chaos  tour:2005.warped  tour:2007.project.revolution  trooper:date.seiji  trooper:hashiba.touma  trooper:muori.shin  trooper:sanada.ryo  trooper:xiu.lei.huang  universe:black.parade  universe:danger.days  universe:desolation.row  universe:ghost.and.dust.verse  universe:ghost.verse  universe:hold.your.heart.verse  universe:killjoys.verse  universe:ot3.verse  universe:sharpest.lives.verse  universe:werewolf.verse 

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