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Is this the worst drop intro ever written? | Media | The Guardian
A truck was stolen on Valentine’s Day in Virginia. A red truck. But the bigger crime was committed against journalism by the Washington Post
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september 2018 by dk33per
The death of the electric guitar - Washington Post
The slow, secret death of the six-string electric. And why you should care.
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july 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The suddenly urgent quest to remove carbon dioxide from the air - The Washington Post
A recent study estimated a price of between $60 trillion and $600 trillion to remove 50 parts per million of carbon dioxide from the planet’s atmosphere in this manner.
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june 2017 by Marcellus
How The Washington Post, Slate and other publishers are using Facebook Instant Articles - Digiday
It’s been about 10 months since Facebook launched Instant Articles with a small group of titles, and in a couple of months, the fast-loading articles format will be opened up to all of them. Instant Articles has been a fraught proposition for publishers; the promise was that it would give them an answer to the slow-loading Web, but they’d have to give up control over their content distribution and monetization.
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january 2017 by dk33per
There’s a new way to make strong passwords, and it’s way easier
People tend to hate computer passwords, that often nonsensical jumble of letters, numbers and special keystrokes said to be essential for digital security. The secret codes seem impossible to remember. It’s why every login page has a “Forgot password?” life preserver. The struggle even has a name: Password rage.
august 2016 by GameGamer43
Moving the Washington Post to HTTPS
"The challenges we faced in this migration weren’t strictly technical in nature. We knew exactly what we had to do at each step but we faced challenges in the following areas: infrastructure, advertising, and newsroom."
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june 2016 by nhoizey
How you, the amateur investor, can beat the pros
Since I started writing this column five years ago, I have consistently discussed how challenging managing your money can be. It shouldn’t be this difficult, but you humans tend to make things much more complicated than they need to be. Complexity, confusion, costs and lack of clarity — no wonder so many people are so unsatisfied with their portfolios’ performance.
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november 2015 by GameGamer43

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