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RT : This is a weirdly adorable cast for a show about murder and zombies.
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Danai Gurira is the new face of Reebok | Fashionista | July 13, 2018
Reebok continues its streak of partnerships with famous faces with the announcement of its newest campaign star: Danai Gurira '01 of "Black Panther" and "The Walking Dead" fame. (She's also reportedly in talks to be in "Godzilla Vs. Kong," as well as the next "Star Trek" film.)
macalumni  Reebok  BlackPanther  TheWalkingDead  classof2001  piper 
july 2018 by macalestercollege
The actress and comic will be moderating panels for both and on Friday, July 20 in C…
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july 2018 by idil
Danai Gurira almost missed the chance to audition for The Walking Dead fave Michonne | EW | June 28, 2018
Danai Gurira’s katana-wielding Michonne has long been a fan-favorite character on AMC’s ratings juggernaut "The Walking Dead," but the actress — who joined the post-apocalyptic drama back in 2012 — almost missed the opportunity to audition altogether. She graduated from Macalester in 2001.
macalumni  classof2001  TheWalkingDead  actress 
june 2018 by macalestercollege
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend? | New York Times | June 28, 2018
"Breaking Big" is a documentary series about successful artists and celebrities currently running on PBS. The third person profiled was the actress and playwright Danai Gurira '01, who plays Michonne on “The Walking Dead,” was Okoye in “Black Panther” and earned a Tony nomination in 2016 for writing the play “Eclipsed.”
macalumni  classof2001  TheWalkingDead  Eclipsed  BlackPanther  actress  playwright  documentary 
june 2018 by macalestercollege
‘Black Panther’ Star Danai Gurira Does The Most Intense Workout You’ve Ever Seen | Women's Health | June 19, 2018
What keeps Danai Gurira '01 fueled is “remembering the goals,” and making sure that when she’s finished living in this world, she’ll have given it her all. In addition to being on the cover of Women's Health, Gurira was also on the cover of Ebony's June issue.
macalumniawardwinner  classof2001  workout  BlackPanther  TheWalkingDead 
june 2018 by macalestercollege
La cara del al dir-li que no hem vist no us la podem ensenyar però podeu escoltar la seva re…
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june 2018 by deckard67
fic_promptly | Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 - Remembrance
The Walking Dead, author's choice, trying to remember a time before the Walkers
2018/05  TheWalkingDead  Lonely 
may 2018 by fic_promptly
Aboriginal Apocalypse and the Walking Dead
On telling Native people to "just get over it" or why I teach about the Walking Dead in my Native Studies classes
article  thewalkingdead  Aboriginal  socialissues  socialjustice  history 
may 2018 by eternalsojourn
fic_promptly | Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 - Pastel Colors
The Walking Dead/Care Bears, author's choice, Everything seemed much brighter here, even the colors.
2018/04  TheWalkingDead  CareBears  Lonely  Crossover 
may 2018 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Monday, April 23rd, 2018 - Book Titles
The Walking Dead/BtVS, author's choice, Last Shot (Star Wars novel by Daniel Jose Older)
2018/04  BtVS  TheWalkingDead  Lonely  Crossover 
may 2018 by fic_promptly
BREAKING BIG | PBS | May 9, 2018
BREAKING BIG, a 12-episode documentary series premiering Friday, June 15 at 7:30 CST, explores the unexpected journey to success of some of the world’s most influential artists, innovators, political leaders, athletes, authors and entrepreneurs. Danai Gurira ’01 is one of those profiled.
macalumniawardwinner  BlackPanther  TheWalkingDead  actress  playwright  classof2001 
may 2018 by macalestercollege
Down on the Farm
You've come to the country for peace and quiet. What you find is Farmer Dixon.

Review: God, this is just the worst type of trash and I can't help but love it for its cheesy, bored housewife undertones and trashy erotica bullshit. It has absolutely no plot at all, there is absolutely no way any of this would happen - but somehow it's still just that little bit sexy. I am trash. This is trash. Welcome to the Garbage Fire.
fanfiction  complete  read  TheWalkingDead  Merle/Reader  AUalternateuniverse  explicit  het  PWP  cunnilingus  trash  cheesy 
april 2018 by snipershezz
Come What Will, Come What May
Merle Dixon didn't stand a chance up against the life he was given, but in all the suffering, there was one bright light, if only he could see it.

Review: Heartbreaking and beautiful. I love this pairing, and this story fits them perfectly.
fanfiction  complete  read  TheWalkingDead  Merle/Daryl  explicit  slash  incest  noncon  druguse  angst  hunting  abuse 
april 2018 by snipershezz
The Roof is on Fire
Daryl and Merle haven't gotten a good night's rest in weeks, they're on the run from walkers constantly, and getting loopy from dehydration. Clearly this is not the best place to be getting off, right?

Review: This is awesome. It's exciting and interesting and sexy ;) I quite enjoy this pairing, despite the wrongness of it :D
fanfiction  complete  read  TheWalkingDead  Merle/Daryl  explicit  slash  incest  PWP  establishedrelationship  bondage  sub/dom 
april 2018 by snipershezz

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