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Pumped thermal grid storage with heat exchange: Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy: Vol 9, No 4
paper outlining a mixed molten salt/liquid air type thermal energy store similar to Google's Malta subsidiary design.
thermal  energy  storage  molten  salt  liquid  air  nitrogen  LN2 
22 days ago by asteroza
Beer Cooler or: a Raspberry Pi Zero W walks into a bar... - Raspberry Pi
"Switching the power using a simple thermostat would cause damaging thermal shock in the Peltiers..." <- I had not considered this
RPi  PiZero  PWM  temperature  control  thermal  Peltier 
25 days ago by clepple
Malta Inc.
Molten salt heat storage, but antifreeze based liquid cold storage?
molten  salt  thermal  energy  storage  google 
29 days ago by asteroza
Contactless steam generation and superheating under one sun illumination | Nature Communications
Okay, it's cheating to say one sun when using a concentrator, but switch from direct contact heat transfer with capillary flow to IR emitter and vapor passthru is interesting
carbon  foam  solar  heat  absorber  IR  thermal  emitter  steam  generator  passive  materials  science  research  technology 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Two-Stage-to-Orbit Transporting System Combining Microwave Rocket and Microwave Thermal Rocket for Small Satellite Launch
Mirabo's air breathing laser lightcraft used lasers to ignite air plasma, this is proposing something similar using microwaves for a rocket booster stage, then beamed microwave thermal for the second stage.

Notable here is the determination that you can cheat the trajectory to favor a higher altitude initial vertical boost, take the gravity loss hit during a cold coast to the second beam director LoS, then have a longer second stage beamed thermal burn. Allegedly 3x payload compared to a UAV air drop launch to a single beam director site?

But how does a common microwave beam work here for first and second stages? Is the first beaming site only a pulsed microwave system? Does microwave PDE even work with continuous wave microwaves?
pulsejet  microwave  pulse  detonation  engine  PDE  rocket  thermal  beamed  propulsion  space  research  technology  japan 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
The Types of Bookbinding Machines
When you’re looking to buy a bookbinding machine you may find yourself overwhelmed; there are a wide variety of options.
book-binding  tape  thermal 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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