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The optical duality of tellurium nanoparticles for broadband solar energy harvesting and efficient photothermal conversion | Science Advances
Putting the tellurium nanoparticles directly in the water sounds like a bad plan for an industrial process, but this might lead to a better solid absorber for a thermal receiver?
tellurium  nanoparticle  broadband  solar  absorber  materials  science  research  technology  nanophotonic  photothermal  water  evaporation  seawaer  thermal  desalination  distillation 
4 days ago by asteroza
Video raises concerns about excessive thermal throttling on 2018 MacBook Pro w/ Intel Core i9 • 9to5Mac
Chance Miller:
<p>YouTuber Dave Lee, a respected and popular reviewer, <a href="">shared his hands-on with the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro this evening</a>, showcasing the top-of-the line model with the 2.9GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i9 processor. Apple offers the processor exclusively with the 15-inch model in the form of a $300 upgrade.

In his video, Lee explains that after a “few seconds” of high-intensity work, such as editing in Adobe Premiere, throttling begins to kick-in and limits the clock speed. In Lee’s testing, the average clock speed while under load for the MacBook Pro is around 2.2GHz.

Lee compares the 15-inch MacBook Pro’s performance to that of a 2018 Aero 15X, which uses an Intel i7 processor with a base clock of 2.2GHz. That machine is able to secure an average clock speed of 3.1GHz thanks to Turbo Boost.

This i9 in the MacBook can’t even maintain the base clock speed. Forget about Turbo Boost, it can’t even maintain the 2.9GHz base clock speed, which is absurd. This CPU is an unlocked, overclock-able chip, but all of that CPU potential is wasted inside this chassis, and the thermal solution inside this chassis.

Somewhat humorously, Lee ran a render time test using Adobe Premiere (which is rather poorly optimized for macOS) with the MacBook Pro in his freezer in an attempt to cool the machine as it rendered. In doing this, the render time dropped from nearly 40 minutes to 27 minutes.</p>

Apple Insider <a href="">reckons it knows why</a>:
<p>Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro chassis was designed more than two years ago. We got the first glimpse of it in a photograph in May of 2016.

At the time, Intel was promising smaller and smaller dies, with lower and lower TDP to go with it. The company didn't make its own die-shrink projections. Even the processor in the MacBook Pro currently is well over 18 months late, according to Intel's ever-shifting timetables.

Odds are, Apple was counting on this when it developed the enclosure.

Apple is hardly the only vendor dealing with i9 thermal conditions, and like we said, Premiere performs far better with Nvidia GPU silicon than AMD Radeon gear which explains most of the Dell ripping through the test. However, while related, this isn't really the meat of the matter given that Lee put the MacBook Pro in the freezer and got better completion speeds out of it.

Video producer Lee suggested that the entire MacBook Pro cooling solution, an Apple-designed heatsink and fan module, is insufficient for the beefy (and hot) i9 Intel silicon as it stands. </p>

One has to observe that Apple <a href="">keeps designing itself into a thermal corner</a>.
macbookpro  heat  thermal 
28 days ago by charlesarthur
[1806.10189] Thermanator: Thermal Residue-Based Post Factum Attacks On Keyboard Password Entry
“Specifically, we introduce Thermanator, a new post factum insider attack based on heat transfer caused by a user typing a password on a typical external keyboard. We conduct and describe a user study that collected thermal residues from 30 users entering 10 unique passwords (both weak and strong) on 4 popular commodity keyboards. Results show that entire sets of key-presses can be recovered by non-expert users as late as 30 seconds after initial password entry, while partial sets can be recovered as late as 1 minute after entry. Furthermore, we find that Hunt-and-Peck typists are particularly vulnerable.”
keyboard  security  imaging  cryptogram  via:bruceschneier  password  thermal 
4 weeks ago by danhon
Turbo Rocket 8Jul18.pptx - Google Drive
Bringing back the NTTR for another round, this time it looks like it's taking the immense heatsink advantage of LH2 to run a fan/compressor for a SERJ and the turbopumps for an otherwise conventional rocket engine pack. Sorta conceptually similar to RocketLabs doing an end-run by using an electric motor to boost a conventional rocket motor that would have been limited to pressure fed or gas-generator.
NTTR  SCTR  nuclear  thermal  staged  combined  cycle  rocket  engine  space  propulsion  research  technology  SERJ  combustion  supercharged  air  augmented  multimode 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
danmacnish/cartoonify: python app to turn a photograph into a cartoon
Draw This is a polaroid camera that draws cartoons. You point, and shoot - and out pops a cartoon; the camera's best interpretation of what it saw. The camera is a mash up of a neural network for object recognition, the google quickdraw dataset, a thermal printer, and a raspberry pi.
camera  printer  cartoon  thermal  raspberrypi  neural  recognition 
6 weeks ago by Tknvbe – Energy for all, at all times
appears to use an externally fired gas turbine for power production, but no indicator of how they heat it
molten  silicon  thermal  energy  storage 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
NACC-FIRES is predicated on cheap brick heated by resistance heaters, but I wonder if you could do something like this, where you use the induction furnace to melt the silicon, and bubble the air through somehow...
molten  silicon  thermal  energy  storage 
9 weeks ago by asteroza

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