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'I Suck': How Guys Use Self-Deprecation Against You
"men suck/women rock" feminist caricature

Gaslighting's goal is simple: Get you to tone down that oh-so-scary lady rage that frightens the menfolk. But there's another kind of gaslighting that's almost as common and which serves the same purpose. Call it the "I'm such an asshole" speech or call it strategic self-deprecation, the end goal is always the same: deflect women's anger.

These guys figure that if they say truly awful things about themselves, they'll force their partners to cease the search for legitimate discussion and turn to the more traditionally feminine role of soothing male anxiety.

While traditional gaslighting makes women's anger seem irrational, this self-deprecatory wallowing makes women's anger seem like unfair piling-on to a guy who already hates himself more than you ever could.
hugo-schwyzer  sexual-assault  sexual-harassment  gaslighting  Gaslighting's  goal  is  simple:  Get  you  to  tone  down  that  oh-so-scary  lady  rage  frightens  the  menfolk.  But  there's  another  kind  of  that's  almost  as  common  and  which  serves  same  purpose.  Call  it  "I'm  such  an  asshole"  speech  or  strategic  self-deprecation  end  always  same:  deflect  women's  ann-marie-slaughter  feminism  gender-inequality  yashar-ali 
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