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The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Ancestral Register: Shabaka Hutchings Interviewed
Stewart Smith talks to the prodigious and prolific saxophonist, clarinettist and composer Shabaka Hutchings of The Ancestors, Comet Is Coming, Melt Yourself Down and Sons Of Kemet
ShabakaHutchings  interview  profile  jazz  music  TheAncestors  CometisComing  MeltYourselfDown  SonsofKemet  TheQuietus  2016 
june 2018 by inspiral
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | The Reports Of The Record Industry's Rebirth Are Greatly Exaggerated
Last week the major labels were all over the media shouting excitedly about new positive streaming figures. But, points out Eamonn Forde, the reality is far from rosy - especially for those artists tQ loves.
music  revenues  Independent  review  critique  Spotify  streamingmedia  TheQuietus  2017 
may 2017 by inspiral
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Why Fabric's Reopening Is A Pyrrhic Victory & The War Is Not Won
Fabric will soon reopen under a new set of stringent licensing conditions after a deal was reached between the club, police and local authority. Here, Christian Eede looks at why the club's concessions for reopening might have come at a greater cost than they were worth
Fabric  music  clubbing  regulations  drugs  London  TheQuietus  2016 
november 2016 by inspiral
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | HyperNormalisation: Is Adam Curtis, Like Trump, Just A Master Manipulator?
Does Adam Curtis deal in the truth? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps the whole point is that increasingly, there's no such thing. Instead, he deals in a truth. It's a more reliable but harder to swallow truth than The Bank or The Met or Britain's Hardest Workers or anything else that the BBC is currently offering can bring itself to acknowledge. It's that no one knows anything.   There's a fascinating segment in the middle of HyperNormalisation telling the story of one of Donald Trump's bankruptcies. It's fascinating because it doesn't feel like it belongs. It's a non-sequitur and doesn't appear to connect to anything around it. But eventually, as Trump reappears, in all of his buffoonish, triumphalist glory, at the film's conclusion, all becomes clear. His placement in the middle of the film was a device, pure and simple. Adam Curtis isn't, strictly speaking, a reliable narrator because these days, no one is. And it's hard to think of a more fitting way for a filmmaker to illustrate that point that to either deliberately or inadvertently build it into his own narrative. Trump was introduced at the beginning and reincorporated in the centre of the film because he served Curtis's version of the truth. And now, more than ever before, the truth is subjective and is seen to be so.  
AdamCurtis  journalism  BBC  review  critique  HyperNormalisation  TheQuietus  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Fabric's Closure & The Rise Of A New British Puritanism
Nightclubs have been incredibly important spaces for me. Without the contacts and friendships made in them and the exposure to new music that I'd never have found trawling the internet, there is no way I would be writing this now. Without them The Quietus would not exist. Without them much of the music this website loves and has supported in our eight years would not exist. For all the freedoms and new networks of the internet, they're best complemented by a physical space in which people can meet, speak, dance, exchange ideas, kiss, fuck. Our nervous systems are stimulated by the presence of others, by the movement of the group, in a way that can never be replicated when online and isolated in small and overpriced flats. The closure of Fabric is another loss in what feels like an increasingly bitter and difficult war between those of us who love, live and breathe culture ranged against the conformist force of hyper-capitalism and its useful idiots in positions of power. I don't know quite how we can fight the new puritanism, but fight we must, in words, in music, in action, in debate, in love.
Fabric  music  culture  London  clubbing  regulations  alcohol  drugs  neopuritanism  critique  TheQuietus  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
The Quietus | Film | Film Reviews | All About Reality? Straight Outta Compton Reviewed By Angus Batey
The NWA film has failed on several levels. Angus Batey takes a look at the problems involved in trying to get a music industry story like this onto the big screen
StraightOuttaCompton  film  review  music  critique  DrDre  NWA  rape  truth  TheQuietus  2015 
august 2015 by inspiral

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