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Don’t Mourn, Repoliticize! | The Point Magazine
The Democrats’ withdrawal from the political arena may also be motivated by a sense that some of their opponents are simply too loathsome to engage. American elites have come to regard racism (and attendant evils like fear of Islam) as a sin for which nothing can atone. But their insistence on regarding racist attitudes as outside the sphere of politics has made persuasion impossible. A return to politics in the Schmittian sense would not mean minimizing the evils of racism. It would mean bringing racism down from the pedestal where it sits high above every other kind of iniquity in the American consciousness. In particular, it would mean bringing racism into the realm of politics, where it can be struggled against rather than blindly loathed. This is not a call for more discussion and debate, those venerable liberal tactics that failed so spectacularly this year. It is a call for us to acknowledge that we are fighting a culture war—but also that a culture war need not become the absolute last war of humanity.

As a matter of fact, much of the racism that swept Trump to victory is essentially political, by which I mean that it involves beliefs about groups in general and society at large rather than beliefs about individual people. Mistrust of Muslims or condescension toward black people can coexist quite comfortably with respect for individual Muslims and individual black people. Trump himself hires and befriends Latinos and Jews while spouting ethnic hatred at his rallies. And if his racism, and the racism that made his campaign successful, is political, it cannot be fought through appeals to supposedly universal values its supporters and enablers do not share. Entering a political fight is, of course, a risky proposition: you might lose, with catastrophic consequences. But it is becoming increasingly clear that Trumpism’s opponents have no alternative.
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2 days ago by gpe
Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for January 20, 2019 - GoComics
observation on how avant-garde experimentation requires the materiality of the medium as a frame, or something
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2 days ago by aparrish
Taking the complex and making it simple: what is DSL, and why you need a new programming language
To create something simple is sometimes harder than to create something complex
© Michail Kalashnikov Hello, everybody, my name is Vladimir Kozhayev, I am a freelance tools developer (may…
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2 days ago by gilberto5757
Search for Tomorrow: An Epimodernist Future for Literature
"There’s no need to let the pervasive and everlasting imaginary of the end rule the visions of the future in literature. So I decided to give a name to this renewed diagonal force of the contemporary: epimodernism."
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4 days ago by warrenellis
Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art World. Now What? - The New York Times
"Now virtual reality art is pouring out of the museum and onto your phone. Last month, the New Museum, in partnership with its new media arm, Rhizome, opened an exhibition of six newly commissioned digital artworks, to be viewed wherever you like, on an Android or iOS device, at no cost. The works in this exhibition, “First Look: Artists’ VR,” all make use of animation — far cheaper than filmed virtual reality, which requires 360-degree camera rigs — and all employ a more or less surreal vocabulary: Objects float in space, spaces collapse into one another. Unlike video games, these artworks are not responsive to users; many of them are tentative explorations of the medium’s potential rather than full-fledged achievements. Some are frankly slight, though they’re still memory hogs; you’ll have to delete lots of photos to make space on your phone’s hard drive."
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