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The Courage of Hopelessness by Slavoj Žižek review – how the big hairy Marxist would change the world | Books | The Guardian
But The Courage of Hopelessness is also a pratfall staged at the end of Barack Obama’s underwhelming multicultural road show; for, inasmuch as he demands to be taken seriously, Žižek does so with his trousers down, and in the guise of a farceur. Yes! Life’s too short to read superannuated Marxists, especially those whose theoretical toolkit deploys the left-handed dialectical spanner and the right-handed Freudian screwdriver (with some “Lacanian” modifications) at one and the same time. At least it would be, if it weren’t for the jokes – and the comic timing.
zizek  theory  politics 
yesterday by juliusbeezer
Applications Of Machine Learning For Designers (Smashing Magazine)
Lassi Liikkanen описывает сферу применения машинного обучения для интерфейсов по трём категориям — обнаружение, предсказание и генерация.
UX  AI  algorithms  machinelearning  anticipatory  issue  theory 
4 days ago by jvetrau
RPG Theory Glossary Entries: 0-9
RPG Theory Glossary. Lots of good links and info in here! How did I not knwo about this before?!
rpg  games  theory  glossary  terms  research 
4 days ago by Brandonshire
Advanced programming stuff from MIT
programming  theory  automation 
5 days ago by nebkor
Surprise Maps: Showing the Unexpected – UW Interactive Data Lab – Medium
By visualizing surprise, rather than just the data, we make the informed choice to highlight the unexpected, at the expense of the normal.
visualization  theory  mapdesign  statistics 
5 days ago by h-j-hilden

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