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Complexity Classes
What’s easy for a computer to do, and what’s almost impossible? Those questions form the core of computational complexity. We present a map of the landscape.
EXPTIME  PSPACE  PH  NP  BQP  BPP  P  vs  Complexity  theory 
8 hours ago by FredericJacobs
Distinguishing coloring - Wikipedia
It's fascinating to realize that if instead of color, you had three keys with those little plastic edge thickeners instead of paint, you could place the keys and keyring behind your back and always pick any key called for.
graph  theory  six_keys 
2 days ago by brentfarwick
Photography theory: a beginner's guide - Telegraph
Bewildered by Berger? Stumped by Sontag? We read the essential photography
theory so you don't have to
photography  theory  books 
3 days ago by lumios142857
Functional Data Structures
free ebook, online in the browser, on data structures and concepts
algorithms  books  functional  free  education  cs  theory 
3 days ago by nebkor
Introducing Elliptic Curves – Math ∩ Programming
With all the recent revelations of government spying and backdoors into cryptographic standards, I am starting to disagree with the argument that you should never roll your own cryptography. Of course there are massive pitfalls and very few people actually need home-brewed cryptography, but history has made it clear that blindly accepting the word of…
elliptic  curve  cryptography  ecc  intro  theory 
4 days ago by gilberto5757

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