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A Math-Based Approach to Color Theory Using Hue, Saturation, and Brightness (HSB) | Ethan Gardner
More than any other element of design, color has psychological underpinnings which makes it difficult to master. Learning the fundamentals of color theory is the basis for more advanced work and the reason why color is such an important part of design.

Recently, I have been focusing on the mechanics of design and have developed a streamlined system of creating color schemes and integrating them into the workflow in Photoshop.
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yesterday by javajunky
Thinking About the Media: A Review of Theory and Research on Media Perceptions, Media Effects Perceptions, and Their Consequences
In this review, we address the current state of theory and research on media perceptions and perceptions of media effects (see Figure 1 for a visual overview of the scope of this review). We begin by examining the psychological concepts and processes involved in generating media perceptions. We then proceed to discuss the mass communication research that has explored various forms of media perceptions and their consequences. These perceptions include media trust and credibility, and a media bias perception known as the Hostile Media Perception. We then move on to address re- search that deals with perceptions of media effects and their consequences, including the Persuasive Press Inference and the Third-person Perception.
McLeod, D. M., Wise, D., & Perryman, M. (2017). Thinking about the media: A review of theory and research on media perceptions, media effects perceptions, and their consequences. Review of Communication Research, 5, 35- 83. doi:10.12840/issn.2255-4165.2017.05.01.013
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4 days ago by maw
Practical Color Theory for People Who Code
This is a demo of my functions for a complementary color scheme - pick any color on the color wheel and the functions will make sure that the scheme will still work! 🎨
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5 days ago by javajunky

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