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Even now Sithrak oils the spit
Cf. Ezar Vorbarra: "I am an atheist, myself --- a simple faith, but a great comfort to me".
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november 2018 by cshalizi
Solving the Problems of Theodicy (incomplete draft)
"In this paper I argue that moral evils, natural evils of all types, suffering caused by “divine hiddenness”,
religious confusion, and all forms of privation of the “due good” can be explained on a model of theodicy
which meets the following five criteria:
1) God is omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good.
2) God is perfectly opposed to every evil of every kind and degree. God’s maximal opposition to evils
extends not only to horrors, but to those types of evils/sufferings we typically find tolerable and normal.
3) Absolutely all evil is gratuitous when considered in itself. That is, no evil is necessary in order that any
greater good obtain or that some greater evil be prevented.
4) God will necessarily draw forth a greater good from every instance of evil, but the reason why God does
not prevent evils has nothing to do with a greater good to be derived from the evils themselves.
5) The reason for God's non-prevention of evils is both rationally intelligible and fully consonant with basic
human moral intuitions."
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march 2018 by loimprevisto
Tim Keller Wisdom on Twitter: "“The resurrection of Christ means everything sad is going to come untrue & it will somehow be greater for having once been broken & lost.”"
I am mesmerized by this ridiculous vision of Christ — that everything sad is going to come untrue — and that it will somehow be greater for having once been broken & lost
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april 2017 by bryanzug
Upon The Death Of A Grandson | Articles | Phillip Jensen
There is only one who can die for others and he has already done it on the cross two thousand years ago.
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january 2017 by chaseathompson

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