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Dana Fradon, Prolific New Yorker Cartoonist, Is Dead at 97 - The New York Times
Obituary of a prolific 'New Yorker' cartoonist (born and educated in Chicago), with examples and notes about his practices.

On a social imaginary: “The society I seek,” he said in his book, “is the society given lip service to by one and all. Governed by the Boy Scout oath, the West Point oath and the Golden Rule, it is populated by warmhearted TV Waltons, and protected from harm by honest Starskys and Hutches.”

“Teach a man to fish and you eat fish every damn day.”
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october 2019 by boyd
Keanu Reeves Is Too Good for This World | The New Yorker
Naomi Fry reflects on Keanu Reeves, the star of the “John Wick,” “The Matrix,” and “Bill & Ted” movies, and his cameo in Ali Wong’s new Netflix movie, “Always Be My Maybe.”
keanureeves  thenewyorker 
june 2019 by actionhero
The New Yorker: Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason. By Elizabeth Kolbert February 19, 2017
In a new book, “The Enigma of Reason” (Harvard), the cognitive scientists Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber take a stab at answering this question. Mercier, who works at a French research institute in Lyon, and Sperber, now based at the Central European University, in Budapest, point out that reason is an evolved trait, like bipedalism or three-color vision. It emerged on the savannas of Africa, and has to be understood in that context.
book  New  Yorker  TheNewYorker  NewYorker  Facts  human  mind  reason  ElizabethKolbert  Elizabeth  Kolbert  2017  psychology  Hugo  Mercier  Dan  Sperber  HugoMercier  DanSperber 
april 2019 by userX
Daily Cartoon: Monday, March 18th | The New Yorker
"If only a twentysomething mega-celebrity/style icon/trailblazing entrepreneur/regular person just like us would weigh in about our country's current ideological crisis in a caption beneath a sexy yet tasteful selfie, then we would know how to feel about it all!"
cartoon  thenewyorker 
april 2019 by bahlo
Joe Gould’s Secret—I By Joseph Mitchell | The New Yorker | September 19, 1964
oe Gould was an odd and penniless and unemployable little man who came to the city in 1916 and ducked and dodged and held on as hard as he could for over thirty-five years. He was a member of one of the oldest families in New England (“The Goulds Were the Goulds,” he used to say, “when the Cabots and the Lowells were clamdiggers”), he was born and brought up in a town near Boston in which his father was a leading citizen, and he went to Harvard, as did his father and grandfather before him, but he claimed that until he arrived in New York City he had always felt out of place.
Joseph  Mitchell  JosephMitchell  Joe  Gould  JoeGould  New  Yorker  NewYorker  TheNewYorker  bio  profile  literature  writing  free  foodsecurity  food 
december 2018 by userX
How Hip-Hop Learned to Pose for the Camera | The New Yorker
Throughout “Contact High,” Tobak and some of hip-hop’s greatest photographers return to their old contact sheets, scrutinizing all the other, considerably less famous pictures they took on their way to images that became iconic.
history  musicindustry  thenewyorker  hiphop  music  photography  outtakes 
november 2018 by beep

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