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Ich hab zwei Anläufe gebraucht, um diese grandiose Serie von Aaron Sorkin zu schauen. Zu Beginn sperri…
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january 2018 by grzbielok
Grand Rounds: The Beast of the Block (H/T to Audrey Watters)
[This URL links to the comment by Audrey Watters:

"I have a bunch of thoughts here:

1) I support people's decision to block, even if it means they're avoiding disagreements. Like I said in my post, social media is intellectual and emotional work, work we do for free. People should not feel compelled to engage with people, whether they agree or disagree. I think it's unfair to demand others pay attention to us by hopping, un-beckoned, into their feeds. I think it's unfair to demand that people respond to us online. I think it's unfair to @-mention people to bring them into an argument or discussion they weren't in. To do this often involves power and privilege in ways that is unexamined. You say you poke. I get it. I poke. But we need to recognize that constantly being poked is exhausting. Emotionally exhausting.

2) I definitely support Diane Ravitch's decision to block you or me or anyone she chooses to. She has over 100K followers on Twitter, on an unverified account. Verified accounts give users tools to handle the incredible amount of messages that one receives when one has a high number of followers. (I have less than a third of the number, and I tell you, it is overwhelming.) If she needs to take measures to make her feed tolerable, so be it. I have also tussled with her online; she hasn't blocked me, but we don't follow each other and I try not to @-mention her. (I subtweet or use her name, not her handle.) It's not that I don't want to engage with her. It's that I don't really see the point of doing so on Twitter.

3) I don't think you're a troll. I've told you that before. But I do think you can be a sea lion. ( ) "If I see a comment wander by the I disagree with, agree with, wonder about, want to poke at, I'll poke. If someone doesn't want to get poked at for something they said on Twitter, I'm continue to wonder why they said it on Twitter." -- that's pretty classic sea lioning. And I think we all need to be aware of these sorts of interjections and interactions. (You write that you don't know why you were blocked. Maybe it was something other than what you said. Maybe it was how you said it? How often you said it? I don't know, but it seems like it's worth a little introspection.) We presume a lot when we jump into people's mentions unannounced. We can still preach and advocate online without @-mentioning people we disagree when we do so."

[Below are some related tweets that I made prior to seeing Audrey's replies, which are much better than what I said. I had never hear the term ‘sea lion’ before and that's specifically what I was getting at:

“From 2012: “unleashing a temporary tweetmob on people to discourage dissent… gums up the conversational works”

"That post is about retweets, but I think the same applies for .@ replies.
[image of person with bat in hand, gang of buddies just behind]"

"To be more clear, I’m referring especially to the bit that includes the phrase “reasonable disagreement.” "

"and especially with RTs + .@ replies that *initiate* an interaction instead of an individual reply in good faith of beginning a conversation" ]

[Also for comparison (via: and ):

“On gentle pushback.”

and “I don’t know what to do, you guys” or “I’m fed up with political correctness, and the idea that everyone should already be perfect” ]

[These two also relate:
“Ask Not For Whom The Bell Trolls; It Trolls for Thee.” (Lindy West and her troll)

“Win of the Day: Woman Defeats Twitter Troll With Words, Kindness on MLK Day”

“The Newsroom: Santorum on Gay Rights” (Clip from Season 1 Episode 6 via ) ]
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january 2015 by robertogreco
Log In - The New York Times
Sorkin’s last 2 seasons of were about the importance of reporting leaked documents. OTOH
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december 2014 by jrosenau
The Newsroom: Saunas Are the Last Bastions of Free Speech - The Intercept
When met : "If you don’t encrypt your hard drive, your computer’s password is just cosmetic."
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november 2014 by vu3rdd
Oh, And I'm Just The Fool For You [The Newsroom, Will/Mac]
Will deletes the email without responding. It’s not that he doesn’t want to respond, he does, but there’s not much he can say to MacKenzie that doesn’t start with “fuck” and end with “you.” He doesn’t think it’s going to do much to improve relations between them and so he does not let his emotions get the best of him and fire off a response.

Instead, he starts keeping a bowl of M&Ms in his office because they’re her favorite and she is M&M.

It’s possibly the stupidest fucking thing he’s ever done.
thenewsroom  will/mac  will  macavoy  mackenziemchale 
november 2014 by puffandruffle
'The Newsroom' has its critics, fans among journalists -
That's why this season's "Operation Genoa" arc has earned "The Newsroom" begrudging praise from even its most vocal detractors. Inspired in part by the "Operation Tailwind" scandal, CNN's discredited report of alleged war crimes perpetrated by American forces during the Vietnam War, the fictional conceit has allowed the series to take a deep dive into the investigative reporting process — and illustrate just how easily even seasoned journalists can be led astray. The idea for the story line came from industry veteran Rick Kaplan, who was president of CNN when the Tailwind controversy erupted in the late '90s. A longtime Sorkin fan, he lobbied hard to become a consultant on the series, exchanging countless emails about his experience with the writer and spending several days on set.
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august 2013 by ahasteve
'The Newsroom's' Jeff Daniels at home on a range of characters -
Jeff Daniels phones from his car in Michigan. He's not there to film (though he did just dub some voice-over tracks for "The Newsroom," the HBO series that garnered him his first Emmy nomination for portraying prickly newsman Will McAvoy). He lives there, full time. It was a choice he made early in his career, to raise his kids in the state where he grew up rather than among the Hollywood crowd. That kind of Midwestern pragmatism makes sense to Daniels: This way he gets to be the father he wants to be, the actor the jobs let him be and, on occasion, an enthusiastic guitarist and golfer. Actors often focus in on a genre or medium, but you do just about everything. Is there a master plan? I just didn't see a brand for me. I saw that if you want to live in a part of the country where we don't make movies, and you want to stay in the business, you have to create range. I thought if I created as wide a range as possible, I'd be able to live in the Midwest and raise my kids and still be...
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august 2013 by ahasteve
GetGlue - Your app for TV, Movies, and Sports
Need to watch something intellectual after killing my brain with the rubbish that is true blood...
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august 2013 by docrock

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