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Flash Point
Something happens to F!Cousland that drags up a lot of old anger towards Arl Howe and, not thinking very rationally and under a lot of stress, she redirects her anger towards Nathaniel. A tension-filled argument degenerates into very angry, very hot post-fight sex. Major bonus points if Anon can somehow turn it around at the end and make it fluffy.
source:LJ  author:anonymous  status:complete  words:1K-5K  rating:Explicit  relationship:f/m  character:Cousland  character:Nathaniel  Howe  Howe  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  theme:rough-sex  theme:rape  pairing:Alistair-Theirin/Cousland  pairing:Cousland/Nathaniel-Howe 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
Of Revenge and Backfire
Nathaniel surprises f!Cousland and drags her into some secluded alcove/darkened hallway etc for some hot quiet!sex in Vigil's Keep. Bonus for light restraining and Nathaniel reminding her to keep it down. Double bonus if they've played this game before...
source:LJ  status:complete  author:anonymous  rating:Explicit  relationship:f/m  words:1K-5K  character:Cousland  character:Nathaniel  Howe  Howe  kink:bondage  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  theme:rough-sex  pairing:Cousland/Nathaniel-Howe 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
Upside Down
Written for this prompt on the kink meme: "During the Act I, the party constantly teases Carver on account of him being the youngest, and the least experienced, and, OK, the whiniest. He doesn't take it very well, and after months and months of such treatment, he snaps at last at who bothered him the most (my first choice would be Anders and second Hawke, but anybody will do), which leads to possessive, rough kissing, which leads to possessive, rough sex. The point is, as they get it going, it turns out that Carver is a natural born top, and his partner loves every minute of it."
source:AO3  author:fizzysplosion  rating:Explicit  relationship:m/m  status:complete  words:5K-10K  character:Anders  pairing:Anders/Carver  kink:bondage  character:OMC  theme:possessive  kink:dirty-talk  character:Varric-Tethras  fandom:Dragon-Age  theme:rough-sex  character:Carver-Hawke 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
Shut Up, Carver
I have a massive kink for seeing the more physically powerful partner bottom, so I'd like to see Fenris or templar!Carver taking a pounding from a mage or rogue like a champ. I have a slight preference for Anders as the top but I'll take any male except Varric. I'd also prefer that they remain their crabby/bratty selves, not suddenly turn extremely submissive. Additional (but not necessary) kinks are spanking, roughness (from either party) and dirty talk.
source:LJ  author:anonymous  words:1K-5K  status:complete  relationship:m/m  character:Anders  pairing:Anders/Carver  kink:spanking  rating:Explicit  kink:dirty-talk  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:anal-penetration  theme:rough-sex  character:Carver-Hawke 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
Fog Alert
I don't know if in the game Sten ever accepts the F!Warden is female. So what if he takes matters into his own hands and investigates! Something dubconny to start with? However it goes from there would be anon's choice. Basically, Sten doesn't believe F!Warden could possibly be female, and has to find out for himself. Maybe just after the Ashes quest, when everybody has to strip down before the fire would be a good start. It should at least pique his interest since she'd be so bare - amirite Stenfans?
source:LJ  rating:Explicit  author:anonymous  status:complete  relationship:f/m  words:1K-5K  character:Sten  character:Warden  pairing:Sten/Warden  kink:cunnilingus  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  theme:rough-sex  theme:fingering  theme:dubious-consent 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Daggers and All
Loghain/F!Cousland She never realized what she had until it announced it was leaving for Orlais. Some angsty, going away sex is in order!
source:LJ  author:anonymous  status:complete  relationship:f/m  rating:Explicit  words:1K-5K  character:Cousland  pairing:Cousland/Loghain  kink:blow-job  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  theme:rough-sex 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Made in the Dark
Warden/love interest are trapped somewhere, somehow. Snowstorm, cave in, traffic jam on the road to Denerim, zombie apocalypse (I hear they're starting a forecast for those in Redcliffe) whatever--they're in some sort of artificially enforced isolation. Other companions are cool to have around, but the show should focus on the Warden and their LI. Surely they can think of a way to pass the time.
source:LJ  status:complete  author:anonymous  words:1K-5K  relationship:f/m  rating:Explicit  character:Cousland  character:Sten  character:Morrigan  pairing:Cousland/Sten  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  character:Alistair-Theirin  theme:rough-sex  theme:forced-together 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
A Wineglass of Blood
Response to this prompt: Hannibal knows that Will gets off on getting into the mind of murderers. So he starts leaving gruesome, mutilated corpses in easy to find places to give Will something to 'get into'. Bonus if a particularly horrid murder results in multiple rounds of rough Hannibal/Will sex
source:AO3  author:Cadaverish  status:complete  words:1K-5K  relationship:m/m  rating:Explicit  fandom:Hannibal  warning:death-of-minor-character  character:Hannibal-Lecter  pairing:Hannibal-Lecter/Will-Graham  character:Will-Graham  theme:serial-killers  theme:rough-sex  theme:blood-kink 
october 2014 by beckswithrecs
This Always Happens Again
This is an extension of a shorter story by khazadspoon. You don't need to have read that to understand this, but it would probably help. The idea is, Bruce and Hal have a friends-with-benefits arrangement to help them get their minds off the ones they really want — i.e. Clark and Barry. But then they get found out, and they end up with Clark and Barry after all. My story picks up at that point, because I wanted to know the answer to this question: What do you do when the thing you think you are supposed to want is not, as it turns out, the thing you actually want?
source:AO3  author:FabulaRasa  status:complete  rating:Explicit  words:10K-25K  relationship:m/m  fandom:DC  character:Clark  Kent  pairing:Barry  Allen/Hal  Wayne/Clark  Kent  warning:cheating  theme:injury  theme:oblivious  kink:blow-job  kink:anal-penetration  character:Hal-Jordan  character:Barry-Allen  theme:secret-relationship  character:Bruce-Wayne  theme:rough-sex  pairing:Bruce-Wayne/Hal-Jordan 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs

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