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Doctor Who: In Geneva, by copperbadge
Summary: The Brigadier was always a companion on his own terms.
Reccer's Notes: The Eleventh Doctor drops goes looking for his old friend the Brigadier, and finds him a year after the Fourth Doctor left him. But Alistair isn't going to settle for anything quick or short: if they're going to pick up where they left off, they're going to make a commitment and build a life together. And the Doctor--older, tireder, more careworn than he was when he worked for UNIT--agrees. This is from the Brigadier's perspective, but you don't have to know much about him if you're not a Classic Who fan because the story tells you everything you need. It's a wonderful perspective on the Doctor and domesticity. Would the Doctor ever be content to be permanently settled in one place? No. But when you're 900 years old, a decade here or there isn't that great a sacrifice.
reccer:beatrice_otter  fandom:doctor.who  length:05.000-10.000.words  theme:competence  theme:domestic  theme:older.characters  theme:rare.pairings  pairing:alistair.gordon.lethbridge-stewart.(the.brigadier)/  creator:copperbadge.(sam_storyteller) 
2 days ago by fancake
Star Wars: Starting Again by GuerreStellari
Summary: An unforeseen Imperial attack has the potential of fundamentally altering the galaxy's fate. And on a human level, two people must deal with the grief.
Reccer's Notes: This story takes the flawed and human characters of Obi-Wan and Beru to carve them into a surviving unit in the Empire, each dependent on the other. Using Buddhist and Bolshevik references and showing a dark AU to Star Wars: A New Hope's premise, the author crams a lot into her story to proclaim it the one she's proudest of. This was written in 2005; due to theforceDOTnet's changes from then to 2014, the story was basically lost and it was one of the best fannish experiences ever to contact the author to request a repost of her work, which she graciously did. Yay!
fandom:star.wars  pairing:beru.whitesun.lars/obi-wan.kenobi  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:guerrestellari  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:pronker 
march 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: And The Stars Be Our Witness by Wendynat
Summary: A conversation with Qui-Gon Jinn the night before the Boonta Eve Classic leads to something that Shmi never expected.
Reccer's Notes: Shmi deserves a good story showcasing her profound dignity and Wendynat delivers.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:qui-gon.jinn/shmi.skywalker  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:wendynat  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:pronker 
march 2019 by fancake
The Addams Family (1991): Cleopatra's Needle, by Fuschia
Summary: At fifteen, Morticia Frump is as interested in her graveyard gardening as her older sister is in her suitors. But gardens and suitors do not always stay in their separate worlds.
Reccer's Notes: The recipient of this story described it as Gothic, rather than goth, and I'm blatantly stealing that here because -- yes, that's it exactly. This is lushly atmospheric, every word carefully chosen to build the world Morticia lives in. Read this one slowly, so you don't miss any of that, because Fuschia does an amazing job of making you feel how beautiful, how sensual Morticia's world is to her.

The voices are also perfect, which becomes especially clear when Gomez comes into the picture, exuberant and happily charmed by Morticia in her still, quiet serenity. Just amazing, all around.  pairing:gomez.addams/morticia.addams  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:fuschia  theme:backstory  theme:old.fandoms  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:arduinna 
march 2019 by fancake
Harry Potter: Healer by Fahye
Summary: Of the twelve pairs of ribs that comprise the thoracic cage, ten are attached to the sternum and two are floating, which makes Padma imagine pressing her wand to the bruised skin of someone's back and whispering Wingardium Leviosa until their bones slot into place. The first seven pairs are true ribs; the last five are false. This seems rather a silly way to name things, with such obvious dichotomy and such short, obtuse words, and she prefers the familiarity of the Latin on her tongue. Vertebrocostal. Vertebrochondal.
Reccer's Notes: Oh. Where to start. This is my single-favourite Harry Potter fic, beating out all others by a wide margin, and it's only ~5k words. It offers a beautiful reflection on grief and moving forward and medicine and magic and I simply want to press it into your hands, like a gift.
fandom:harry.potter  pairing:george.weasley/padma.patil  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:fahye  theme:rare.pairings  theme:minor.characters  reccer:subsequent 
march 2019 by fancake
Saga: Fragile Bodies of Touch and Taste, by smallbrownfrog
Summary: A brush with death is as good a reason for sex as any.
Reccer's Notes: The Stalk and the Will are a couple of kickass interspecies mercenary, but we mainly know The stalk through The Will's flashbacks, so I enjoyed a lot this PWP exploring their dynamics... and what sex can be like between a human and his half-humanoïd half-spider lover. Yep. ^^
fandom:saga  pairing:the.stalk/the.will  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:smallbrownfrog  theme:battle.couple  theme:established.relationship  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:small.fandoms  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:jainas 
august 2018 by fancake
MCU: Sensations by flawedamythyst
Summary: When a dragon attacks Manhattan, Clint is hit by a curse, and both he and Bucky have to face that this might be the end of his time as an Avenger. Neither of them cope well.

But at least it gives Clint an excuse to get a dog, right?
Reccer's Notes: This story is Part 3 of the Complications series, but stands well on it's own if you accept that it is a Post Age-of-Ultron Soulmate AU where Clint and Bucky discovered that they were soulmate against all odds, and eventually managed to make it work.
The curse in this story is pretty nasty and deals with sensory deprivation, but has a good level of confort to balance the hurt, a solid plot and good writting, I really enjoyed reading it as it came out as a WIP.
fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:clint.barton/james."bucky".barnes  length:60.000-80.000.words  creator:flawedamythyst  theme:spells&curses  theme:established.relationship  theme:established.relationship.with.plot  theme:hurt/comfort  theme:soulbonding  theme:soulmate-identifying.marks  theme:rare.pairings  theme:plotty.fic  theme:disability  reccer:jainas 
june 2018 by fancake
Naruto: A Thoughtful, Moving Exploration of Passionate Youth by thehoyden
Summary: It said something about Gai that Iruka was actually unsure whether that was a line.
Reccer's Notes: Look, I'm going to be honest here, I read one volume of Naruto, didn't like it, and from there on confined my involvement to reading a bunch of Kakashi/Iruka fic. I had to google what Gai even looks like. But this story makes me want to CLAW OFF MY OWN FACE over my feelings about adopted family. Iruka! Loves! His! Kid! So! Much! He and Gai are going to be such incredibly weird, incredibly good dads! Naruto is going to be so much better-adjusted! If you like kidfic, even if you don't know the first thing about Naruto, you should definitely read this fic.
fandom:naruto  pairing:maito.gai/umino.iruka  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:thehoyden  theme:amnesty  theme:au  theme:family  theme:families.of.choice  theme:kidfic  theme:kidfic:has/  theme:minor.characters  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:meretricula 
april 2018 by fancake
DC Comics: Martian Manlove, by Chicago, Darklady, and trixiechick,
Summary: Batman and Martian Manhunter embark on a new path that somehow feels like home. *Set immediately after the JLA "Terror Incognito" storyline.*
Reccer's Notes: Between 2003 and 2005, Chicago and Darklady wrote 200,000 words of Bruce Wayne/J'onn J'onzz fic. There's some really interesting worldbuilding about Martian culture and biology, and how Bruce and J'onn might handle it together. Note: it's marked unfinished, but ends in a good place.
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:bruce.wayne/j'onn.j'onzz  length:80.000&more.words  creator:darklady  creator:trixiechick  creator:chicago  theme:old.fandoms  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:psychic.powers  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:beatrice_otter 
february 2018 by fancake
Star Trek Voyager: Forward Momentum, by sixbeforelunch
Summary: After Voyager's return, Janeway and Tuvok build a future together.
Reccer's Notes: disclaimer, I betaed this fic, but there really wasn't anything to improve on because it's so well done. Janeway is frustrated on Earth as an Admiral, and Tuvok's wife remarried while everyone thought Voyager was destroyed. Both are adrift, recovering from the accumulated stresses of the Delta Quadrant, and trying to figure out what comes next in their lives, both professionally and personally. And they find it together, in a very sweet way.
fandom:star.trek:voyager  pairing:kathryn.janeway/tuvok  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:sixbeforelunch  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:rare.pairings  theme:old.fandoms  theme:older.characters  theme:first.time  theme:female.characters  theme:courtship  theme:characters.of.color  reccer:beatrice_otter 
february 2018 by fancake
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Allergic to Gratitude by BC_Brynn
Summary: In the wake of the Uncivil Skirmish, Tony Stark is the only Avenger left. To his unending surprise, things just get… easier.
Reccer's Notes: Or, the fic that takes the characters broken at the end of Civil War (Laura and kids included) and knits them back together again - sure, with holes in the weave and lumps here and there, but safe, warm, and comforting. Tony isn't sure how he suddenly gained this much of a family, but he doesn't want to ask in case they disappear. (Only background mentions of Cap and co, this is more focused on the fallout for everyone else).
fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:betty.ross/bruce.banner/tony.stark  length:60.000-80.000.words  creator:bc_brynn  theme:amnesty  theme:rare.pairings  theme:marriage  theme:marriage.of.convenience  reccer:subsequent  theme:teams 
december 2017 by fancake
The Simpsons: The Ballad of Lenny and Carl by Kyra
Summary: Me & you and you & me. Everyday in Springfield.
Reccer's Notes: There's just something about this fic that I really, really love but can't put into words. The content itself is perfect Simpsons style, but something about the way it's set out and paragraphed gives it this remarkable subtlety and niceness to it that feels really unique and comforting.
fandom:simpsons  pairing:carl.carlson/lenny.leonard  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:kyra  theme:amnesty  theme:minor.characters  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:mirroreuler 
august 2017 by fancake
American gods: The City of Towers, by irisbleufic, illustrated by LinnPuzzle
Summary: Wherein there are wishes, waits, and journeys.
Whatever happened to Salim and the Ifrit, after.
Reccer's Notes: American Gods was published in 2001 and Salim is a muslim man in New York... The way Irisbleufic write 9/11 is quiet and deep, much like the rest of the fic. l like how she write New York, and Oman, and how the pairing is not the main subject of the fic -only it is, as a driving tension in the background...
The City Of Towers is a beautiful fic enhanced with beautiful art, with a strong mood and very worth the read. I first read it many years ago, barely remembering Salim and the Ifrit's chapter in the book, but it didn't stop me from enjoying this story very much and I have revisited it a few time since, always with pleasure.
fandom:american.gods  pairing:salim/the.ifrit  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:irisbleufic  creator:linnpuzzle  non-fic.recs:fanart  theme:amnesty  theme:book.fandoms  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:characters.of.color  theme:rare.pairings  theme:pining  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:genie/djinn  reccer:jainas 
august 2017 by fancake
Pride and Prejudice: That Looks On Tempests, by AMarguerite
Summary: Alternate ending to "An Ever-Fixed Mark," diverging from chapter ten, on. The Battle of Waterloo ends just a little bit differently for Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam.
Reccer's Notes: I have been hoping that I would get to rec at least one work in this series for this round, because the series this fic is part of is 280k words of REALLY GOOD worldbuilding about how soulmate-identifying marks might work in the regency world, how they might affect Elizabeth Bennet specifically, and how this all would affect and be affected by sexuality. (And, oh, yeah, what do marks mean, anyway?) I wait impatiently for each new chapter. The problem is, every time a story in this series is close to finishing the author starts a new one, so there were no complete stories to rec! But finally one has been finished, so I can rec it.

We all know that Darcy and Elizabeth did not get on at first. But she did get on very well with his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, whom she met while visiting Lady Catherine. If you recall that Mr. Darcy's first name is "Fitzwilliam," you will begin to see where this goes. Elizabeth's mark is Fitzwilliam. The Colonel's mark is Bennet. (Darcy's, presumably, is "Elizabeth.") It's interesting to see what changes and what stays the same. But even more, it's wonderful to dive into the wonderful world [ profile] AMarguerite has created, full of interesting characters and compelling events. (This writer is both an excellent writer and an excellent historian, so everything fits very well together, the soulmate marks fit into the world and politics and culture and events of the Age of Sail.)

Please give this a try even if you are a die-hard Darcy/Elizabeth shipper. I am myself, and I almost didn't read this because of it, but I am SO GLAD I did.

That Looks On Tempests is an AU of the main story, but it is complete on its own. You can read it by itself, or if you want to see how Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam fell in love and got together you can read the first nine chapters of An Ever-Fixed Mark and then this story, and you will still have a complete story.
fandom:pride.and.prejudice  pairing:colonel.fitzwilliam/elizabeth.bennet  length:40.000-60.000.words  length:80.000&more.words  creator:amarguerite  theme:soulmate-identifying.marks  theme:bisexual/pansexual.characters  theme:competence  theme:family  theme:marriage  theme:rare.pairings  theme:worldbuilding  reccer:beatrice_otter 
july 2017 by fancake
Buffy: Everything Xander Knows About Time Travel ... by Soft Princess and Mireille
Summary: Willow and Giles send Xander into the past to find something they need to avert an apocalypse. Xander finds a great deal more than he'd bargained for.
Reccer's Notes: These two authors have a great grasp on Giles, and how he's changed over the years. When some authors try to write Ripper!Giles they just make him a generic punk. In this story, he's a punk, he's definitely Ripper, but he's also definitely Giles. Also, Xander is well-written, and the time-travel is fun.
fandom:buffy.the.vampire.slayer  pairing:ethan.rayne/rupert.giles  pairing:rupert.giles/xander.harris  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:soft_princess  creator:mireille719  theme:time.loops  theme:first.time  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2017 by fancake
Labyrinth: The Smallest Piece by Ripper101
Summary: Jareth made a promise to the girl he can never forget. It requires him to do a lot of things for her little brother... Toby wishes he wouldn't do them.
Reccer's Notes: I know. This is a very rare pairing, but bear with me. The worldbuilding is fantastic and the many characters lovable and believable. Sarah isn’t forgotten or ignored, but this is a story that asks what is happening after her. How do they live with her shadow? And grow beyond her.

The main part of the Story plays over 20 years after the Labyrinth Movie.
fandom:labyrinth  pairing:jareth/toby.williams  character:original.character(s)  length:80.000&more.words  creator:ripper101  theme:small.fandoms  theme:rare.pairings  theme:novel-length.fic  reccer:white_sin 
january 2017 by fancake
Love Live!: Love Live! Fire Emblem Support Project by FireKing
Summary: Using the 36 possible pairings of the 9 members of μ's, I have written Fire Emblem-style support conversations for all of them, from C-rank to S-rank, as well as ten further "Trio Supports." These support conversations take place in a Fire Emblem-style AU. All of μ's will have Fire Emblem classes and they will do battle with whatever enemies they might be facing "offscreen."

For those of you unfamiliar with Fire Emblem, it's a tactical turn-based strategy game. It's mostly about war, but it's also about love and friendship. Just like Love Live! When units spend enough time together on the battlefield, they build up supports. They go: C, B, A, S. Unlocking those conversations makes those units perform better when near each other in battle. The S-rank, introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening, has the characters get married. In this work, S-ranks will, indeed be confessions of love.

Each chapter can be read on its own and is labeled with the pairing within, so feel free to come for a specific pairing you'd like to read. I encourage you, of course, to read it all, as there's a lot of good context.
Reccer's Notes: Writing a mini fic for every single possible μ's ship combination is a very ambitious task, but this fic steps right up to that challenge and matches it fully. Each little ficlet manages to capture the essence of the characters and ship really well, in a huge variety of different ways. And the way the fic integrates the characters into the Fire Emblem universe (including little game details as though this whole fic really were a transcript of a real Fire Emblem game) works really well, with a lot of thought and detail put into it, without being too confusing or distracting from the character interaction. You're pretty much guaranteed to come out of it with an excited interest in the Fire Emblem series and at least three new rarepairs!!school.idol.project  length:60.000-80.000.words  creator:fireking  theme:amnesty  theme:female.characters  theme:rare.pairings  theme:femslash  theme:crossovers&fusions  reccer:mirroreuler 
december 2016 by fancake
The Raven Cycle: quaint town by kiiouex
Summary: Your younger brother stares at you, completely affronted by your presence. “Helen,” he demands, and already you can tell that 300 Fox Way has had an effect on him, made him indecorous in front of company. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to meet a friend, Richard,” you say, and bare your dazzlingly straight teeth in a smile. You think 300 Fox Way is having an effect on you, too.
Reccer's Notes: Helen and Orla both need more love in this fandom, and they are written with such love and care in this. You really get a lot of their personalities in a generally short fic.
fandom:raven.cycle  pairing:helen.gansey/orla.sargent  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:kiiouex  theme:amnesty  theme:book.fandoms  theme:femslash  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:fresh_brainss 
december 2016 by fancake
Gilmore Girls: Whatever our souls are made of, by dollsome.
Summary: Edward Cullen tries to woo Rory. Paris does not approve.
Reccer's Notes: This is awesome, I love Paris' voice and Rory is so very much Rory. Love Edward terrible attempt at wooing and how neither Paris nor Rory would have that. I had so much fun reading this story.
fandom:gilmore.girls  fandom:twilight  pairing:paris.geller/rory.gilmore  character:edward.cullen  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:dollsome  theme:amnesty  theme:crossovers&fusions  theme:female.characters  theme:femslash  theme:humor  theme:old.fandoms  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:thady 
december 2016 by fancake
Harry Potter: No Charity, by fluffyllama.
Summary: Rita sets out on a tough assignment – to interview Miss Marjorie Dursley.
Reccer's Notes: This is a really interesting take on Rita Skeeter, and on Marge Dursley. I don't usually like Rita Skeeter, and this story made me feel sympathy for her, and it left me with the hope that it may yet work out for her.
fandom:harry.potter  pairing:marge.dursley/rita.skeeter  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:fluffyllama  theme:amnesty  theme:book.fandoms  theme:female.characters  theme:femslash  theme:minor.characters  theme:older.characters  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:thady 
december 2016 by fancake

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theme:polyamory  theme:psychic.powers  theme:research  theme:science.fiction  theme:secret.identity.reveal  theme:small.fandoms  theme:soulbonding  theme:soulmate-identifying.marks  theme:spells&curses  theme:teams  theme:threesome  theme:time.loops  theme:urban.fantasy  theme:worldbuilding 

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