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How much to give and how much to take - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
66k words //

“Put your hand on my waist,” Jeongguk says quietly.

“What?” Namjoon says even as he obeys. Jeongguk has his tuxedo jacket off now and his waist is small and tucked compared to the rest of his body.

“We’ve been looking moody over here,” Jeongguk says, leaning closer to him. He plants a gentle kiss on Namjoon’s cheek. It lingers, and things snap together in Namjoon’s mind: they’ve been looking moody over here, and they should not be looking moody at their own wedding.


(Namjoon and Jeongguk get married.)
fandom:bts  pairing:jungkook/rm  theme:fame  theme:sports  theme:au-intentional  theme:marriage  theme:fake.relationship 
may 2019 by hermionemalfoy
Chinese mythology/Firefly: 四十, by Trascendenza
Summary: As long as she could ensure that her family would never go wanting, she would be content.
Reccer's Notes: This story is set in the Firefly universe, but doesn't talk about any of the characters or plot points from the series or movie. And it uses characters from Chinese mythology, but adapted to the Firefly universe. You don't need to know anything about either (I don't) to enjoy it; it's an interesting story well-told. A woman marries because of her new husbands family position, but finds out too late he's not a man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. So she goes off into space to seek her fortune.
fandom:chinese.mythology  fandom:firefly  fandom:legends&myths  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:chang'e  character:mazu  character:houyi  character:baifa.monü  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:transcendenza  theme:characters.of.color  theme:female.characters  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:space.aus  theme:au  theme:old.fandoms  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:marriage  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Jewish Scripture/The Little Mermaid: what choice do i have? by crepesculum
Summary: Esther's mother had been Mordecai's sister, before the land king's wizard had cursed the sea. Before Esther's parents had been lost and before Mordecai had been confined to this shark's shape.
Reccer's Notes: This is a really interesting fusion that makes the details of the story of Esther and the story of the Little Mermaid resonate with each other in very interesting ways. (Oh, Vashti!)
fandom:jewish.legend&lore  fandom:legends&myths  fandom:little.mermaid  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:esther  character:vashti  character:mordecai  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:crepesculum  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:mermaids  theme:au  theme:crossovers&fusions  theme:marriage  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:female.characters  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Batman: Aspire to Touch the Sky, by Betty
Summary: The residents of the Blüdhaven retirement home didn't care that their rescuer came from an age of myth; they were just glad she was able to reach the fourth floor where the firemen could not. But when she flew through the smoke with Mrs. Kelly in her arms, the cameras were waiting. With the dramatic arrival of Diana, who some are calling "Wonder Woman," the island of Themyscira rejoined the modern world. Talks between the Amazon Nation and Washington in the last week have been kept quiet, but a source close to the White House suggests a surprising announcement may be forthcoming--
Reccer's Notes: This is an AU take on how Diana came to Man's World, and why. I love how well everyone is written; even though the relationships are different, they all sound like themselves. Bruce is the professional paranoid that we all know and love (and seeing him through the eyes of a Diana who doesn't know he's Batman brings an unexpected dimension to the story and to both their characters). Diana is strong, determined, and while she doesn't know enough about Man's World to pick up on all the undercurrents, she's a canny operator in her own right who accomplishes her goals with flair and directness. I love the ending!
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:bruce.wayne/diana.prince  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:brown_betty  theme:marriage  theme:marriage.of.convenience  theme:female.characters  theme:secret.identities  theme:superpowers  reccer:beatrice_otter  theme:teams 
march 2019 by fancake
Happily Ever After - greygerbil - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
“Good luck with this one,” Shouta’s father told him, giving him a pat on the back as they made their way out of the room. “We always thought he’d spend his life alone with a bunch of cats, to be honest. Seemed how he was happiest.”

Shouta gave his dad an unimpressed look as Toshinori laughed nervously and said Shouta could still have a bunch of cats because he’d never have married Toshinori if he had had an objection to that plan. [2957]
fic  an:bokunoheroacademia  c:bnha:toshinori  c:bnha:aizawa  c:bnha:ensemble  theme:marriage  theme:love  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:HEA  p:bnha:aizawa/toshinori  ge:slash  ge:fluff  r:r  @ao3 
march 2019 by scorpionvoices
DCU: Party Games by LemonadeGarden
Summary: Bruce Wayne goes to a series of bachelor parties, each one worse than the last.
Reccer's Notes: There are tons of great lines in this fic -- I mean, it's the lead-up to Batman and Catwoman's wedding, you'd better bet everyone has something to say -- but it's really the overall feel of the story that sticks with me, and it's just so charming. It's comfortable in the way established relationship fic can be -- even when Bruce and Selina are sniping at each other, it's with this deep unshakable fondness that radiates off the screen. And that feeling just expands outward as all their friends and family get pulled in (and keep throwing bachelor parties). The fic does need a quick beta for punctuation but it invariably makes me smile and I bet it'll make you smile too!
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:bruce.wayne/selina.kyle  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:lemonadegarden  theme:(five).things  theme:established.relationship  theme:family  theme:humor  theme:in.vino.veritas  theme:marriage  reccer:meretricula 
january 2019 by fancake
White Collar: Figure It Out by lightgetsin
Summary: "You, upstairs," El said to Neal. He beamed, twirled on one foot, and trotted out. "And you need to stop making it so fun to mess with you," she added to Peter.

She surprised a look of such melting fondness on his face as he looked after Neal that her breath caught. "No," he said quietly. "I really don't."
Reccer's Notes: This fic is such an absolute delight... The characterisation, plot and character developpement are pitch perfect, and I love the depiction of how the relationship between the three of them could come to be, the dynamics of how it would work, the playfullness of Neal and Peter half-courting/half-outmatching each other dance, El's involvement... And the sex is perfectly written as well, this is a pleasure to (re)read.
fandom:white.collar  pairing:elizabeth.burke/neal.caffrey/peter.burke  character:mozzie.(white.collar)  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:lightgetsin  theme:(five).things  theme:au  theme:bdsm  theme:competence  theme:cops&crime  theme:casefic  theme:courtship  theme:m/m/f.threesomes  theme:marriage  theme:polyamory  theme:threesome  reccer:jainas 
january 2019 by fancake
just goddamn marry me already, for fuck's sake
"Do you," Steve says, fingers newly tugging Bucky's underwear until it starts to slide off his hips, "want to marry me, or not?"

Bucky sighs. "You know, in some circles people would consider this interrogation under duress."
fic  author:newsbypostcard  fandom:captainamerica  rating:explicit  length:5-9k  pairingtype:m/m  pairing:buckybarnes/steverogers  character:buckybarnes  character:steverogers  theme:marriage  theme:romance  theme:domestic  theme:weddings  theme:fluff  status:complete  source:ao3 
october 2018 by onewordnoe
The Man from U.N.C.L.E: The Trojan Affair by manic_intent
Summary: Ten minutes to go to ground zero and Artyom was still desperately trying to escape. “I have never attended little girl’s birthday party,” he pointed out repeatedly, and actually pouted, big blue eyes wide and pleading.

“Always a first time,” Napoleon said mercilessly, pulling on a charcoal Tom Ford blazer over his loose gray knit. “Mrs Siegfried invited us weeks ago, Artyom, don’t be a baby. You’ve had quite a while to gird your loins. We’re going to a party, not some sort of trench warfare. Smile.”

Artyom scowled, which was admittedly normally an adorable look even for a tall, blonde Russian giant of a man. “I do not like Mrs Siegfried,” Artyom declared, clearly intent on being as recalcitrant as possible.
Reccer's Notes: A delight of a Mr and Mrs Smith AU. Do I need to say more? :D
fandom:man.from.u.n.c.l.e.(movie)  pairing:illya.kuryakin/napoleon.solo  length:40.000-60.000.words  creator:manic_intent  theme:secret.identities  theme:secret.identity.reveal  theme:action/adventure  theme:au  theme:established.relationship  theme:established.relationship.with.plot  theme:humor  theme:marriage  theme:marriage.of.convenience  reccer:jainas 
september 2018 by fancake
Fancomic: DCU: RSVP by sonialiao
Summary: Tim and Kon are getting married, and Clark still hasn't RSVP'd...
Reccer's Notes: This comic makes me shriek like a teakettle that has just barely come to a boil. Tim and Kon's bickering over minor details of their wedding is adorable, Lex's devious scheming to make sure his son gets to have both parents at his wedding is... I mean, devious, but still sweet, and the final scene of everybody in the Bats & Supers family having fun at the wedding will guaranteed make your heart grow three sizes.
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:conner.kent/tim.drake  non-fic.recs:fancomics/doujinshi  creator:sonialiao  theme:secret.identities  theme:marriage  theme:family  theme:established.relationship  reccer:meretricula 
september 2018 by fancake
The Masqueraders: An Enlivening Sensation by Carmarthen
Summary: Anthony confesses to once having held an interest in Peter Merriot; Prudence is intrigued.
Reccer's Notes: If you like your historical romance with a side of identity porn I strongly, strongly recommend you pick up The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer, a swashbuckling tale about a young revolutionary (Robin) and his pragmatic older sister (Prudence) who, having escaped execution following the failed Jacobite rebellion, are lying low in London disguised as a fashionable lady (Kate) and her devoted younger brother (Peter). In the course of the novel, the highly respectable Sir Anthony Fanshawe falls in love with Peter/Prudence and realizes that she is in fact a woman, but it's not exactly clear which order those events happen in. Carmarthen does a fantastic (and, dare I say, very sexy) job of exploring the possibilities of a Sir Anthony who is very attracted to his wife regardless of her gender.
fandom:georgette.heyer.(works)  pairing:anthony.fanshawe/prudence.tremaine  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:carmarthen  theme:secret.identities  theme:marriage  theme:bisexual/pansexual.characters  theme:genderfuck  theme:small.fandoms  theme:book.fandoms  reccer:meretricula 
september 2018 by fancake
The West Wing: The Age of Aquarius by Speranza
Summary: "You know," Toby said, pulling a cigar out of his inside coat pocket and regarding it thoughtfully, "I never found your relationship with Donna particularly baffling. I just figured you ran on sexual frustration like the rest of us."
Reccer's Notes: Not that this fic particularly requires reccing but I like to reread it and I figured someone out there might like the reminder that it exists! This is such a perfect portrait of two people who know and love each other, bone deep, and finally get to be together. Plus, everyone else's commentary on Josh and Donna finally getting together is worth the price of admission on its own. The banter is pitch-perfect.
fandom:west.wing  pairing:donna.moss/josh.lyman  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:speranza  theme:amnesty  theme:marriage  theme:comfortfic  reccer:meretricula 
september 2018 by fancake
Jupiter Ascending: Something Borrowed by miss_pryss
Summary: Jupiter discovers that the one thing Caine Wise wants most in life is to be a pretty pretty bride on his wedding day. And she sets out to make that happen.
Reccer's Notes: A story about cute hipster dates, cross-cultural expectations, and Jupiter doing everything in her power to make sure Caine has the wedding of his dreams. (There are some perks to being queen of the entire planet.) There is such a wonderful gentle sense of humor to this story -- yes, the joke is that Caine is the one who wants the perfect white wedding instead of Jupiter, but it's never a mean joke. Caine wants a perfect wedding and Jupiter wants to give it to him and that's it, that's the fic. (Also every scene involving the wedding planner is a gift straight from the hands of the almighty and I wish I could see the Ocean's franchise-level shenanigans that were going on in the background.) A beautiful confection of a story.
fandom:jupiter.ascending  pairing:caine.wise/jupiter.jones  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:miss_pryss  theme:amnesty  theme:courtship  theme:marriage  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:humor  reccer:meretricula 
august 2018 by fancake
DCU: The Conspiracies of Princes by clarityhiding
Summary: Jason just wants to get his cargo to Kandor, he doesn't have time to deal with this kid he found hiding in the wall of his ship.

Or: The JayTim space opera where there's a fake marriage, a marriage of convenience, and an arranged marriage.
Reccer's Notes: There is so much going on in this fic. Everyone has a secret identity (or multiple!) and a mission that will only be revealed in the fullness of time and also it's IN SPACE??? And there's tons of cool worldbuilding about how the governments of the various planets work and the way the usual cast of Gotham and adjacent superhero crews are mapped onto the space opera setting is just amazing. PLUS, fake marriage shenanigans. You know you want to.
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:jason.todd/tim.drake  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:clarityhiding  theme:amnesty  theme:space.aus  theme:au  theme:secret.identity.reveal  theme:action/adventure  theme:worldbuilding  theme:marriage  theme:marriage.of.convenience  theme:fake.marriage  reccer:meretricula 
august 2018 by fancake
brown eyes steal me - theformerone - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
"You planted a -,"

"I planted a tree, Ino, I know, I was there."

"Kousa," she says, finishing as if he never interrupted. "Not very original, but cute. You think that'll be what you name your firstborn?" [10213]

[AMAZING arranged-marriage fic where Kiba and Shikamaru must combine two separate sets of cultural traditions to make a harmonious whole without ever really speaking to each other. There's character development! There's sorta-pining! There's lots of cute blushing! I really enjoyed this; it's definitely one of my new favorites.]
fic  an:naruto  au:everyonelives  c:naru:kiba  c:naru:shikamaru  c:naru:tsume  c:naru:hana  c:naru:ino  theme:cultureclash  theme:courtship  trope:matchmaking  theme:pining  theme:competency!!!  theme:domesticity  theme:marriage  p:naru:kiba/shikamaru  ge:slash  ge:fluff  r:pg-13  @ao3 
august 2018 by scorpionvoices
when the sun came up, I was looking at you - suzukiblu - Star Wars Sequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
“Rey!” Finn calls, and Rey turns away from Leia to be confronted with a beaming Finn and Poe and an entire sack of space apples.

She blinks, and they hold the sack out to her.

“They’re your favorite, right?” Finn asks, his handsome face looking all hopeful.

“Yes,” Rey says, turning bright red.
fanfic  fandom:starwars  pair:starwars:Poe/Finn/Rey  theme:marriage  theme:crackfic  theme:cultural.differences  theme:fluff  words:2k-5k 
july 2018 by alegria
Give Me All You Got (Cut To The Feeling) - sunsetmog - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
22k words //
Because the thing was, Nick was getting married in the morning, and no one in the world even knew he was engaged.
fandom:radio1  pairing:harry.styles/nick.grimshaw  fandom:one.direction  theme:marriage  genre:rps 
july 2018 by hermionemalfoy
Playing the Long Game, by saezutte
On their one year anniversary of fooling around (or whatever), Chuuya asks Dazai for a greater commitment. But Dazai, as usual, has a bigger plan in mind.
fandom:bungou.stray.dogs  pairing:chuuya/dazai  type:fic  genre:humor  genre:fluff  genre:established  theme:marriage  char:chuuya.nakahara  char:osaumu.dazai  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
june 2018 by muchasabejas
The Course of Honour - Avoliot - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
117k words; this was a great original fic //

Summary: When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned.
fandom:original.fic  theme:royalty  warning:abuse  theme:marriage 
may 2018 by hermionemalfoy
Greek mythology: Kore by oneiriad
Summary: The day her mother gives birth to a horse is the day Persephone decides that she really needs a plan.
Reccer's Notes: In which Demeter wants her daughter to marry and have children. At first Persephone don't get what the fuss is about, but once she does... well. She is not very onboard with any of it. Luckily, family is here to help!
This is a very light-hearted story, fun and at time very tongue in cheek (but don't tell Zeus), but it also covers serious matters.
fandom:greek.mythology  fandom:legends&myths  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:persephone  character:hades  character:demeter  character:hecate  character:hermes  character:athena  character:zeus  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:oneiriad  theme:asexual&demisexual.characters  theme:humor  theme:marriage  theme:marriage.of.convenience  reccer:jainas 
may 2018 by fancake

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pairing:horatio.hornblower/william.bush  pairing:illya.kuryakin/napoleon.solo  pairing:jack.zimmermann/kent.parson  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock  pairing:jamie.benn/tyler.seguin  pairing:jason.todd/tim.drake  pairing:joaquin/maria/manolo  pairing:john-watson/mycroft-holmes  pairing:john.watson/sherlock.holmes  pairing:johnny.storm/peter.parker  pairing:jungkook/rm  pairing:kirk/spock  pairing:kyle/stan  pairing:lando.calrissian/han.solo  pairing:lex.luther/maxima  pairing:mark.slackmeyer/steve.dallas  pairing:nathanford/sophiedevereaux  pairing:novak.djokovic/rafael.nadal  pairing:omc/omc  pairing:original.character/original.character  pairing:peggycarter/steverogers  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  pairing:phoenix/miles  pairing:rose/terezi  pairing:sasuke/naruto  pairing:steve/bucky  pairing:victor/yuuri  pairingtype:f/m  pairingtype:m/m  pairingtype:ot3  post-movie  pre-movie  r:nc-17  r:pg-13  r:r  rating:explicit  rating:g  rating:general  rating:mature  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:teen  reccer:an0ther_dreamer  reccer:beatrice_otter  reccer:chosenmortal  reccer:dancing_serpent  reccer:dirty_diana  reccer:gekko11  reccer:gritsinmisery  reccer:jainas  reccer:jerakeen  reccer:meretricula  reccer:stardreamer  reccer:subsequent  reccer:thady  reccer:white_sin  relationship:established  relationship:first-time  relationship:m/m  sashakaidanovsky  series  series:4minutewindow  series:theaccidentaladventuresofclintbarton-rogers  series:thecourseofhonour  series:thetwoweddingsjob  series:whytheyfoughtthewar  setting:au  setting:canon  setting:future  setting:historical  setting:modern  setting:postcanon  source:ao3  status:complete  status:downloaded  status:series  status:unfinished  tamsinsevier  team  terryboot  theme:(five).things  theme:abuse  theme:accidental.marriage  theme:action/adventure  theme:alternateuniverse  theme:amnesty  theme:angels  theme:angst  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:arrangedmarriage  theme:asexual&demisexual.characters  theme:atlantis  theme:au-intentional  theme:au-rendered  theme:au  theme:backstory  theme:bdsm  theme:bed-sharing  theme:bisexual/pansexual.characters  theme:book.fandoms  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:canondivergence  theme:caretaking  theme:casefic  theme:characters.of.color  theme:clueless  theme:comfortfic  theme:coming.out  theme:competence  theme:competency!!!  theme:cops&crime  theme:courtship  theme:crackfic  theme:crossovers&fusions  theme:cuddling.snuggling&bed-sharing  theme:cuddling  theme:cultural.differences  theme:cultureclash  theme:curse/magic  theme:dancing  theme:dating  theme:demons  theme:disability  theme:divorce  theme:domestic  theme:domesticity  theme:dorksinlove  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:emotionalhealing  theme:established.relationship.with.plot  theme:established.relationship  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:fake.marriage  theme:fake.relationship  theme:fakemarriage  theme:fakerelationship  theme:fame  theme:family  theme:fandom.classics  theme:female.characters  theme:first-time  theme:first.time  theme:firstkiss  theme:firstmeetings  theme:five.times  theme:fixitfic  theme:fluff/schmoop  theme:fluff  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:foundfamily  theme:friends.with.benefits  theme:friendship  theme:fusion  theme:future.fic  theme:gender  theme:genderfuck  theme:genderswap  theme:gossip  theme:grief  theme:h/c  theme:hea  theme:humor  theme:humour  theme:hurt/comfort  theme:in.vino.veritas  theme:injury  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:kidfic  theme:kidfic:has/  theme:kids  theme:kiss(ing)  theme:love  theme:lowselfesteem  theme:m/m/f.threesomes  theme:marriage.of.convenience  theme:massage  theme:minor.characters  theme:miscarriage  theme:miscommunication  theme:mutual.pining  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:mermaids  theme:novel-length.fic  theme:offworld  theme:old.fandoms  theme:older.characters  theme:omegaverse  theme:outsider.pov  theme:parents  theme:party  theme:pining  theme:politics  theme:polyamory  theme:pregnancy  theme:pretend.couple  theme:proposal  theme:rare.pairings  theme:regency  theme:road.trips  theme:roadtrip  theme:romance  theme:royalty.aus  theme:royalty  theme:secret.identities  theme:secret.identity.reveal  theme:secretlovers  theme:seduction  theme:shenanigans  theme:slow.burn  theme:slowburn  theme:small.fandoms  theme:snark  theme:soul.bonding  theme:soulmate-identifying.marks  theme:space.aus  theme:space  theme:sports  theme:superpowers  theme:teams  theme:threesome  theme:totherescue!  theme:trope.subversion&inversion  theme:undercover  theme:unrequited  theme:vacation  theme:war  theme:weddings  theme:worldbuilding  theme:yuletide.recs  timeline:future!fic  timeline:post-canon  timeline:pre-canon  trope:marriageofconvenience  trope:matchmaking  trope:pretendso  tv:daredevil  tv:teenwolf  type:fic  type:gen  type:het  type:slash  u:marvel  u:starwars  warning:abuse  warning:unread  warning:wip-following  wordcount:0-5k  wordcount:5-10k  words:>1k  words:<2k  words:10k-25k  words:1k-5k  words:2k-5k  words:5k-10k  year:2007  year:2010  year:2011  year:2015  year:2016  year:2017 

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