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[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] YV-4209 - Lumelle - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: There are children.

Leia has always known this, but even so, having the direct proof of it in front of her tears at her heart. The children never had a choice.

(She wonders if any of them had a choice.)

She wants to give them a choice, and a tomorrow. She is not alone
'fanfic  fandom:star_wars_TFA  c:general_leia_organa  c:finn(star_wars)  c:stormtroopers  p:poe_dameron/finn  genre:gen  genre:family  genre:hurt/comfort  theme:injury/disability/illness  theme:bittersweet_ending  Status:Complete  rating:T  length:3000-5000 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[The Eagle ] insolence- Helenish [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Esca is bare, reclined on the pillows. He stares up at Marcus and then jerks his chin at the space next to him on the mattress. There is no mistaking his meaning.
!frottage  !handjob  theme:get_together  'fanfic  fandom:the_eagle  p:marcus/esca  theme:injury/disability/illness  !slave  length:3000-5000  Status:Complete  theme:misunderstandings  rating:M/E 
may 2015 by fanfictionato
[The Eagle] From the Depths of His Heart - Sineala [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: After his injury at Isca Dumnoniorum and subsequent discharge from the army, Marcus moves to Calleva, learns to live with himself again, and happens to fall in love with a young British man on the way. Also, Esca is a werewolf.
'fanfic  fandom:the_eagle  p:marcus/esca  c:marcus  c:esca  c:cottia  c:uncle_aquila  genre:romance  genre:friendship  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:family  theme:get_together  theme:firsttime  AU  theme:monster!  theme:injury/disability/illness  theme:courting  theme:makesmehappy  Status:Complete  length:30k-50k  rating:M/E 
april 2014 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] Daddy Do's - apocryphal - [Archive of Our Own]
“Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.”

[Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:dereck_hale  c:stiles_stilinski  c:lydia_martin  c:erica_reyes  genre:romance  genre:family  theme:get_together  theme:kid_fic  theme:injury/disability/illness  theme:coming_out  AU  AU:no_hale_fire  AU:human  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  theme:internet  genre:fluff  rating:g 
february 2014 by fanfictionato
[BtVS] which clothes even fit me? - The Unveiling (1 of 10)
Summary: Post-series, and Xander is leading a normal life. But Angel is damaged in the battle with Wolfram and Hart, and Spike brings him to Xander for help.
'fanfic  fandom:BtVS  p:spike/angel/xander  c:scoobies  c:angel  c:spike  c:xander  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  genre:friendship  theme:coming_out  theme:future_fic  !threesome  Status:Complete  length:longish?  theme:injury/disability/illness  rating:M/E 
august 2013 by fanfictionato
[The Eagle] The Days Beyond - misspamela -[Archive of Our Own]
Summary:This is for a prompt from the_eagle_kink that said: How did Esca fell in love with Marcus! (Starting of course when their eyes met for the first time in the sequence at the arena)
'fanfic  fandom:the_eagle  p:marcus/esca  c:marcus  c:esca  genre:romance  genre:friendship  genre:action/adventure  Status:Complete  length:10k-30k  theme:injury/disability/illness  rating:M/E 
august 2013 by fanfictionato
[Inception] unexpected plot twist
Arhur doesn't take calls from numbers that aren't in his phone. His voicemail is set up to automatically delete when full. That being said, this incoming call is a blocked number, which immediately piques his interest.

The message: Normally I wouldn't bother to even stoop to ask, but I've heard you're dangling in the wind these days. It's not good to leave you to your own devices, surely. I have a job.

That's it. No number. No email address. No details
fandom:inception  'fanfic  p:arthur/eames  c:arthur(inception)  c:eames  c:ariadne  c:dominic_cobb  c:OC  genre:romance  genre:friendship  genre:family  theme:coming_out  theme:future_fic  theme:get_together  theme:fake_relationship  theme:homophobia  theme:mission_fic  sickfic  length:longish?  theme:injury/disability/illness  rating:M/E 
july 2013 by fanfictionato

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