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Eres Para Mí - justananpan (allodoxaphobia) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Hyung. You know this is stupid, right? I mean, I’m not opposed to you guys having a summer fling or whatever, but I’m sure he would be interested even if you weren’t a cook,” Namjoon pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Summer fling? Who said anything about a summer fling?”

“What else would this be? He doesn’t even live here,” Namjoon sighed.

“So? The country’s not that big. We’re obviously going to eventually get married,” Yoongi shook his head.
pairing:seokjin/yoongi  fandom:bangtan  universe:alternate  theme:travel  theme:hiddenidentity  author:justananpan 
4 weeks ago by funkyrosethrower
(TO) Boyz$ with Fun: the Porno - chahans - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]

oh no
did u try to booty call someone
on MY phone?

Yoongi's ingenious friends think it's a good idea to steal his phone in order to score him a Hot Date with that quiet kid in Philosophy. (What was his name again? Namjoon?) OT7 shenanigans ensue.


Note: i laughed out loud so many times reading this. the author definitely captures the dorky side of both namjoon and yoongi's personality so well. i really appreciated how soft and touching this was too. the ot7 friendships are also really important too that seem cracky and trolling on the surface but they are really supportive and care deeply about yoongi's well-being. such a good read.
pairing:  namjoon/yoongi  fandom:bangtan  universe:alternate  theme:text  theme:hiddenidentity  author:chahans 
4 weeks ago by funkyrosethrower
Deeper Than the Truth - Chapter 1 - insieme - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Alec Lightwood is a world-famous author, though the world knows him only under his pseud: Gideon Archer. Magnus Bane is a fashion designer who just happens to be a big fan of Gideon's work.
slash  warning:past-abusiverelationship  fandom:shadowhunters  character:AlecLightwood  Character:MagnusBane  pairing:AlecLightwood/MagnusBane  au:human  job:writer  theme:HiddenIdentity  warning:homophobia 
march 2019 by angsty_lia
The Last Thing I Expected
On every warlock's 25th birthday, there's a ritual to choose their perfect match. Normally it isn't a big deal, but for Magnus Bane - the son of Asmodeus, an Underworld crime lord - it's the party of the century. Everyone is more than a little surprised when Magnus' match turns out to be the bartender, Alec ... who's actually an undercover police officer. Alec's bosses want him to play along to get close to the organization, but Alec isn't sure he can mislead the man who's apparently his soulmate...
slash  au:human  fandom:shadowhunters  character:AlecLightwood  Character:MagnusBane  pairing:AlecLightwood/MagnusBane  au:soulmate  job:cop  theme:undercover  theme:HiddenIdentity  warning:past-abusiverelationship  genre:romance 
march 2019 by angsty_lia
Off The Record - Chapter 1 - crookedswingset - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Peter Parker is a corporate lackey whose sole job is to root out problem executives who waste Oscorp’s money and time. Wade Wilson is a reserve Avenger on the hunt for a prize even Iron Man couldn’t nail down: the real identity of everyone’s favorite webhead. Too bad most people think Spider-Man is Harry Osborn.
slash  theme:HiddenIdentity  theme:mentalhealthissues  fandom:marvel  fandom:spiderman  character:peterparker  character:WadeWilson  pairing:PeterParker/WadeWilson 
march 2019 by angsty_lia
The 6 Times Peter Wanted To Reveal his Identity (And the 1 Time He Did)
"Look, I’m just a Deadpool. I know I’m not Dr. Phil. But I couldn’t just let you make some bad decision and let the world lose one more hot piece of ass. Anyways, I live in the area and saw you standing on the ledge, and I thought I could maybe talk you down. Dying hurts, in case you were wondering. It’s not worth it.” Dying...hurts? Talk him down? Bad decision? Oh. “Oh.” Everything suddenly connected and the gears started turning in Peter’s brain. “No, wait, I wasn’t…” He didn’t quite know how to explain he wasn’t there to do that without completely explaining why he was up there in the first place. Any resolve he may have had earlier about revealing his superpowered persona had melted away, his plans going awry within seconds. " Or Peter is madly in love with Wade, and plans to meet him on top of his apartment building to reveal his identity. Wade thinks Peter is standing on the ledge ready to jump, and takes it upon himself to make sure he gets home safe and finds a reason to live again.
insecure!peterparker  fandom:deadpool  fandom:spiderman  theme:HiddenIdentity  Genre:misunderstanding  genre:hurt-comfort 
february 2019 by angsty_lia
are you sure you wanna' love me? - scarlett_starlett - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Spider-Man is everything Peter Parker wishes he could be—witty, confident, loud, sassy, and sexy… This is no more apparent to him than when Deadpool walks past him without a second glance the first time they meet. It sucks, considering Peter Parker has an embarrassing crush on the ex-merc.
slash  fandom:spiderman  fandom:deadpool  character:peterparker  character:WadeWilson  pairing:PeterParker/WadeWilson  genre:humour  genre:romance  genre:first_time  theme:HiddenIdentity  insecure!peterparker 
february 2019 by angsty_lia
Half Your Age (Plus Seven) - Chapter 1 - fancastical - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In which Deadpool has oddly specific and frustrating morals, Spider-Man has excellent friends, his lab partner has an opening for a bassist, Johnny Storm has the warmest feet, and everyone has had enough of hearing Peter talk about Wade Wilson (except Aunt May: she’s always glad to hear he’s back in town). Written for the Spideypool Big Bang 2017!
fandom:deadpool  fandom:spiderman  character:WadeWilson  character:peterparker  pairing:PeterParker/WadeWilson  theme:HiddenIdentity  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:romance  genre:flirting  Genre:misunderstanding 
february 2019 by angsty_lia
Poured Over Ice in an Old-Fashioned Glass -
Wherein Captain Cold and the Rogues don't know the Flash's secret identity, Cisco and Caitlin have relocated the Flash headquarters into Caitlin's apartment, Eddie and Iris are getting married, and Barry is forced to take a job as 'Barry Allen, the totally non-superpowered, completely harmless bartender.' Then Leonard Snart buys the bar.
fandom:flash  character:leonardSnart  character:barryallen  pairing:barryallen/leonardsnart  wip!fic  genre:humour  genre:au  genre:flirting  theme:undercover  theme:HiddenIdentity  genre:protective 
august 2017 by angsty_lia
If die, only in Manhattan
A few months after coming back from Afghanistan, Tony finds out that he has cancer. Faced with that and other problems, he hides behind Iron Man's mask and disappears from the world. For some time, the world almost forgets. The Avengers never get to meet Tony Stark, but someone is too curious for their own good. Tony Stark, genius billionaire playboy philanthropist alcoholic. Iron Man, Avenger. Nate Rives, mute self-taught computer genius consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D. Everything is a puzzle
slash  warning:characterdeath  character:TonyStark  character:steveRogers  character:pepperPotts  character:peterparker  character:happyhogan  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:illness  theme:HiddenIdentity  genre:friendship  fandom:avengers 
january 2016 by angsty_lia
ready for my close up, mr. dameron - Chapter 1 - AndreaLyn - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Poe Dameron is a beloved movie star best known for his role in the Aviator Chronicles. He’s charming, handsome, and charismatic, but to Finn, he’s the guy who saved him from a disastrous blind date. It doesn't take very long for Finn to catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to loving Poe Dameron.
fandom:starwarsVII  character:finn  character:PoeDameron  Pairing:Finn/PoeDameron  genre:au  genre:romance  genre:flirting  au:modern  job:actor  theme:HiddenIdentity 
january 2016 by angsty_lia
In Three Words
Pike used George Kirk’s legacy to dare his son into Starfleet. It was John Grimm who taught Jim about living outside of his father’s shadow.
fandom:star_trek  st_xi  character:leonardMccoy  Character:JimKirk  pairing:JimKirk/Spock/Mccoy  xo:doom/startrek  au:alpha/beta!dynamic  genre:humour  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:violence  genre:crossover  theme:HiddenIdentity  theme:HiddenPast 
july 2014 by angsty_lia
Saving the World (Is Totally a Date)
Tony discovers Stane's betrayal while he's still being held captive. When he escapes, he sets out to ruin Stane as completely and ruthlessly as he can, playing up his PTSD and quitting his job to destroy Stane quietly from the outside. He also picks up a teaching job-all Pepper's fault-and oh, right, becomes a supervillain. Okay, that one was Tony's fault, but it was totally an accident. In the meantime, a certain Capsicle is defrosted a year early, and is assigned the task of capturing the notorious Iron Man. It's not going particularly well, if the embarrassingly high number of times he's been kidnapped in the past six months is any indication. When SHIELD decides to help him "adjust" by getting him a teaching job, Steve is skeptical; but then there's Tony, and Steve finds he doesn't mind the 21st century so much after all.
slash  au:superhero  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  theme:HiddenIdentity  fandom:avengers  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  character:TonyStark  character:steveRogers 
october 2013 by angsty_lia
Identity Crisis
Spoilers for the second movie. How can you expect a trainfull of people to keep a secret?
fandom:spiderman  gen!fic  theme:HiddenIdentity 
april 2013 by angsty_lia
all the weirdos in the world (become friends at Harvard)
At 10, Peter Parker is a little angry at the world because his adoptive guardians have died and he's been freshly adopted by the Avengers, public relations disaster. At 15, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spiderman. At 18, Peter Parker is about to go to college when it's decided that being Peter Parker is really conspicuous and he becomes Eduardo Saverin. At 20, Peter Parker is outed as not actually being Eduardo Saverin and has to go save the world. Sometimes, he wishes his life were a little more normal.
genre:humour  genre:crossover  genre:family  au:superhero  theme:HiddenIdentity  theme:hiddenfamily  fandom:thesocialnetwork  fandom:spiderman  fandom:avengers  character:peterparker  character:mark  character:eduardo  xo:avengers/tsn  avenger/spiderman 
february 2013 by angsty_lia
The Voice
Tony never became Iron Man – or an Avenger – but the Avengers were still put together to save the world from Loki. After the first battle the Avengers begin to receive help from an unknown source, guiding them during missions and in some cases keeping the team together. Fury wants the culprit caught while Steve feels they should thank him instead of putting him behind bars.
slash  fandom:avengers  character:TonyStark  character:steveRogers  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  genre:humour  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  au:canon  theme:HiddenIdentity 
february 2013 by angsty_lia
My Boy Builds Coffins
Tony hadn't known that he was getting involved with a mob boss, Steve hadn't given any indications of being anything other than a mild-mannered art teacher, and Pepper hadn't been right about one night stands being more dangerous than a long term relationship.
au:mafia  fandom:avengers  slash  theme:HiddenIdentity  character:steveRogers  character:TonyStark  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:violence  warning:torture  clueless!tonystark  via:angsty_lia 
january 2013 by cepaea
Dumb and Ditzy
AU. Years of being bullied for his smarts left him dreading when people figured out he was a genius. What better way to throw them off then by acting stupid? Enter: Dumb Blonde Spencer Reid.
character:ReidSpencer  fandom:criminalminds  au:canon  theme:hiddenTalent  theme:HiddenIdentity  genre:hurt-comfort  insecure!spencerreid  gen!fic  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:humour  genre:friendship  theme:bully 
december 2012 by angsty_lia
I (created from fantasies) exist solely for you
Six years ago, without the Avengers Initiative there to save the day, scientist Dr. Eric Selvig sacrificed himself to save the world, the almighty demi-god Thor was lost to a terrible storm, and vigilante Iron Man – spotted with a nuclear weapon trying to take advantage of the situation – was forever labelled an enemy of SHIELD. This is a comic book office AU, where Steve is defrosted a year too late, Thor has forgotten who he is, and no one knows Tony is Iron Man. Also includes: office pranks, inappropriate post-it notes, and superheroes who like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain
fandom:avengers  slash  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:au  au:superhero  au:canon  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  character:TonyStark  character:steveRogers  character:  genre:first_time  theme:HiddenIdentity  job:artist  author:mizzy 
november 2012 by angsty_lia

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protective!mccoy  protective!renard  rating:nc-17  rating:pg  rating:r  reaper!mccoy  shy!deanwinchester  shy!jensenackles  shy!steverogers  sick!jensenackles  slash  slave!jensenackles  st_xi  stupid!jensenackles  superpower!lexluthor  theme:arrangedmariage  theme:bond!fic  theme:bully  theme:cursed  theme:de-aged  theme:dimensiontravel  theme:drunk/underinfluence  theme:fix-it  theme:genderswitch  theme:hiddenfamily  theme:hiddenpast  theme:hiddentalent  theme:letters  theme:magic_ritual  theme:meetoline  theme:mentalhealthissues  theme:metamorphose  theme:royalty  theme:slave!fic  theme:text  theme:timetravel  theme:travel  theme:truthserum  theme:undercover  theme:wings  timelord!johnwatson  tsn:post-deposition  universe:alternate  warning:characterdeath  warning:dub-con  warning:homophobia  warning:non-con  warning:past-abusiverelationship  warning:torture  wip!fic  xo:americanidol/tsn  xo:avengers/darkangel  xo:avengers/gilmoregirls  xo:avengers/tsn  xo:batman/smallville  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