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[The Losers (2010)] Impersonation - Resonant - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "This is a dream assignment, and I am not going to fuck it up just because my teammates aren't secure enough in their masculinity," he said to Pooch.

"You ever nibble on my earlobe again, they will find your body in eight places," Pooch said, but Pooch didn't share Jensen's commitment to self-improvement.
'fanfic  fandom:losers  p:carlos_"cougar"_alvarez/jake_jensen  c:cougar  c:jake_jenson  c:pooch  genre:romance  !blowjob  theme:get_together  theme:firsttime  theme:gaybar  theme:undercover  theme:mission_fic  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[Sherlock] By Firelight [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: The power goes out and the sun goes down while a snow storm rages outside. They not only need to conserve body heat, but John has to find a way to keep the great Sherlock Holmes entertained somehow. Desperate times, and all that...

**John moves back imperceptibly before urging, still in a hushed tone, “It’s your turn again.”

Sherlock’s eyes shoot up to John’s in fear. He’s so scared of ruining things, going too far, asking for too much.

“Whatever it is, nothing needs to happen,” John reminds him gently.

Be that as it may, Sherlock can only think of one thing: “Never have I ever kissed the same person twice.”

John smirks confidently, “I really hope you don’t plan to keep count,” he goads before closing the space between them once more.**
'fanfic  fandom:sherlock  p:sherlock/john  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  genre:romance  !masterbation  !handjob  !frottage  !blowjob  !fingering  theme:firsttime  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:partygame  !awkward  length:10k-30k  Status:Complete  rating:M/E 
september 2017 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] Werewolf-Friendly - badwolfbadwolf - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Derek is a junior in college, never could get the hang of social interaction, and is, you know, a werewolf. A werewolf and a virgin. And it isn’t like anyone is banging down his door to hop on his werewolf dick, save for the few pervs who acted like he was some kind of exotic toy to be played with and experienced. So, when he sees Stiles' ad on Hot Men 4 Rent, Derek is... interested.

And who is he kidding, he’s read that bio every day since that sad evening with the chocolate chip cookies, and has every facet of it memorized.

Stiles, no last name. Eighteen. Student. Good conversationalist. Likes to crack jokes. Fan of junk food but enjoys running. Werewolf-friendly. Werewolf-friendly.

And there is his phone number and an email address. Plus all the moles.
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:stiles_stilinski  c:dereck_hale  c:cora_hale  c:isaac_lahey  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  AU  AU:college  !virgin  !blowjob  !dirtytalk  !prostitution  !masterbation  !barebacking  !spanking  !D/s(light)  !possesive  !knotting  theme:firsttime  theme:get_together  length:10k-30k  Status:Complete  rating:M/E 
march 2017 by fanfictionato
[Big Bang Theory] cabin fever dream - Lauren (notalwaysweak) - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: It's simple enough. In July 2014 Penny is alone at home; the others are in San Diego for Comic-Con.

Then there are zombies, and nothing will be the same.

(She does have one last question for him, though, before the chilly night air drives them inside. “What would you have done if I—if I hadn’t been here?”

Sheldon smiles. “Turned around and walked to Texas.” Penny believes him.)
'fanfic  fandom:big_bang_theory  p:sheldon_cooper/penny  c:sheldon_cooper  c:penny  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:friendship  genre:action/adventure  genre:romance  theme:get_together  theme:firsttime  theme:end-of-the-world  theme:!characterdeath  Status:Complete  length:10k-30k  theme:het  rating:M/E 
august 2016 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] Is it because you don't mean it? - trilliath - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: So... after 3x04 and the look on Ethan's face during a certain fight scene, I am forced to conclude that Ethan's a bit of a masochist...
I am also convinced that Danny would discover that while this is new to him, he doesn't really mind. At all.mOr something like that. Here's some Dethan PWP to make up for all the fluff I've been writing lately XD
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:danny/ethan  c:danny_mahealani  c:ethan(teen_wolf)  genre:dirtyPWP  !rough_sex  !blowjob  !cockslapping  !D/s(light)  !cbt(light)  !reallyverymuchhot  !cuddles  !painkink  !negotiations  theme:firsttime  Status:Complete  length:3000-5000  rating:M/E 
june 2015 by fanfictionato
[Sense 8] How Will Gorski Stopped Worrying (and Learned to Love Gay Sex) - shirasade - [Archive of Our Own]

Funny how quickly one got used to the strangest things. Will could by now mostly cope with the inconvenient hard-ons at random times of the day because someone in the cluster was getting laid, jerking off or just thinking about either. He most certainly could cope with being able to kiss and touch Riley when there was an ocean between them. However, he had to admit that he still had trouble coping with being aroused by a man.
'fanfic  fandom:sense8  p:will_gorski/lito_rodriguez/wolfgang_bogdanow  c:will_gorski  c:wolfgang_bogdanow  c:lito_rodriguez  !threesome  theme:firsttime  Status:Complete  length:1000-3000  !!  rating:M/E 
june 2015 by fanfictionato
[Glee] Three Versions of the Same Porn - patchfire, raving_liberal - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: After Rachel's party (2x14 "Blame it on the Alcohol"), Blaine and Rachel not only get together, but feel the need to keep Kurt constantly updated on their budding new relationship. Kurt's lamentations about the lack of available gay boys in Ohio, as well as how bisexuality never seems to work out in his favor leads to Finn's suggestion of online dating. They turn to Puck for his expertise on the subject matter and in the process discover that between the three of them they have seen three different versions of what is essentially the same porn.
'fanfic  fandom:glee  p:kurt/finn/puck  c:kurt  c:puck  c:finn  theme:get_together  theme:firsttime  !threesome  !circlejerk  !kissing  !porn  theme:grindr  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
june 2015 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] Knot Your Playmate - Chapter 1 - Miguelio1204 - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: He quickly closed his laptop and laid back on his bed. Somehow he’d convinced himself to not only sign up for an online ABO hookup website, but to also meet up with not one, but two alphas to potentially sleep with and get him through his heat.

AU where Stiles is an omega, and has to sign up for an online ABO dating website to find an alpha to bring him through his heat, and possibly be a match so he doesn't flunk out of high school and get sent to remedial school because of Harris. What he doesn't expect is to find two mated alphas looking for an omega, and for feelings to start getting involved.
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles/jordan  c:stiles_stilinski  c:dereck_hale  c:jordan_parrish  c:ensemble  c:hale_pack  !age_difference  !  !threesome  !no_strings  !rimming  !fingering  !D/s(light)  genre:hurt/comfort  AU:human  theme:makesmehappy  theme:get_together  theme:firsttime  theme:established_relationship  theme:mated/bonding  theme:pining  Status:WIP  Status:abandoned??  length:10k-30k  rating:M/E 
may 2015 by fanfictionato
[Teem Wolf] Reckless Abandon - elandrialore [Archive of Our Own]

Derek feels ancient against the first blush of adulthood that Stiles is experiencing, too old and too jaded, but it doesn't stop him from scenting the air anytime Stiles is near. Doesn't stop him from wanting to rub his face against Stiles’s flushed skin and to peel off his clothes to find out where the flush stops.
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:stiles_stilinski  c:dereck_hale  genre:romance  genre:dirtyPWP  theme:firsttime  theme:mated/bonding  !virgin  !possesive  !reallyverymuchhot  !rimming  !fingering  !intercural  theme:pining  !age_difference  !scenting  !D/s(light)  Status:Complete  length:3000-5000  series  theme:get_together  c:scott_mccall  c:allison_argent  c:chris_argent  !cute!  !shower_sex  c:sheriff_stilinski  theme:the_big_reveal  genre:family  rating:M/E 
november 2014 by fanfictionato

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genre:romance  length>50k(epic)  length<1000  length:10-15k  length:1000-3000  length:10k-30k  length:15-20k  length:30-50k  length:3000-5000  length:30k-50k  length:5-10k  length:5k-10k  length:longish?  multimedia  on:ao3  oneshot  otp  p:ariadne/yusuf  p:arthur/eames  p:arthur/merlin  p:athelstan/ragnar  p:carlos_"cougar"_alvarez/jake_jensen  p:clinton_jones/omc  p:danny/ethan  p:danny/jackson  p:danny/stiles  p:dean/castiel  p:derek/danny/stiles  p:derek/danny  p:derek/isaac  p:derek/stiles/jordan  p:derek/stiles  p:fago/carter/stark  p:greg+archie  p:jack/daniel  p:jake_puckerman/ryder_lynn  p:jason_bourne/nicky_parsons  p:jin/mugen  p:jyuumonji/sena  p:kirk+mccoy  p:kirk/spock  p:kris_allen/adam_lambert  p:kurt/blaine  p:kurt/finn/puck  p:legolas/gimli  p:lestraude+john  p:lestraude/molly  p:marcus/esca  p:mccoy/chekov  p:neil/jones  p:nick/greg  p:peter_parker/wade_wilson  p:pinto  p:poe_dameron/finn  p:riddick/vaako  p:sam/sebastain  p:scott/allison  p:sheldon_cooper/penny  p:sherlock+donovan  p:sherlock/john  p:sidney_crosby/evgeni_malkin  p:spike/xander  p:steve+jarvis  p:tintin/omc  p:tony/steve  p:will_gorski/lito_rodriguez/wolfgang_bogdanow  pairing:agron/nasir  pairing:billy/teddy  pairing:chrispine/zacharyquinto  pairing:clint/darcy/natasha  pairing:cougar/jensen  pairing:eli/kate  pairing:jane/thor  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:kate/tommy  pairing:nightvale:carlos/cecil  pairing:steve/bucky  person:adam_lambert  person:chris_pine  person:geno_malkin  person:john_cho  person:karl_urban  person:kris_allen  person:sidney_crosby  person:zachary_quinto  person:zoe_saldana  rating:m/e  rating:nc-17  rating:nc17  rating:pg  rating:pg13  rating:r  series  site:ao3  site:lj  slash  status:abandoned??  status:complete  status:wip  tag_vomit  theme:!chacacterdeath(oc)  theme:!characterdeath  theme:accidental!marriage/bond  theme:amnesia  theme:arranged_marraige/marraige_of_convenience  theme:arthur.finds.out  theme:awkwardwooing  theme:backfromthedead  theme:bamf  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:case_fic  theme:coming_out  theme:compitence  theme:courting  theme:cult  theme:culturalmisunderstandings  theme:dadt  theme:dragons  theme:dreams/memories  theme:end-of-the-world  theme:epistolary  theme:established_relationship  theme:fake_relationship  theme:famous  theme:farming  theme:food  theme:friends_with_benefits  theme:future_fic  theme:gaybar  theme:get_together  theme:gettogether  theme:giftgiving  theme:gossip  theme:grindr  theme:handholding  theme:het  theme:homophobia  theme:houseofm  theme:hugs  theme:injury/disability/illness  theme:internet  theme:kid!fic  theme:kid_fic  theme:kidnapped/captured  theme:knight_in_shining_armour  theme:language  theme:magicalcreatures  theme:makesmehappy  theme:mated/bonding  theme:meta  theme:mission_fic  theme:misunderstandings  theme:monster!  theme:motorcycle  theme:music  theme:not.human  theme:not_so_innocent_anton/chekov  theme:odd.couple/rarepair  theme:partygame  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