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You Just Brace and You Breathe - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill, A Companion To Wolves - Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette [Archive of Our Own]
Afghanistan, December 2001. Bo meets Frost, and then Nate meets Brad.
Nate looked over at Bo, who lay down across Frost's front feet, just where her pup had been lying. She gave Nate an amused look.

Without looking away from her, Nate said, "I believe she'll require an exchange of hostages."

"That's fair," Colbert said. "I said I'd teach you to surf, and despite what he likes to think Frost won't be any help with that."

Nate grinned, remembering exactly when Colbert had said that. He thought about his chances of fucking up and going under--the gut-deep fear of drowning grabbed him--and then he thought about the fact that Colbert would be right there with him. Holding him up, if Nate needed it.

More importantly, he thought about getting off this ship sometime before his libo was up. It was absolutely worth risking drowning.

Nate dropped dew on eucalyptus and snow on sand in the thin mountain air on the floor in front of their parents. He was on his feet fast enough to give Colbert a hand up once he'd disentangled himself from his own lapful of puppies.

It was the first time they'd touched since parting in the heat-shack, and for an instant Nate felt like he was drowning already. Then he took a breath and remembered to smile. Colbert smiled back. A second after that, they both remembered to let go.

Follows "Today We Have Naming"

Lovely actual Brad/Nate, Frost/Bo that was hinted at in "Which In Your Case You Have Not Got". Also? Super hot.
****  Archive:AO3  Author:DiraSudis  Fandom:A.Companion.To.Wolves  Fandom:Generation.Kill  Series:Every.Marine.A.Wolfbrother  Char:Brad.Colbert  Char:Nate.Fick  Pairing:Brad/Nate  Theme:AU  Theme:HEAT  Theme:Consent.Issues  Theme:Animal.Bonding  Theme:World-Building  WC:20-25K  Theme:GUH  Theme:FEELS 
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The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized - the_ragnarok - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is the son of the ruler, and an Omega male. Eames is leading the revolution. Which kidnaps Arthur. This is only the start of their problems.
The rest of the day is quiet. Or at least, Arthur is quiet. The protesters are obnoxiously loud. Even while trying to block out their shouting Arthur picks up half a dozen contradictions. It doesn’t improve his mood any. It’s a bit better when they stop and make camp for the night.

Pitching tents is a welcome distraction. It gives Arthur something to do with his hands and somewhere to look while he thinks, fast and furious.

It’s always like this, isn’t it? Arthur has his facts lined up all neat, everything as close to absolute correctness as it can be without straight mathematical proof, and then some asshole with a catchy turn of phrase makes him look like an idiot. Arthur just wants everything to come out right. He doesn’t know how to make people believe him when they won’t look at the fucking numbers.

What he wants to do is find that laptop he used to research the data for the requirements document and find the claims he spluttered through earlier. In spite of all the rhetoric classes, Arthur’s crap at public speaking, but if he has the cases and the facts in front of him he just has to cite them.

He catches himself thinking, That’ll show her, and stands still, dropping the stake he’s holding.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Arthur says, softly, to himself. Revolutionaries aren’t known for their thoughtful consideration, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter if Ariadne thinks he’s right.

This is sort of a crossover between the Occupy movement and other grassroots organizations and the classic Alpha-Omega mpreg-possible knotting goodness that's since become very prevalent in many fandoms. I'm not sure if the drastically changed circumstances or just characterization differences but this could be read as a totally original story with original characters. In this particular instance with such great world-building (and hot sex-ing) that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

This inhabits a contradictory space of being good for Inception fandom newbies due to AU context but not appropriate because it's too seeped in the particular deep-fandom Alpha-Omega hive mind...
****  Archive:AO3  Archive:Inception.Kink.Meme  Author:the_ragnarok  Fandom:Inception  Char:Arthur  Char:Eames  Char:Browning  Char:Saito  Char:Ariadne  Char:Mal  Char:Yusuf  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Theme:Always.In.The.Multi-verse  Theme:An.Improbable.Number.Of.Orgasms.Later...  Theme:AU  Theme:Awesomeness  Theme:Consent.Issues  Theme:DubCon  Theme:Fluff  Theme:Fuck.Or.Die  Theme:Government.Work  Theme:GUH  Theme:HEAT  Theme:Kidnapping  Theme:Knotting  Theme:Made.Them.Do.It  Theme:Mpreg  Theme:Mwarrage  Theme:Politics  Theme:World-Building  Series:revolution!  WC:50-60k 
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The Devil In Your Bed - luchia - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It wasn't just The Jimmy Incident that made everything go wrong. Lucifer was wrong from the start.
Lucifer can remember getting picked up from the orphanage, still passed around from house to house because the cats disappear and the children don’t like the things he says and does sometimes. They don’t tell the man this, of course. The man – Father – just looks at him. Michael looks at him too, and Lucifer decides then and there that he doesn’t want Michael ever looking anywhere else.

WOW, this is even more fucked up than usual from SPN. But I guess what do you expect from Lucifer's head?
***  Archive:AO3  Author:luchia  Fandom:SPN  Char:Lucifer  Char:Michael  Char:Gabriel  Char:Castiel  Pairing:Michael/Lucifer  Series:MafiaSoupkitchen  Theme:AU  Theme:Character.Death  Theme:Character.Study  Theme:Consent.Issues  Theme:Daddy.Issues  Theme:F-ed.Up.Parenting  Theme:Kids  Theme:Siblings  Theme:Who.ARE.These.People?  Theme:Creepy.As.Fuck  Tone:angsty  WC:2k  Fanfic  Supernatural 
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What to Do After Firing - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill, A Companion To Wolves - Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette [Archive of Our Own]
November 2000. Ray and Navi have their first multiple breeding, and Brad and Frost look after them when it's over.
"Hey, Brad," Ray said.

Brad rolled his whole body sideways to look at Ray, stopping with his head against Ray's thigh on the couch.

Ray completely forgot what he'd been about to ask, feeling that warm pressure through his sweatpants. Brad's eyes stayed on Ray's, but he shifted closer, so it was his cheek against Ray's leg, and Ray could feel his breath through the fabric.

Ray didn't think, he just said it. "Sergeant, no."

He even put his hand out in a stop gesture, exactly like they'd been taught to do in all of those stupid role-plays back in boot camp. And exactly like one of those practices, the guy Ray said no to backed off as soon as Ray said the magic word. By the time Ray realized that he'd put his hand up without thinking about it and wondered how exactly that had become a reflex, Brad was already a couple of feet away, still sitting on the floor but now out of arm's reach, definitely not touching him.

Navi, a mile away, started awake. Ray? Ray, are you safe?

Safe, he assured her--and Frost. And Brad, and himself. Safe, it's all right, everything's all right. I'm safe.

Following "Which In Your Case You Have Not Got"

I love the world-building in this series and although I'm pretty OTP on Brad/Nate, the Brad/Ray was perfect here. I'm trying to pinpoint what I liked so much in this story and I think that it's the "real world" consequences of having a society where dubious consent is necessary in specific circumstances but also having enough of a non-dubious consent/civilian population that there's a certain amount of tension and non-normality. Blah. I don't know I just really liked that there was consequences and everything got sorted eventually.
*****  Author:DiraSudis  Archive:AO3  Series:Every.Marine.A.Wolfbrother  Fandom:Generation.Kill  Fandom:A.Companion.To.Wolves  Char:Ray.Person  Char:Brad.Colbert  Pairing:Brad/Ray  Theme:GangBang  Theme:H/C  Theme:Consent.Issues  Theme:Comfort.Sex  Theme:AU  Theme:World-Building  Theme:Animal.Bonding  Theme:Aftermath  WC:10-20k 
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helenish: Practice Makes Perfect
"Maybe this is news to you," Arthur says, "but I spend most of my working life doing things I don’t particularly want to do."
"But you guys are together," Cobb says, forehead crumpling, because he’s completely incapable of understanding that just because a person hatefucks a guy every once in a while when it’s too much trouble to find a complete stranger who isn’t really looking to revenge kill you or kidnap you into a life of sexual slavery it doesn’t mean you’re going on nice dates and trying to figure out how to integrate your video collection. Cobb got them a joint magazine subscription for Christmas last year.

Wherein Cobb has ridiculous plans and bad relationship advice, Ariadne has a dayplanner, Eames has issues and a disturbing desire to please, and Arthur is just generally an asshole until he isn't. Beautiful and funny until it hurts.
*****  Archive:LJ  Fandom:Inception  Author:Helenish  Char:Dom.Cobb  Char:Ariadne  Char:Arthur  Char:Eames  Theme:Always.In.The.Multi-verse  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Theme:Awesomeness  Theme:Figuring.Shit.Out  Theme:In.Need.Of.Therapy.So.Hard  Theme:SexyTimes  Tone:angsty  Tone:Beautiful  Theme:Fake!Hooker  Theme:Consent.Issues  WC:4000 
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Whiskyrunner - Requiescat (part 1) - [Inception/Mysterious Skin]
The death of Neil McCormick was gradual, not sudden, and not permanent by any means. In the end, Arthur goes much more quickly.
It's a strange feeling to be hated so thoroughly by one's grown-up self.

Neil doesn't hate himself. He might regret a couple things, here and there, but he doesn't hate himself. He's pretty satisfied with who he is, actually.

Arthur, though. Arthur definitely hates him.

He can tell this by the way Eames watches him. Eames doesn't say much, but his lips will thin a little bit when Neil does certain things. Neil can tell that Eames hates the way he slouches, hates the swagger in Neil's stride, hates when he gives certain words a broad Kansas inflection (which is getting broader by the day, judging by Eames' expressions). He orders a greasy breakfast sandwich from a questionable cafe in the airport and Eames has to turn away. His body language reads loud and clear: Arthur wouldn't do that.

Arthur probably eats a lot of salad. Neil hates him, too.

Wonderful, wonderful angsty story that sadly STILL isn't up on AO3. 8 Parts and a sequel and one of my very, very favorite Mysterious Skin fics. Definitely recommend but not for the faint of heart...

Followed by the coda: "Eyes Wide Shut"
*****  Author:Whiskyrunner  Archive:LJ  Parts:8  Fandom:Inception  Fandom:Crossover  Fandom:Mysterious.Skin  Char:Arthur  Char:Eames  Char:Neil.McCormick  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Theme:FEELS  Theme:Amnesia  Theme:In.Need.Of.Therapy.So.Hard  Theme:Internalized.Oppression  Theme:PTSD  Theme:Consent.Issues  Theme:Prostitution  Theme:Depression  Theme:Aftermath  Char:Dom.Cobb  Char:Mal  Theme:Dreaming  Theme:Grief  Theme:Past.Abuse  Theme:POV-shifts  Series:Requiescat  WC:40-50k 
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