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the dogfather - Chapter 1 - hollimichele - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
“My fairy godfather?” Harry asks, because his mother read him a lot of Brothers Grimm.
“not– in that sense, no,” says the man. “Just your regular godfather.”
“my regular godfather, who is magic,” says Harry.
“yes,” says Padfoot, who has lived in Harry’s house for two years now, and read most of the books on its shelves in the middle of the night, including the ones with titles like The Adoptive Parent’s Toolkit and My Family, My Journey.
he says, “your birth dad was my best friend.”
fanfic  fandom:harrypotter  theme:au  theme:au:divergence  theme:adoption  wip  words:30k-50k  via:theautomaticlady 
september 2018 by alegria
Monroe's Fairytale Halfway House - mrsvc - Grimm (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Monroe looks at Nick, with his bright blue eyes and his silly teenage boy hair cut, and he thinks maybe it isn't so silly, that Barry thought they were together. It should be ridiculous, a Grimm and a Blutbad, and it kind of was, but right now, Monroe saw it as a whole different type of hilarious. It was trying to find every one's shoes at night when Barry and Roddy left to go out to eat, or slipping a few dollars in Gracie's pocket before she and Hansen left in the morning. It was Holly curled up on the floor with her head on Nick's knee waiting for her mom to come pick her up. It was beers at midnight, when the house was quiet, and coffee in the morning when it wasn't so peaceful. [8034]
fic  tv:grimm  c:grimm:monroe  c:grimm:nick  c:grimm:roddie  c:grimm:barry  c:grimm:holly  c:grimm:gracie  c:grimm:hank  theme:kids  theme:adoption  theme:foundfamily  theme:clueless  theme:pining  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:angst  theme:snark  theme:shenanigans  theme:firstkiss  BFFpairing  p:grimm:monroe/nick  ge:fluff  ge:slash  r:pg-13  @ao3 
august 2015 by scorpionvoices
Somewhere That's Green - juniorstarcatcher - Mad Max Series (Movies), fury road [Archive of Our Own]
"We're partners," Max says, shrugging even as Furiosa keeps her stare and hands on him, "Where you go, I go."

Furiosa awards herself a moment to process that, then proceeds, as passionate as Max has ever seen her.

"If we're doing this thing, we're doing it all the way. You understand? We don't back down until we leave with them. No matter what."

No matter what. That threatening promise resounds off of the tiles, echoing through the empty room with its gravity. Max merely renews his vows.

"Where you go, I go." [5949]
fic  m:madmax  au:realworld  c:max:furiosa  c:max  c:max:ensemble  theme:totherescue!  theme:adoption  theme:theyfightcrime!  theme:platoniclove  theme:fixing  theme:foundfamily  ge:gen  r:pg-13  @ao3 
may 2015 by scorpionvoices
What if, when Petunia Dursley found a little boy...
What if, when Petunia Dursley found a little boy on her front doorstep, she took him in? Not into the cupboard under the stairs, not into a twisted childhood of tarnished worth and neglect—what if she took him in?

Petunia was jealous, selfish and vicious. We will not pretend she wasn’t. She looked at that boy on her doorstep and thought about her Dudders, barely a month older than this boy. She looked at his eyes and her stomach turned over and over. (Severus Snape saved Harry’s life for his eyes. Let’s have Petunia save it despite them).

Let’s tell a story where Petunia Dursley found a baby boy on her doorstep and hated his eyes—she hated them. She took him in and fed him and changed him and got him his shots, and she hated his eyes up until the day she looked at the boy and saw her nephew, not her sister’s shadow. When Harry was two and Vernon Dursley bought Dudley a toy car and Harry a fast food meal with a toy with parts he could choke on Petunia packed her things and got a divorce.

Harry grew up small and skinny, with knobbly knees and the unruly hair he got from his father. He got cornered behind the dumpsters and in the restrooms, got blood on the jumpers Petunia had found, half-price, at the hand-me-down store. He was still chosen last for sports. But Dudley got blood on his sweaters, too, the ones Petunia had found at the hand-me-down store, half price, because that was all a single mother working two secretary jobs could afford for her two boys, even with Vernon’s grudging child support.

[I cried]
post:meta  fic-thing  b:harrypotter  au:justalittledifferent  c:hp:petunia  c:hp:dudley  c:hp:harry  theme:family  theme:angst  theme:sacrifice  theme:fix-it  theme:love  theme:adoption  ge:gen  r:pg  @tumblr 
january 2015 by scorpionvoices
Fallen here to grace - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Genma is a very good assassin. He takes a job, takes a life, comes home, repeats. Then one day a stray genin shows up on his doorstep. And then another. Lonely assassin? Not so much. Try resident shinobi den mother. [15,594]

(In which Genma is a (very manly) mother hen, his apartment attracts strays, and all of his (bastard) friends are quite amused.)

[Pairings are mostly for the second fic, which is freaking HYSTERICAL.]
fic  an:naruto  pre-series  c:naru:genma  c:naru:izumo  c:naru:kotetso  c:naru:iruka  c:naru:sandaime  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:PTSD  theme:kids  theme:foundfamily  theme:adoption  theme:snark  theme:cockblocking  LOLZ  p:naru:genma/raidou  p:naru:genma/kakashi  p:naru:genma/ibiki  ge:slash  ge:drama  ge:fluff  r:pg-13  @ao3 
december 2014 by scorpionvoices
Murphy's Law - Erisette - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
In which wee tiny Parker and Alec steal Nate's things from him and then steal Nate from Russians, which favor he responds to by bleeding all over their stuff. Eliot saves the day and loses his patience, and Sophie is too busy Getting Stuff Accomplished for the whole mess. [11,856]
fic  tv:leverage  au:age  c:leverage:nathan  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:parker  c:leverage:eliot  theme:kids  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:totherescue!  theme:competency!!!  theme:adoption  theme:foundfamily  ge:gen  ge:fluff  r:pg-13  @ao3 
may 2014 by scorpionvoices
I'll take pretending to be married or college AU for $100!
cute tumblrfic // She gives Sid a quick, hesitant glance, and then says to Geno, “You haven’t mentioned a partner. I’ll be honest, it would look better if you had one.”

"Ah—" Geno says, and Sid reaches over and takes his hand.

"I’m his partner," he says firmly.
fandom:hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  theme:sports  theme:fame  theme:adoption  theme:fake.relationship  genre:rps  theme:kidfic  via:partofthewhole 
march 2014 by hermionemalfoy
Recommended for Admission - pentapus - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
All around him children perked up like little wolves. The girl on Kotetsu’s shoulder was suddenly wide-awake. Ah, a Yamanaka. Of course.

“Iruka,” Kotetsu said with feeling, “I am a red-blooded ninja in my active-duty years. You cannot keep this from me.”

“I’m red-blooded too,” said the Yamanaka girl, pale eyes earnest.

"No, you're not," Iruka said automatically.

The war ends. Iruka gets promoted. Things go differently for Kakashi.[25,470]

[Author Tagged: *so much ANBU *how to spot a naruto story by me *all ANBU and no sex *schemes *and secrets *Everbody Lives *except for the bad guys]
fic  an:naruto  c:naru:iruka  c:naru:kakashi  c:naru:sakura  c:naru:naruto  c:naru:shikamaru  c:naru:sai  c:naru:kurenai  c:naru:tsunade  theme:secrets  theme:undercover  theme:angst  theme:aftermath  theme:competency!!!  theme:shenanigans  theme:fixing  theme:foundfamily  theme:adoption  theme:surprise!  theme:firstkiss  theme:role-reversal  p:naru:iruka/kakashi  ge:action  ge:drama  ge:slash  r:pg-13  a:pentapus  @ao3 
march 2014 by scorpionvoices
Fic: this is how it starts [danny/claude, hockey rpf]
4k words // Omg really good kidfic here, many Briere family feels -- short but packs a punch // Claude isn't sure how he got pulled into this—except, yes, he is. He got pulled into this because of Danny's puppy dog eyes and his inability to ever say no to them.
fandom:hockey.rpf  pairing:danny.briere/claude.giroux  theme:kidfic  theme:sports  theme:fame  theme:family  theme:adoption  genre:rps  theme:secretrelationship  via:midnightbex 
january 2014 by hermionemalfoy
The Velveteen Soldier - bookstorequeer - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
"Does it hurt?" asked the [Velveteen] Rabbit.
"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."

An exploration in Speirs. This is a look at the biggest bad-ass of Easy, from a young age living with his parents in Maine to old age living with his partner, Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton, in Montana. How did he go from being the quiet boy no one wanted on their baseball team in PE (even if he could run the bases faster than anyone else) to being the quiet foster father of four? From being a war hero and CO of Easy Company to being a handyman that all the women in the neighbourhood called upon? From being rumour-riddled and nightmare-haunted to being loved and care-worn? This is the story of how Ronald C. Speirs became Real. [28,944] [Also it's fucking heart-breaking and dense and beautiful. This is as close to poetry as prose can get.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:lipton  characterstudy  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:growingup  theme:firstmeetings  theme:friendship  theme:homophobia  theme:war  theme:first-time  theme:secretlovers  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:PTSD  theme:family  theme:adoption  theme:h/c  theme:love  warning:characterdeath-oldage  p:bob:lipton/speirs  ge:slash  r:pg-13  @ao3  favs:bob 
october 2013 by scorpionvoices
Pocket Watch Boy - Chapter 1 - Mhalachai - Torchwood, Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
Ianto Jones is a very different sort of boy. (wee!Time Lord!Ianto) [29,899] [I wouldn't have read this fic at all if I hadn't seen it was written by Mhalachai, who is amazing at taking a crack summary and writing a feelsy fic to go with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this fic.]
fic  tv:torchwood  tv:doctorwho  c:tw:ianto  c:tw:jack  c:tw:tosh  c:tw:owen  c:tw:gwen  c:dw:ten  c:dw:donna  theme:aliens  theme:adoption  theme:growingup  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:comingout  theme:competency!!!  theme:injury  theme:love  p:tw:ianto/jack  genre:drama  genre:slash  r:pg-13  a:mhalachai  @ao3 
july 2013 by scorpionvoices
The Adoption of John Watson Holmes, by cyerus
Mummy thinks that John Watson is so good for Sherlock that she must make sure he stays with her son. If that means she has to force-adopt the man, then so be it.
Mycroft is smug. Sherlock is horrified. John goes BAMF on everyone.
#fic  fandom:sherlock[bbc]  genre:gen  genre:crack  genre:fluff  genre:humor  char:john.watson  char:sherlock.holmes  char:mycroft.holmes  char:mummy.holmes  theme:adoption  theme:family  from iphone
july 2013 by intrinsic_cat
Enica - riventhorn - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Marcus and Esca are building a new life for themselves on their farm, but old wounds are reopened when the lover of one of Marcus's old Auxiliaries arrives with a baby in her arms, begging for their help. [7465]
fic  m:theeagle  post-movie  c:eagle:marcus  c:eagle:esca  c:eacle:oc  theme:kids  theme:adoption  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:angst  theme:family  p:eagle:esca/marcus  genre:slash  genre:fluff  r:pg-13  @ao3 
june 2013 by scorpionvoices
Home Behind and Home Ahead - Etharei - The Hobbit (2012), The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
For as long as Frodo could remember, his beloved Uncle Bilbo was known around the Shire for his shocking habit of disappearing for long periods of time. Bilbo never told anybody where he was going or when he expected to be back, and didn't seem to care what other people thought of such disrespectable inconstancy. [5447]
fic  b:lordoftherings  c:lotr:frodo  c:lotr:bilbo  c:lotr:thorin  style:outsidePOV  theme:fix-it  theme:secretlovers  theme:marriage  theme:family  theme:adoption  theme:love  theme:establishedrelationship  p:lotr:bilbo/thorin  genre:slash  r:pg  a:etharei  @ao3 
may 2013 by scorpionvoices

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